The Randalls Case

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A short story that I wrote in English, using the provided first sentence 'Lee waited for the phone to ring'. It isn't in my usual genre so it was a bit uncomfortable to write, and I think it shows.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



Lee waited for the phone to ring. He had been told, or rather he had deciphered, that when the pay phone outside of Sunburst Coffee and Cakes rang on the 3rd of May the person who answered would recieve the account details of the newly deceased millionaire Frankie Randalls. Now, Lee wasn't the richest person around, and he didn't think that Randalls could do much with his money at the moment so, on his daily walk to the cafe, Lee decided to give it a shot.

"Do not move. Put your hands where I can see them and slowly turn around."
Lee could feel the cold metal of a gun pressed to the back of his neck and the warm breath of the man whispering in his ear.
"Do as I say and you won't be hurt, criminal," sneered the man.
Snapping out of his shock, Lee did as he was told and slowly shuffled around to face the stranger.

In a flash, the suited man put his gun away and, strangely, grasped Lee's hand and shook it so vigorously that he thought it would fall off.
"Jameson! Where have you been? The whole department's been looking for you. I suppose you've been undercover. Thinking to take on the Randalls case solo, right? Ah, but we have missed you! Come, let's get you back where you belong."
Still shaking Lee's hand, the man took him to a sleek black car with dark tinted windows.
"Uh, excuse me, but where are we going? And who are you?" exclaimed Lee, who had been too afraid to say anything before, due to the gun.
  "You always were one to kid, Jameson."
"Err, no, I've never seen you before in my life. I only just moved here, as a matter of fact." Lee was sarting to get a little irritated.
"Hmm, maybe that head trauma you suffered on our last little 'adventure' has wiped your memories. I'll get Laura to check it out for you," replied the man.

The car pulled up outside of an inconspicuos looking red brick building.
"I've found Jameson, but he's a little confused. Could you put me onto Laura? I think that knock on the head did a little more damage than we originally thought," spoke the man into his cellphone," Ah, Laura. It's Agent L. Could I get you to take a look at Jameson? He doesn't seem to remember us at all... Yes I am sure it's him. I'll be there in a minute."
Agent L led Lee into the building, through various security scanners and into a small room similar to that of a doctor's office.
"Jameson, good to see you back! But do you remember me?"
An extraordinarily pretty woman was seated at the desk. She got up, rummaged through her filing cabinet for a moment and produced a small photograph of Lee and Agent L in India, talking to various government officials. Suddenly, because of that small cue, Lee's memories came flooding back to him.
"Agent L, good to see you. Laura, it's good to be back!"

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