Cursed To Live Forever

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A description about an ageless, androgynous being. A god, yet not a god; a personification of the unpersonificational. This has not been edited; I am one hundred percent sure there are improvements to be made, so please do not be shy about posting suggestions. In fact, I encourage them!

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012




Deep shadows curled around the figure's feet, soft and even gentle in their caress. Robes of the purest white clad a seemingly formless body and kept the darkness from swallowing the figure, the bright white contrasting with milky skin. There was a silver torc around its neck with two trees on either end of the opening, each tree with small emeralds embedded in it. The figure looked into the darkness beyond with stormy grey-green eyes that were filled with a soul crushingly suffocating sadness -not the kind of sadness you might feel when you learn that someone close to you has died, but the kind of sadness that comes with knowing the fact years before and there is nothing you can do about it, however much you would like to; a despair that plants a seed deep inside and waits for years, no, millennia and slowly takes over, numbing you until you beg for feeling. Eventually the despair will take hold, make you cry out for pain and finally, death- with, perhaps, a fleetingly miniscule flash of joy. 
A small smile might have been imagined to have passed over the epicene, even inhuman, face with its high cheekbones and thin lips. Long, dark mahogany coloured hair blended in with the surrounding shadows and made a stark contrast to the pale milky skin and pure white robe. Sighing, the figure was content to wait in eternal resignation.

It turned and walked quietly away, appearing not even to touch the ground. Silence again took over; the song it had been humming -a mournful melody that resurrected memories of days gone by when trees had freely given wisdom and the oceans were sweet to taste- faded away into nothingness.

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