Worshipping You

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Seasons of a bond, changing like the year. A remembrance.

Submitted: December 18, 2013

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Submitted: December 18, 2013



There was once a time when every time you walked away from me

I found the same, honest words upon my lips,

‘Oh, I love that man.’

There was once a time when every touch, every smile became

Some form of daily devotion for me,

‘This is my only worship.’

When kissing you was the same as the sweetest bread and wine

And happiness was finally within me,

‘I have never felt so full.’

But now, like a creeping autumn wind, each embrace has become strained and full of sighs,

Sighs that had never resounded in our home before,

‘When did this become so heavy?’

Where once there was a blazing warmth, a few smoldering ashes burn,

Resentful and frustrated coals that toss and turn in cold sheets,

‘Wasn’t I happy, just a little while ago?’

Never could I have imagined this distance between us, this war,

This silent, squatting creature that quiets the love between us,

‘Where is he that I had loved?’

I long for the hour at the end of the night when I can hide in the bath

And allow myself to weep and dream about the lost spring of us,

‘How I wish I did not remember this!’

The winter seems to have come, slow and violent, and we were unaware

Of the chill until the night settled in, smothering our coals,

‘Never shall I find the strength to worship again…’

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