A claim to god

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It is about the need for god...and the belief people that one should have in him.Those who experienced the feel will know about what i am talking, God exists! However over the years....we approach god only when we have any problem....It is just another claim for god's gracious presence and the help he has to render to this world ...we wait for you god!

Submitted: December 25, 2010

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Submitted: December 25, 2010



A CLAIM TO GOD! Let me perish Let the world live, If one has to die for one to change, Let happen what may. For a better world, they live in. Let be me who shall die, Not others who want to live, how many will to die, join me, the world must live in happiness, lets not be selfish, for the world is going, To be ours, after we die. Oh heaven! call me soon, i am waiting to come, to tour your beauty, oh heaven!

Let me not, to live in this world, with sorrow, hatred and no love, If happiness should prevail, Take my life for it, But promise me, the word lives in happiness, ever after! If you break the promise, oh god! Give me back my life, I shall make the change. Let not people live with patience, for your call is what we want, IF there is going to be no change.......

I agree its with your grace that, I have lived for so long, But what has been the reason for my existence, I am sure efforts made are of no waste, but with society to blame, for the failures of the efforts, It is with you to lead our way.

We call for you, If you refuse to come, it has always been, we coming, to your place, Oh god! For you to change, it takes all life long, we have changed, all with your grace, Having you been the creator of, The good hearts and souls on earth, why then did people of god hearts and souls, Change to bad and evil spirits and thoughts.

It is your responsibility to change them, Get them back, their good and positive spirits. Don’t burden the good people to change the evil ones, For its your responsibility. And let not the evil spirits to interfere, In the progress of the peace loving minds. For this had been the case, why there is no real big change. I understand that you are overburdened, but at the same time i do know that, these burdens have never been so for you!

If you are not going to come down to earth, there is going to be a time, when all your creations, are going to kill themselves, At least then, let me hope that you would come for help. God, you have always been our savior, Why test our patience at the cost of our lives? You should come soon, And if by any chance, you aren’t capable , Of changing the evils, and let peace and happiness prevail.

If contradiction any exists, on your assumption, I stop here to tell you that, let it exist, But let it be with Creation and death, And not with survival and death.

You can no more be called as the creator, and we as your creations, not blame you.... This is a claim from one of your creations, I am sure you wont take it as a blame. It is not only that I spoke for the evils to change, But for the existence of humanness in humanity, The purity of life. Let not your creations turn towards atheism, For you have given us the control, Of our limbs of creations, A brain to think. I doubt sometimes, what more can you give us. But isn’t it true that you have the control of ourselves, And the weapons you have, air, water, fire...and what not... and that no way equivalent to what you gave us! Why not use your weapons to change, Those corrupted creations, God. The claim is tiring, we have claimed all life, wonder what comes after death, definitely not one more claim! I have always believed in you, Thus I make this bold claim for humanity, Hope for a positive direct response from your side.

WE wait for you! Let this wait not prolong! We are in need of you, OH! God! Please come here! We cry for your help! Don’t make it a sorrowful one! If I be the need for you, take me, but let the world please, Live in peace and unity! R.Sai Shanmugam

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