Collected Works: 2006 - 2012

Collected Works: 2006 - 2012 Collected Works: 2006 - 2012

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



A collection of most if not all poetry I wrote between the years of 2006 and 2012. Some poems do contain content potentially not-suitable for young viewers.
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A collection of most if not all poetry I wrote between the years of 2006 and 2012. Some poems do contain content potentially not-suitable for young viewers.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Collected Works: 2006 - 2012

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 26, 2013



Collected Works: 2006 - 2012

by Jordan Muse

 “The Crow”

laying, arms stretched, on poolside lounge

flying, swooping, demeaning in nature

black, in the sun, it starts to scrounge

hummingbirds, scared off, this begins its prowl


intrigued. watching, this soul on a chair

stalking, mocking, this beast among birds

a menace, a creep, protecting its lair

denizens of the desert, stricken with fear


amazed, this boy, to such exciting being

people, all around, neglect such fowl

scared, are they, as it ascends, leaving

returning ever again, shrouded in darkness


this crow, the eternal fright 


“Cowbell Odyssey in Space”

a stark and stormy Tuesday, planet Earth

lone cow, grazing; this wretched birth-

-demon, from Mars, to wreak havoc, oh joy

twenty years passed, cow dismissed, left a boy-

-juvenile cow, mischeivious, good at heart

meteors; crash, waves; splash, this end; a start


devastation, the Earth falls to its grave

angel, of Neptune, rushing with plan to save-

-that cow, a hero, heaven-sent, with a quest

wings, grown on the cow, quickly, mustn't rest

angel, now gone, duty fulfilled, the Earth; won't last

flying high, so high, away, into space, oh so fast


Venus, Mercury, the Sun, all of them; passed

through galaxies and fields, through all, in a blast

a stop, so gentle, on a planet called Yan

inhabitants, so welcoming, not a soul ran

the tale; so awful, the meaning; they understand

cow fed, set off with cowbell, does he understand?


demon, on a rampage, Saturn Jupiter Uranus, no more

Neptune, he chuckles, oh man, what a bore

Pluto, now seized, an army; powerful, now please

dispatched, they are, abolishing whatever, what ease

planets and galaxies, all going down; no reason

this devil, now rests, oh what a great time for treason


revolution: Grundy's troops take over the throne

demon, now banished to wherever, just not this stone

Grundy; good man, halts this destruction; remote peace

enter Planet X, conquered, by that demon with ease

wandering cow, returned to save, yet scared

reign of this demon continues, yet worse; unscathed


the universe, in utter chaos, what's the answer?

worlds trashed, people enslaved, where's our saviour?

this demonic rule, so vile, will his power ever fall?

planet Neptune, neglected, the most helpless of all?

remember, the angel, cow wings, but is an end near?

will our great universe be left with constant fear?


cow, at bay in the deserts of planet Sanstroke

a vision, from mother; message of enlightening hope

departure; setting fourth towards the mighty X

bell, glowing bright, as they land on Planet X

minions, all felled, cow not finished, belts out 'Moo!'

confrontation; a duel of much elegance, demonic boo!


this battle; epic, lasts for ever, no signs of weakening

the angel, friends, attend the show; constant cheering

finale; soon comes, the bell rings; deafening screech

demon falls, while the angels summons with speech

this cage, the demons doom, eternal, lost in space

the evil, no more, but worlds still not in place


back to Earth; a wasteland, what a burden

angel ventures off, seeking the wizard Gurden

found, and understanding, casts spell of restoration

worlds revived, chaos thwarted, no need for creation

the cow, happy, sleeping at the farm; a legend

the universe; now safe, for this tales end 


“The Mexican Walrus”

a hazy night in the desert

just walkin' to pass the time

pretty bad place, pray i dont get hurt

heard a voice, 'hey man, i'm feelin' fine'

i look, no ones around, freaked, whats goin' on

there he is, with his reversed frown


starts to whistle, 'man i love this song'

his 'stache, so elegant, i stare in awe

leaning against a cactus, he pulls it out

the blade, so shiny, 'man it's like a saw'


i shouted, the end is near

a desert, empty, no one to hear

sombrero, so big, tilted, hiding his eyes

takes a shot of tequila, i feel tears in my eye

'man that's quality', complimentary sigh

'wrong time and place kid', the walrus speaks

here comes the blade, out come my shrieks


i embrace the messenger of death, and move on

the Mexican walrus, satisfied, moves to the next town


while the cactus, now haunted for eternity


“Sea Cowboy & The Dead Bandit”

enter this town did he

bloody, wretching this sea


murderer, game for me

stout and pitiful, blessed be


victims a plenty, bastard he

yet I, cowboy of this sea


trailing; a task, drunkard he

sober for life, get not me


stop, what amaze, where be

behind, just grazed, oh me


knife; weak, primitive he

revolver, skill, clever me


a stab, bloody mush, blast he

a shot, bloody wreck, blessed me


but I am the walrus said he

but no, a dead man i see


elsewhere go I, to hell for thee

satisfied, paid, the life of me 


“El Antiguo Cacto Sabiduria”

eternal, motionless; here i reside

this hazy desert, never to ride

free, yet controlled; to sand abide


oh, i sit and stare, and never dare

to interfere; bold, i am aware

yet, i do nothing, just stare


many a lost soul traverse this sand

none so elegant, just vile and bland

but one, truly lost, right by this hand


this man, confused, name i knew not

though brave, still lost, and so shot

tossed away, and there left to rot


nothing could i do, but to sigh

while his corpse, laid out to dry

eternal, and with nothing, no lie


many a crime, there were it seem

growing wiser, with every scream

yet nothing, can i do but dream 


“Respectable Old Goat”

like the cactus, one is wise

tales of yore, craft one's eyes

never not teaching, never one lies


for the lost, one may pray

"to death a life," one may say

dwell in sorrow, never one may


of the walrus, one does write

"joy for one is sin, black is white"

"while black for me, invokes fright"


forgave he who's shot, one has

and his murder, one lets pass

yet to corruption, one just laughs


psyche to action, one knows well

tolerant is one, of all and hell

but scold one can, to he of shell


belief to one and all, faith to none

"to all of joy, hell is no one"

doctrine of all, one won't shun


accepting is one, to he who's free

pitying who pose and reject,"I am me"

respectable old goat, one may see 


“Corruptible Young Soul”

Joe, oh woe, his soul, for show

hollow, follower, fame; this blow

ain't a leader, got no mind, his bind


Jack the hack, conformist slack

pleads oh joy, no more space crack

write politics, nae funky souls and torment


Vinny, what a pity, world so gritty

plays the fool, tool of this city

does as is told, dudeman, just fold


Sarah, i can't hear ya, it's clouded

cries of acceptance, what's hot, shouted

you try, but fry, poseurs, must die


Sam, poor man, lost; eternally shafted

stood up, but fell, oh, but if fads lasted

noble cause, oh the flaws; pop society


Ted, one head, he'll vote, pretty fee

D or R, it matters not; popular plea

flippity flop, sing it: be rich if hop


the youth, oh the masses

popularity; fills their glasses

they follow, are hollow; pawns

what's hip, you dip, ain't your call

tough the bullet, take the fall

just follow, these people; ruled

in this life, majority schooled

oh corruptible young soul 


“Frustration Shell”

out of bed, full of dread

what a fool, late to school

that’s the bell, commencing hell

just another day, boring today


algebra, hist, english, oh shit -

- homework! slackers reversed perk

Sarah, a saint, helping cheat, yeah!

hallways of whores, rooms of bores


need sleep, getting weak; die sheep!

Mick; bully, jock, just a prick

to resist; yes, but he'll persist

Ted; a merc, socks that blonde jerk


aw, PE; sixth, wanna ditch

"so you're gunna go?" dammit Joe

classes end, to this; finger i send

home, just walking, no talking


this life; people end with a knife

working all day, student; no pay

to dwell, no; just break the shell

difficulties arise, look man, red eyes


got insomnia?, just add school drama!

just ate, more work, ah; so late

anger and frustration, this little nation

time to die...wait, i lie


already ten, myself; a plucked hen

oh look; tomorrow, no need of sorrow

hello, punching bag, abolished; a rag

channel the furry, ah, gotta hurry


breakfast, so tired, doesn't last

overworked, this student; cooked

look at the mess; "society's" best

peasants; all, congregation; the hall


POP; their leader, just die, sir

another test, work; all around pest

old news, i sing the blues

everyday; the same, an unbeatable game


there's no hope, i can't cope

I fight, anything in sight

my madness; truly, awful sadness

oh, just break the frustration shell 


“Pandas on Parade”

walking; frolicking, halting & talking

nothing - this and nothing - that

or could be --- just a hat


prancing; dancing, slight romancing

something - trip, something - swim

this joy --- ne'er slim


exciting, enticing, never trying

in this town, in that town

nae adorn --- single frown


oh, what wonder

of something

of nothing

of random

of fandom

of of's

of doves

of whatever

and more

- never bore -

of this

of that

of crazy

of lazy

of never

and a mile

of must

oh must

oh stay, you must

to enjoy, to employ

to watch, to awe

to see and not believe

one must

yes must

do trust

you must

too much, no such

to of, oh of

to cry, I lie

of joy

much joy

to view such sight

of elegant might

as these beings

of nothing

of something

of these pandas on parade


“To Black To Green”

to black to green

to lack to greed


from the wake of sin

from the envy of those

from the hatred of men

from the desperation of weak


to black to green

to all and us

to kill and fuss

to slit and kuss

to steal and whine

to cheat and lie

to let one die


for the money of the rich

for the lives of the poor

for the liver of that bitch

for the sex of that whore


to black to green 

for this gluttonous scene


to pillage and rape

to rummage and take

to the end of theirs

to the induction of yours

to black to green


to the darkness of the alley

to the crisp touch of a dollar

for the wretched and the ornery

for the purse and the skirt

for the thieves and the dirt


from the cash flow

from the stacked hoe

from the demons screams

from the poisoned streams

to black to green


to the banks and rob

to the skanks and throb

to the kidneys and sell


for the abused and desperate

for the cell mates that let it


from the doctors in Porsches

from the lawyers and freaks


for the devil in me

for the angel in him

for the hunger of man

we build this sin 


“Tiefstand eines Dämons (A Demon's Depression)”

palm; swift, shattering profile,

laughter; menace, self-unto.

blow, im darm; oben schmerz,

violent; wirklich, only do.


verkratzen, crimson bled geschict,

blink; schrei, bemuht self-action

kiemme, schmerz, lid unwrapped,

twitch of eye, wangsselbst reaction.


wasting away, zum chmiedehammer,

own action, zufügen von schmerz,

all of self, niedergedrückter verstand.


strike unto, mad crushing bliss,

trembling wrist, selbst nae halt.

beat fore-on, menschliche schmerz.

shifted cap; vom knie, can't not.


burdened chest, stark angeschlagen,

nicht glücklich, getan, not for pain.

lashed at heart, faust besitzen,

forced unto, hilflos, lets it rain.


weg vergeuden, maul one own,

tätigkeit besitzen, inflicting pain,

die ganze selbst, depressed self.


unverständlich, cannot be helped,

schlechter dämon, damaging own,

er fiel aus, er starb, cannot be helped,

dead, a man depressed, bis für immer. 


“This Madcap at Dawn”

awoke, this madcap at dawn

lurking this wretched space

out to in, beneath again

sinned gestures, insanity lawn

down to never, mad hares love.


and she knows, this madcap at dawn

death-black clouds, mad vision in haze

and he knows, tonight is again

tomorrow is forever, still gone

unhinged eternal, mad shared love. 


“The Creation”

absent, greytone sky

red is gone, and pale a fade

what went wrong with our terrible lie?

what went wrong, leaving Gaia to die?


homosapiens, experimental mold of chance

step up from the seed, yet the most to bleed

all but gone, but best forgotten

oh what went wrong?

what went wrong with our terrible lie?


animals, true, just not to them

fought for order, and felled in chaos

for beasts they were, but the beast has fallen

oh what went wrong?


life lurked under, sunken to their feet

arrogance of man, death be waiting

suppressed instincts, and a will of creation

what went wrong with our terrible lie?


constructing the piper, a quest to nothing

falling back to what they never were

annihilation by your hand, only not your own

oh what went wrong!


the Kingdom knew, but only helpless

awaiting their fate at the dawn of man

clueless were we, as the necro-sheep

oh what went wrong with our terrible lie!


killing each-other, only to die because

a creation of chance, our creation of nothing

nothing just to take away, away to nothing

oh what went wrong!


only thinking about ourselves, simple ink

writing our script to die of ourselves

the Kingdom knew, why couldn't we?

oh what went wrong!


to end, they braced, accepting applied fate

our end, a surprise, far too dumb

unaware still, while maimed by ourselves unknowing

oh what went WRONG!


absent, greytone sky,

red is gone, and pale a fade,

what went wrong with our creation?

what went wrong?!

leaving our mother to DIE! 


“Spring's Moonlight Waltz”


hear the bus get gone

and i get on my way


darkness abound in the apparent haze

steppin' calmly 'hind a shady man


murky puddles all around

and unseen slugs just slitherin'


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


settlement approaches, very near

the smoked predator departs


in peace for a time, just not long

a call i desire, doesn't last


continuing along the damp streets

excited, yet fearful all the same


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


alone no more, cars speed through

lighting up the pleasant night sky


foot of the mountain dead ahead

thus commencing exhaustive climb


pass the bubbling foam

beneath dripping leaves


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


midway up, and hot in cold

suddenly heavy, drenched as well


heavy downpour, but moreso soft

grueling thirst has a vicious bite


trees bring refreshments 

only not enough


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


mysterious lady offers a lift

strange, do i know this girl?


politely, i decline, reasons unknown

driving back up, she reinstates


do i know her? circulating in motion

vanishing in an instant, alone again


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


soaked, now chilled, i still move

the final stretch, or so it seems


dehydrated, consult nature's guidance

gotten confused, more to ascend


erratic movement in effect

dis-complemented through yield


oh what fate is held for this one

oh whatever will take place,

when this night is done


long venture, two hours passed

certainly the metros on back


road stretched to bliss

shot limping to the finish


home, quite finally at that

with visions, not forgotten


“The Maze of Love”

i'm not sad right now. but i am still mad. glad all the same, but certainly not mad.

for my madness, as it were, is not much madness but rather a lunacy.

a lunacy of sorts, a distortion of the ever wild mind, instability if i may

i can yet i cant, but i cant what i can, my mind it wanders, it floats.

a boat in the chaotic sea of jay, ever twisting, ever turning.

and yearning, passionately burning, for love, yes love.

yet love is not defined, and so, i'm left in shambles.

shards of those precious, concealed.

caged in a petting zoo of mind.

open to all, only closed by some.

for free they are to burn all night, but not to burn, just spin.

as they spin across my haunted skull, shoving and shoving to break on through.

only never to do, for as indecisive as i am, arise an issue of maze.

the maze of love for this soul not sane.

as i like them all, or so i thought, and thinking still am.

while some do know, others may not, for too many are sought.

unhealthy as it lies, this one cannot decide.

to whom my love will go, shall grow, not slow.

but the decision cannot be made, in this mad charade.

a mind unstable is a mind unfit for a brick.

a brick eternal, set, ever thick and hardly shaken.

an item inanimate, animating ones feeling.

all too much, for a rampant mind.

the mind of a nomad, a vagabond mad.

a mind not sticking, insomniac at best.

never to rest, or even follow through.

with one decision made seceded by its trump.

henceforth the love is there, only distant.

breezing through, but always through.

concrete to lay, un-poured for today.

in the madcaps mind, passive sought love you'll find.


“Follow Me”

laugh o' me

crackled thee

as the madcap danced

and broke his knee 


“To Follow and Follow, 'Til Death Do Us Part”

follow me, he said

in the days of the figurehead

sheepishly we followed and bled


follow me, they spoke in unison

after suffrage of the apparent son

lead through the word, none to run


follow me, once more was preached

raining gold in haste, once beseech-ed

trailed were we, to a goal not reached


follow me, the powerful hailed

heard always as the word sailed

never suspect to have failed


follow me, once was said

leaving not, but deceit and red

even after were all dead. 




motion, emotion, just a notion -


solitary, arbitrary lethargy


presence, incense, essence of mind


creation, innovation, passion of self


affection, rejection, merely projection


splendidity, calmity, vivid eccentricity


emptiness, loneliness, ideals of holiness


bleeding, feeling, thoughts streaming


motion, emotion, slothing potion. 


“Dream of an Emotionless Manta”

into the sea,

into the sea,

into the sea, it flies.

aquatic soaring to the surface,

to the sand,

to unimaginable depths, seemingly on preference.

or reference...

from the blood soaked cavern that is a sharks mouth.

to glide to its food at respectably gentle pace.

to greet its death-ailed friend with out face.


no emotion to speak of.

the Manta Ray stalks its prey from the shadows of the sea,

slothing by as if it were an obese, mort pigeon,

floating in a murky pond in an undisclosed, downtown, urban area.

it feeds and it flees, as if it were no bother.

vanishing to places unknown.


into the sky,

into the sky,

into the sky it dreams to fly.

wishing to scout the Gemini, and Aries.

seeking warmth and lightness.

a refuge from its tidal disposition.

A freedom.

a freedom only the Manta Ray will never know. 


“El Babel”

the gods descended upon the stone paeons

noticing all t'was a tongue in unison

and upon his might divine,

dissolved in ne'er but an instant.


the men of hubris, thine nature of God humanized

it acted fast in efforts ideal

but upon pride of all Elohim

t'was deemed mortal sin, thereby forsaken


a tower spiraled towards the heavens

nae a bridge to flee from purgatory

merely a symbol of devotion

enacted worship upon El manifested


slaving away in the arid sands

piling stone upon scorched rock

all together, to shine down Elys

if only for a moment, but no


Elohim, thy plurality, forbade it

establishing a race of caucus

and severing thine tongue in still

abolishing the tower, but erecting Babel 


“Ba'al Levant”

here I stand

amidst the arid chaos

thy desert heat reigns o'er

smiting those weak and unworthy

while maddening the caps of here or there

bickering and boasting, they ne'er cease

they look to a leviathan of a man

the Goliath they call him

praising him, fending him off on all in the way

nae lasting long I may add

for a divine young boy heralded a rock

with much precision slung into beasts eye

felling him without care to the world

as they looked onto David as their hero

enlightened by the star they chose belief

and when the son came along

not a pinch of grief

spilled or concealed, the peace embodied

was theirs to keep

he built the first temple

to Yahweh it stood

but with calm encroached boredom

no more wanting stability, but war

primal nature as it were

so onto Zebub of Ba'al they chose to see

and hear his pride and feel his hook

feasting off the men, for damned they were

escaping Solomon to live in hate

to thrive and die in ways of sin

in this arid chaos, paradise of sand

it all begins at the end whilst same 


“She Couldn't Say Yes”

i'm a screw up

a lame duck

nothing but a fuck up


i'm a depressor

an always lesser

only a fucking stress-or


i'm a failure

a busted trailer

always wanting her


but she couldn't say yes

she couldn't say yes




leaving me depressed



but hopeful

for the day

that she says yes. 


“This is Not a Lie”

everybody will die

everybody will die

this is not a lie

you all will die


we all will cry

we all will cry

this is not a lie

we always cry


we are all a lie

we are all a lie

this is not a lie

we all fucking lie


we all fucking lie

we all fucking lie





i fucking cry

i fucking cry






“My Dying Heart's Private Song”

a piece of me dies everyday

i'm mis-percieved in every-way

i'm mis-percieverd everyday


everyone doesn't see me

rotting in the new black sea

only i just sit and let it be


they all see me

just not the way i want to be seen

yet i endorse it regardless

as i wallow in the sorrows

and bash on the hollows

who take me all wrong

so i sing my private song

to no one at all


im never seen but i'm always there

with wicked fashion and standout hair

but the guy that's seen isn't really there


i truly need them all

just not amidst this grey wall

that was built by them all


they all know

only deformed in their faux-inspired dreams

i'm just too weak to confront

i need to be pushed

and let my shadow back out

from behind its grave much disturbed

i need the clouds to break away

then i'll be known by all 


“Get Off the FLips Girl”

its a wear on your soul

"they lift my soul and lick it and cover it in flowers"

it chews mine and spits i on a dirty needle

thus giving me AIDs

from a fat gay gigolo

drilling some fruit in San Pablo

while i cringe and cry in some alley


while politicians bicker and snicker

and the business of America

wont release the pill

for money they would lose

regardless of good nature

helping the people you con

and so i ascend

and wish you a cold day at the seat of Satan 





gouging away of eyes

images so stark

rancid, vile

spawn of ba'al

i must


with eye

i must

i must

i do not lie

for to night

i lie

in my bed of thorns 


“Dark Bliss”

why the does the darkness, guided thru warm mist, wear a velvet glove over an iron fist?

and why does the light, shine so bright it blinds, and shoots you to dark bliss? 


“Divine Feeling”


my hand is pale

i can feel the feeling being lost

it cant shake, so the other does

uncontrollably devout

o nurture its own suffering

allowing the human form divine

to be its own in death 


“Cinematic Masterpiece”

my hand is paling,

and my wrist is ailing,

as it seeds the poison,

of drops in unison,

the glistening crimson reaper,

delving deep and deeper,

to end this cinematic masterpiece. 


“Madcap, I”

Madcap I, hopeful I lie

in the world so cold and warm tonight

while all to they, frenetic with fright

and the budding wall screams fight


madcap I, madcap I, madcap I, not madcap You


madcap I, hopeful I lie

in the world so cold and warm tonight

while all to they, frenetic with fright

and the budding wall screams fight


madcap I, madcap I, madcap I, not a fool like you.


madcap I, hopeful I lie

in the world so cold and warm tonight

while all to they, frenetic with fright

and the budding wall screams fight


Madcap I, it seems i die. 


“Dissociative Sense”

i see a walrus basking in the cool sun

junkie's feud with a local nun

bastard gunned in a hit and run


i hear a deer wail at the sight of light

baby's cries at the milk's not right

poacher scathed by the wolfen night


i taste a pheasant's loss of luck

caffeine's bliss for a mere buck

venison cringe at the premiere suck


i smell a llama dying in the sand

depressor's frail bleeding hand

pyro torching all your land


i feel a bat swooping in the breeze

hangman's rope fed tease

knife slitting with so much ease


and it all seems as nothing

in this dissociative state. 


“Gloomy He Waits”

this impending doom

drowning in his room

far too gone with gloom

yet still dances for moonlights kiss


he's waiting for the sun to die

waiting for the children's cry

waiting for that passer-by

for his feast of the night


the doom draws near for those in sight

wading in the fog of hushed fright

wishing for more time to stay in light

but the moon approaches anyway


he rises in bliss

children cry, cats hiss

wolves howl

he starts to prowl

they run in fright

they're in his sight

cries so loud

mute in the cloud

too slow, too slow


too slow, too slow


far too slow, oh far too slow


he strikes and flees

dismissing the pleas

of the children dead on the trees

and he walks away


waiting for the sun to rise

as to wait for it to die again

commencing the feast over

but for now he waits

in his gloomy room

waving bye to the moon 


“The Haunting Foretold”

i couldn't sleep last night

the noises,

the noises were ferocious and vile

oh all too, all too morbidly vile


they're haunting me

they, them, they haunt

the wicked ghosts here

i can't sleep, and neither can she


it has been foretold

she will die before the months close

i wish not to have a hand

but a hand in saving...


oh, but i'll be gone

gone gone gone

i'm always ever-gone

its oh so very haunting


she will die

death in chemical bliss

no! illicit hell it is

oh please no, let the haunting end


please don't let her die

tell me the ghosts lie

they lie! they lie!

the haunting is all a lie!


she will not die!

she will not die!

oh no, oh no, oh no

she will not fucking die. 



i can see it

feel it

watch it

tear away at my skin

the interweaving rivers that flood

red with blood

it feels good?

no, but not bad either

it feels like life

the reassurance

the existence

the communication

of life

it is the process

it is the meaning

it represents all that is


the pain, the strife

the ruby that is the essence of life

is it a Y or is it an X?

dripping down my arm

or the mountains droplets adorning the fore

with the strikes across my wrist

whats it all for?



both it seems, for life is nothing

it is death really

and death is everything

the hurt

the loss

the touch

the taste

the scent

the sound

its all living

and its all set free

it won't kill

only birth

but just for an instant

til you die to live again 


“Deer is Dead”

deer is dead

and brick is red

only redder with the blood

spread by the gun

from the bum

shot, leaving venison

dead as one

decayed in sun

not much fun

the bum's done

fleas without please

ditching game

for the sin he realizes

it's all too much

must repent

no way how?

the bricks all fit

his life of shit

from worse to worse

at the shrieks of caribou

the merry hairy who

gnawing bummy old shoe

shot, oh the disrespect

this bum is dumb

and how he dies

fleeing the scene

death so not serene

impaled in headlights

the red truck

his dead luck

dying like caribou

left as venison

like the beauty he took

and sprayed on a brick wall

so he took his fall

purely accidental

but seemingly fateful

his repent earned

by living, dying, deer

and deer is dead

as brick is red

but so is asphalt.


“This Life”

this life is strange

engulfed with desire

to engage the range

of enrage


this life is peculiar

filled with memories

lost by those familiar

but distant


this life is odd

encompassed through thoughts

mimicking the persona of god

and its all ours


we think that we know what to do

but we're not noticing if we do or don't

assuming what we've done is right

while the other begs to differ

we are all lost in mines of our design

seeking our own will to resign

hoping to dine

and embrace the arms divine

sadly forever dying to birth our own again

and again with our rampant heads

losing themselves without touch

believing what to do is right

only not ever knowing what to do


this life is unique

with its horrors and sorrows

on which we all shriek

and crave all the same


this life is amazing

even with all its walls

of confusion un-breaking

though the bricks fall


this life is love

we're not entirely certain

exactly what its of

but we want it anyway  


“A Trilogy”

sorrow drowns the sensation of fright

submerged, cold and hollow

but i'm too dissociated to care


flooding the senses with nothing

bloated corpse of ill emptiness

the feelings simply aren't there


memories crash, falling short

remembering, but failing to feel

the world you can't live without

lost in ailing perception

the numbness blinds



all anticipated bliss


sorrow drowns ever-present light

stripped in darkness to wallow

and discover how much i care.




it is time, for stormy weather

projecting the lightning to strike

burning out my last breath




simultaneously freezing and burning up

all is lost, all is lost

awful, but now clear

persistence of pain in time surely thrives

now subdued

overtaken, this can be

through the frigid cavernous maze

adorned with a single torch

that will surely be sought, reached, lit. 



hollow, hollow

hollowed ill tree

look on through me

nothing to see

nothing to see


it's all so very empty

all too uneasy

look and you will see

nothing, nothing in me

it's gone, you see


i look and see nothing

its all unreal

unreal you see

the hollow bears emptiness

what you see is not there (its not there you see)


its all too unfair you see

nothing is there to see

was it lost, or was it found?

its all there but its not

why can't it just be real 



sometimes a faerie must die

a child will be stricken with sorrow

and that child will cry

but nothing else would happen


sometimes the son must depart

and never be heard of again

leaving a mother's broken heart

but that’s the only thing that breaks


sometimes the joker mustn't joke

as the crowd sits in horror

watching the laughingman choke

but they leave without a care


sometimes the happiness must fail

leaving melancholy to rise

and the tear falls aside the wail

but its never anything worth helping


sometimes the world must stop being

shedding all that exists from existence

for it is not worth existing

if it can't realize it died. 


“To Rory”

your vision is obscured,

ever-present haze,

impossible to gaze,



open your eyes,

its gotten much too thick,

free the fog and breathe,

you're not hated,

choose to believe,

and live, dearly. 


“What is Death Like?”

i believe it to be bliss

the most ecstatic of all worldly sensations

offered only once, left never to be enjoyed 


“Hell's Parade”

shoot me now motherfucker,

the devil is calling me to join him,

his parade appears all so inviting

proud gaiety exciting such energy

unity of what intense ecstasy

so shoot me, shoot me now

i really wish to join him,

submersed into the parade,

head-on for eternity

it seems such a joy

so shatter my heart dear boy

the devil has grasped my soul

and the parade is open

so shoot, shoot, shoot me now

and allow me to fall,

on the center stage

of this hellish parade. 


“Your God in Black”

this is the creation,



your very behavior,


holder of your prayer,

this is the web of fate,

your justified hate,

revolving mental state,

of the anguish,






and gaiety,

this is the one being,

the ever-present all-seeing,

puppeteer of your leaving,

this is your suffering,


self-righteous nourishing,

this is your being,

your life and your death,

this is your God in Black. 



now on to more important things

the better things with many things

to happenings and maddening things

for all the many things

that go on in this world of things 


“Have Faith”

i have faith

faith is had

by the mad

until hanged in wraith... 


“The Notion”

i've toyed with the notion, as you know

but the real deal, has been lost, to show

i honestly question my sanity 



one could only hope

but hope is the hermits dope

to lead a frail man cope.... 


“Fear, the Sadist Divine”

dull, emotionless day

oh how i long for another way

an experience of feeling, not mold

merely a distinct, full, bold


the core is un-living, a real bore

with its anger, that fiery whore

the sorrow, oft unwanted snore

even excitement, not worth the pour

the spirit freeing the same all once

but near never in solo


i yearn for the sadist's touch

the glory filled frightening punch

oh that scrumptious little scare

and the man-shattering dare


its a rickety, wickedly vile hand

crushing the heart to strands of sand

smiting the itty pity, striking grief band

unleashing the fear so blissful and grand

freeing the spirit all in whole

yet controlling it in elegance


yearning, burning, for the bliss

only man-made wonders often miss

but the sadist does come

just too sporadically for some


and when he's present, it is known

for in your mind, its beautifully grown

you will cease to be, and simply are

controlling he may be, you will star

and be enlightened in brevity

as time slows back down

re-apprehending that crown

leaving you again to drown

hoping for this divine occurrence

to treat you once again 


“Pierrot, the Drowning Man”

the well, the well

it's all gone red

and oh, and oh

i feel i am dead

oh why?, oh why?

can you not sense my dread?

i'm drowning, i'm drowning

and the sea is red

and the water, the water

it is all that i'm fed

can't you hear these words said?

i'm in the well, the well

and i'm drowning in dread

i see bricks, bricks

covering my head

and i'm drowing, drowning

in the sea while i'm dead

I am Pierrot, Pierrot

and i can see your hand

but why? but why?

must you seal over my head?

while i'm drowning, drowning

in the lightless red

and i'm dying, dying

as you watch me dead

can't you hear me?, hear me?

I am Pierrot and i'm drowning

but i'm not yet dead. 



could you take me serious?

unrivaled manic delirious?

speak to say, roar of laugh?

hurt the mind, split in half?


funny little spazzy star?

soul a twisted hollow jar?

sing a spastic holy war?

exciting fully loaded hatred store?


could you believe the mad?

see him smile, think it glad?

outrage of frantic mobility?

chilling whip of hostility?


could you take me serious?

pained dreadful delirious?

does the circus know?

the fiery glow is no show.

it burns this fragile heart

setting ablaze the start

trust in the cap, 

and please don't snap

clean slow lurking mess

with one blessed yes. 


“I Am”

I am the machine gun shooting you down

I am the smiling face making you frown

I am unhinged emotions that drain your soul

leaving it open, frail, and null


I am the magazine that fuels your lack of energy

I am the leach sucking cold your lost spirituality

I am the death-addled stench of life

leaving yours so full of strife. 


“Good to Go”

you have a heart and soul,

and a functioning brain,

you´re good to go. 


“Soulless City”

this soulless city only fuels the emptiness

the dark hollowed space once filled with bliss

how i just long for one sweet velvet kiss

one token from the girl i cant help but miss

they say anything is always better than this

but its never true, its all just static hiss

yet i follow and drift deeper into this abyss

leading me further into the soulless city of emptiness 


“Soulless Man”

artificial he feels, breathes, is

here, there, where, now all his

that, this, whatever, he grins

everything and anything, his

he cares and knows, everything

he knows and cares, nothing

seeing, forgetting, remembering

it is all just lies

hearing, listening, rejecting

all of it, just lies

everything there is about him

just lies

this man, he has no soul

he deserves to die.


“Why Hate?”

why hate

accept your fate

we are all brothers, sisters, one

why hate and let the evil be done

choose not, and accept the fate

existence is granted to us all


why waste it with hate

and allow it all to waste 


“Ode to the Floor”

man i can dig the floor

i can soar on through the door

to my dreams, i can dig the floor

i'll get a head with wings and fly

so high so high in the dreamy sky

all on the floor man, give it a try

i can rest so perfectly, man on the floor

it just feels so good man it ain't a bore

something just calls from it like a shore

with a dock to perfect resting, man the floor

its static, plain, wonderful the floor

ain't bothered with all the frills man

not too comfortable man, not too much man

its just basic, not like the bed man

so i can dig the floor man. 


“Jinn of Hell's Embrace”

i have seen the demons face

neon luminescent fangs

and a smile of twisted grace

golden horns, and a snarl

nothing out of place

this jinn of hells embrace

fading in and out of place

staring, with glowing eyes

and such a mean face

a cunning, aura of embrace

the dark void full coffins

and a spiraling cough

of orange, purple, red smoke

constant, breeze of toke

a blessed being of pain

strain, ingrained of rage

haunting, still, like of a cage

laughing menace of the night

filling the child's head of fright

and i call him Jin

he thrives in my sight

concerned with my plight

always with at omniscient site

and he dwells in my head

and sleeps in my bed

alive, with me, such dread

locked in my psyche

and will it ever pass

will it ever pass....


“New Friday's Boy”

arisen for the day in drunkards anguish

he lies in pain with the wish

longing for health and joy

a rescued life for the failed boy

his heads not off but it’s not right

with visions of life shadowed if bright

by the yearning for death in clearer sight

yet the boy exists, if only in fright

of the calm spitting sour before enjoyed

or the people who simply get annoyed

at anything he attempts to correct

or the truth he attempts to dissect

troubling his own mind he fails to collect

always losing to himself

allotting ill thoughts to invade

where canines scratch the frail frame

accumulating new bruises, wounds to never fade

striving to not waste and wallow in shame

but his bodies ailing and his mind may not return

stuck between the lost life and what can happen

rarely living the life frozen but trying to burn

away the fear of living and reach into heaven

regardless if in the death that evades him, 

or the life he seeks to grasp.


“Still John”

floating in a river, downstream

you took us there, where

cellophane flowers grew astronomically high

and we soared on by, amidst glistening clouds

of diamonds

watching Sunday planes swoop by

and the taxis below

to where fields birthed berries, in Liverpool

and in new york city, so pretty

laying, chanting a peaceful melody

but running in your mind

lazily composing tunes with Henry the horse

and senor kite

singing them gay-fully with delight

no remorse

even jacked up with a voice so hoarse

yet aweing and amaze-ing us all

never to fall

or be let down

shunning a frown

and blue meanies

in ecstasy at the carnival of light

you midnight raver

pop a tab, speed up

the shows soon to begin

indulge once more in your earthly sins

as we all do, mister

take us once more to your old school

and flirt a bit, dig a pony

oh and don't forget good morning

or is it good moaning? groaning?

they're all crazy how could he be lazy?

now get up! shoot the gun once more

happiness is never a bore with you

just a lovely gay boy

only not in a cellar

but, chilling with his monkey


all eight days of the week

abound in the void

where time flows

never passing, never dying

and yet she said he was...

and the doctor concurred...

we thought you were only sleeping


but we were wrong

you we were the walrus

but now you're gone (still John) 


“Wednesday, September 14, Around 4am, 2011”

it has always already been said

somewhere, if only in your head

it will always be the same as it was

only slightly off if you remembered

and you'll always remember to not put it in a song

for if you did it'll come out wrong

but still its always right

if you believe it can be

just always know whats true

i have always been a sad child

living, not dying, to bring a smile to you.



...and as Lilith appeared before me

glistening brightly in her descent

i knew my time was up

and she took me into her soft embrace

i felt at peace for once

drifting into the Elysium current

as the waves came crashing down

here i drown, serene


© Copyright 2017 saintminya. All rights reserved.


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