what i did this summer.

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a kid takes an adventure to a magical kingdom.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



my name is lucy lewis, im 8, i have just a mom in my life and i love her very much. this summer i spent without her, because she was kidnapped. she was taken to a magical kingdom called shyanne. i discovered i had the power to control fire and water. so i ventured off to save my mother. the ruler of shyanne was a king named christian.he had the power to control grass and rock.

it was a hard battle. i got hurt many times, don't say a word, im eight, but i never gave up. my mommy is the only person i have in this world and i was not about to lose it.

 i defeated the know-it-all king and got my mother back. when i returned to my time it was the end of the summer, even though it was only two days in shyanne.

"the end." lucy told her class.

"lucy is that story true?" her teacher asked.

" absolutly true!" she exclaimed.

all the class did was laugh at her and call her a lier. later that day she was in her room crying. her mother brought her a glass of water and lucy used her powers to play with it. the water truly did move and swirl at her comand, as did fire when it was near her. lucy knew her friends would never beleive her, but all she had to do was beleive it herself.

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