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the story is about a boy who is adopted and loves dancing!

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



once upon a time there ewas a very smart little boy called Zac. He was very happy with is life until he met his real parents they were very strict about school education. They told him that if he failed any class they would punish him, unlike his foster parent they supported him with whatever. they always loved him no matter what. One day he came home from school and he was very upset. Uis mom asked him what was wrong, and he told her that he was made fun of at school, his mom asked why did that happen and he said it was because he was adopted and his real parents dont like him. His foster mom had to do something because she knew that Zac was starting to beleive that his real parents really dont love him anymore. So she arranged for Zac to live with his real parent for a year to prove to him that they love him. After Zac moved in with his real parents they treated him well and they loved him. A few weeks pass and the way his parents are starting to treat him changes form good to really bad. Zac liked to dance so whenever he felt bad he'd go and dance it off.One day it got really bad to the point where his dad beat him.Zac ran a way from his real and foster parents. He lived on the streets for a couple of weeks but because he felt bad he danced more and he had much more time to dance since he ran away from home and school. He stated dancing in public no one liked him at first but the more he danced the more people he got. One day a man from a show called American Dancer saw him dancing and he thought that Zac was so good that he could win the copetition. He asked Zac to join but Zac hesitated at first but then he got in. Zac worked so hard on himself he'd stay awake for days practicing his moves. Zac stayed till the last season of the show and he won it. After putting a lot of thought in it he decides to go back home. After he went back home he found out that his "real parents" were not really his real parents they just wanted to get paid money for raising him. Zac is now known internationally for dancing and singing. But somewhere in the world his real parents and his foster parents are really proud of him.

love ya zac!

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