The Bunny Brothers of Lollipop Fields

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

The adventure of a bunny against all odds to save his brother's lives.

Warning, Language, Mature content, and Violence.
Readers discretion is advised.

Once upon a time in the lollipop fields, a land where vibrant and sweet confectionery's grow from the sugary soil. Three brother bunny rabbits lived in this quaint syrupy world . The oldest of them was named Chomps, he was called this because when he was a baby, he was so large he could chomp down a candy cane tree like it was nothing. The youngest was called Blubs, you see when he was a baby he nearly drowned in the cola stream because he was so massive he couldn't keep himself afloat. Bunnies parents name their kids around the ripe ol' age of 10 years old, This is because their brains were so fried from the intense ray's shooting out of their TV screens. Names were normally created by the younger generation, when they are 6-7 before the diabetes and brainwashing takes full effect. You see the last bunny new this, he rejected the world. This caused the other bunnies to absolutely hate him. He was called Dipshit, not at all a decadent and sweet as the other bunnies names at all. He would often go days without eating a single thing, leaving him very sickly and skinny compared to the other bunnies. 

The 3 brothers sat contently on the short of the cola falls, soaking in the intense Reese's pieces sun. Chomps promptly stood up and grabbed the largest candy he could find. 

"Dipshit get over here and eat this like a normal good bunny" He shouted abruptly as the pressure of his blood caused his veins to pulsate through his skin. 

“Yeah, I never see you eat a thing. What is wrong with you?” a vexed Blubs asked.

Dipshit repied in a faint voice, “I just don't think it is healthy.”

“Dipshit you will never get big if you don't eat” Blubs responded, the words rolling of his 6th chin like a waterfall.

“Enough! You will eat, you pretentious little Dipshit” Shouted Chomps as he sauntered over as quickly as he could.

This caused a fight amongst the brothers, Dipshit ran as his brothers followed behind throwing small pieces of candy at him. The chase lasted a good 20 minutes before Chomps and Blubs fell to the ground. Dipshit noticing that he was no longer being pursued turned around from his gentle walk to see if his brothers had given up and went back to eating. He seen his brothers on the ground grabbing tightly onto there chest, he knew exactly what this means. He knew they were having a heart attack, it was a typical thing to see in these lands. That moment he remembered something his grandfather told him. 

“Blubs!, Chomps!, I will be right back, I'll go find the Unicorn's mug.” He shouted back as running forward through the field, “I will save you!”

After many hours of endlessly running through the field's of cotton candy and forests of boreal candy canes, he found it. Well he didn't find it, he more found it was pointless running endlessly with no direction. He also found himself very lost in a foreign part of the Lollipops field. It seemed he wandered into the bad side of the lollipop fields. He looked around and seen a sign saying 'the Sourpatch'. He walked up to a large brutish looking bear sitting infront of a broken down gingerbread house. 

“Sir I need help, can you tell me where to find the Unicorn's Mug?” Dipshit asked the scary looking bear.
The bear looked at him with one eye, the other seemed to be cut out. He picked up a baseball bat and started to hit the side of the gingerbread house. Dipshit and the bear locked eyes for quite a while, the air was tense. The door swung open and a horse wearing a crimson robe came out. He appeared to have a poorly made horn taped to his head. He reeked of the smell of root beer. 

“What do you want you sickly looking fucker!” He said, intensly staring at Dipshit. 

“Are you the unicorn?” Dipshit asked 

“Yes. Who is asking? What the fuck you want?” The unicorn responded

“My brothers have died, I need your help. I need your mug” Dipshit said.

The unicorn stared at the scared bunny, laughing. He then pulled a gun out and demanding that Dipshit give him all his money and leave. Dipshit just tried running and got shot in the back of the leg. Dipshit layed there, bleeding out on the land. The unicorn dragged him into the gingerbread house. At this point Dipshit passed out from the pain. When he awoke the Unicorn was sitting in front of him. Their eyes locked and Dipshit cried in fear. The Unicorn then got up and walked to a door on the side of the room. He opened it and there was where a numerous amount of mugs. He grabbed one and walked back to Dipshit and offered it to him.

“Drink it!” he demanded. 

Dipshit drank the contents of the mug. It was a green and yellowish colour, it had a pugnant sickly sweet scent and a bitter taste to it. Instantly the world started to spin around him. The walls started to dissolve and he sunk into euphoria. He continued to live at the gingerbread house for the next 10 years.

Submitted: January 07, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Saint Lewis. All rights reserved.

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