a tale of loss and hope in the wake of nuclear fallout.

meet me in the twilight zone

when world peace has fallen upon us

in the fallout of war

survive this holocaust with me

so we can share the freedom of peace


seed with me a world devoid of flags

uniforms but a relic of dark ages past

and colours mean no more than the rainbow says

yet the wind howls eerie warnings of yesteryear

and reeks of stale atomic flesh


a new Eden this could turn to be

if you meet me in this twilight

molded from experiences our befallen made

forsaking the innocence they thought was had

nearly obliterating a world so grand


diseased trees will shed into new life

pushing forth new fauna to greet

and glorious new flora as well

as soon as the quaking ceases

and the dust begins to settle


channeling lost hopes and dreams

this world could be more wondrous than before

so meet me in here in this twilight

where it is lonely and cold

in this wake of our ancestors folly


we could live free and keep our cosmic presence

and reverse the Earth's death sentence

so carelessly set forth

please meet me, as i can't do it alone.

Submitted: September 05, 2013

© Copyright 2023 saintminya. All rights reserved.

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