a recent, thoroughly inspired piece. essentially venting frustrations at the state of...everything.

i feel as though a leper were i
stinging sights through a third eye
as pierced through an infected stye
as gaia freezes in turmoil
monkey fucking monkeys, dead
in life or in hell
is this not purgatory?
living still, these cold souls
they bicker and fuss
forcing ample ruckus
yet its static hiss
no fruitful booming, banging
as our collective souls lie hanging
we just keep tricking ourselves...
trick us into thinking it will be fine
mighty dandy and fine, now whine
scream and fucking shout about it
it is you that we're dying
the walls they are lying
and eyes peer down upon us from abound
all is not fine, or well
but ill still, as ever
get up and punch you in the I
fucking figurehead
masquerading puppets
troubling atmospheres
rampant fright, do you fear?
the end is damn well near...
lest you make a change
rise up, band as I
and stick a pitchfork in that fucking eye
the one in the sky so full of lies
that looks like a demented monkey.

Submitted: June 13, 2013

© Copyright 2023 saintminya. All rights reserved.

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