Little Lime Green Dried Frog

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This is a short story of about a little frog who is smacked, got killed and his thrashed body is found lying somewhere in the middle of the street. This gives the moral of not hurting and harming other species and creatures.

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012




This is a short story of about a little frog, who is smacked and got killed and his thrashed body is found lying somewhere in the middle of the street. This gives the moral of not hurting and harming other species and creatures.

Little Lime Green Dried Frog 


"Croak! Croak!" standstill straddling over the red-clayed edge of a pond, the moist over his lime green body vividly visible, just little ahead of a densely bushes behind him, little drops of rainfall still making his body wet to quiver, it was a frog of a size equal to a "match box", little black spots could be seen throughout his entire rear body from head to tail. For a moment his physical texture could give a bleak pretty look of a woman who washes the clothes setting in some part of our villages in Pakistan. 


The front side of his body was covered in a white sheet, while his throat would balloon as he could inhale in and out. During the very summer, the tradition of the frogs are to get out of the water, flock across the wet areas all over the pond, streams, water passages, and the entire colony looks like an army that never go silent. Their accumulated voices once bother you a lot, at times one tends to throw stone at them or if not possible get away with it, run, that is what we can do as a "last option". 


Little kids passing by, could enthrall themselves by exquisitely stopping by, insisting their parents to stay for a while, shrugging their shoulders, would hurriedly collect pebbles not to throw away any opportunity to throw at them. Kids often get themselves busy in finding desperately such moments of life to happen over and over again. 


The Jupiter then takes a long stretch leap down to the water, as it dive into, the dirt changed the color of water into "light yellow color" as it was stacked due to the rainfall. Soon after the "The Jupiter" that little frog, would jump onto the brim of the water, twists his head over, pouring away the water of his body, scaring looks around, as he makes desperate move to defend himself from any whipping strike of the little pebbles onslaught on him by those very little kids from the borders of that pond. As he swims, tearing the water surface, shaking his leg back and fore, still managing to fight for his defense, the human cans learn an excellent lesson of determination and steadfastness while at the same time, how to swim, the frog way. 


All the day long, little "Jupiter" busy looking over here and there, when it takes to a hunt, once he fixes his eye on a flying bee, fly or any little mosquito, he quickly moves out of a water, silently takes a sneaky walk, getting near it, and swiftly hurls his long tongue stretched out at the very back of his mouth, snatches it away and swallows it. This very jerkiest move of his mouth over the prey, is hard to calculate, within a blink of an eye, they dine it out, "Delicious is not it?" Jupiter admires the very taste of it to his counterparts. All the day long, this rumble of frogs comb over can be seen over the edges of water ponds, or stream, they have their own standards of their lifestyles, colonizing and gathering up in social network, adds to the beauty of nature. But when it takes to defend themselves from a biggest enemy, including the heavy tides of children stones, pebbles at them, they seem to be vulnerable to it, sluggish sometimes they may feel shy although very quick in moving their legs but it largely depends on their intentions to it. The time, they were stood still, little Jupiter was too silly not to make any quick move of any deceitful tract, tactic of his enemy, perhaps ambush. The frog is said to be very weak in this sense to defend him from this trick. Little kids always make ready their hands for fun, they are least bothered not to harm other creatures including frogs, species they reserve little care for them. as they flock toward the pond looking to have a little fun over there. 


Well! a boy name "Ijlal Haider" standing by the side of the water, was watching all this, soon after finding an opportunity to make a hasty move of harming little Jupiter, picks up the pebble, whips it, hits the top of the Jupiter's head, he was among all those little kids who collectively putting up an effort, aiming and throwing stones at frogs. Ijlal was lucky enough to be successful in his attempt of hitting. That little Jupiter, fallen over, injured , gone too weak that he could not move his body, as the strike has severely dizzied his head and it was pain deep inside his dead. 


"Hurrah! I dashed him!" Ijlal exclaimed, admiringly raising his both hands in the air.  

Little Jupiter soon disappeared off the scene; perhaps his body fell in the water. It was a sad moment, sorrowed the entire colony of the frogs, the news of Jupiter's murder spread like a fire in jungle. It badly saddened them. Soon, every frog went deep down the water and never returned above the water surface. 


Time passed by, after a lapse of few weeks, as the water drifted out of the pond due to the passages all around the corners, it gave a look of barren field, looked nothing but full of marshmallow and bogs inside. Jupiter's dead body, lying right in the middle of pond, seemed quite visible upside down; his white sheeted body was sparking the eyes. 


As the sun rays bent over the pond for another few days, the people soon started walking, making a pathway inside the pond. Their footsteps would smash Jupiter further, pushed him away here and there, to an extend that all his covered sheeted body was peeled off, either intentionally or unintentionally overlooking the very nobility or honor of his dead body. 


There came another boy, hurriedly passing by the way, as he looked down, hate ignited his feeling and he kicked Jupiter's dead body to the outer corner of the pathway, he then started hutch passing it and eventually brought it to the pavement area in the street and left there. 


Now, the Jupiter dilapidated disgraced body is laying helpless in the street, waiting for any creature or animal to swallow it......It was a dried frog....All the way from a happiest life in a pond. 



Moral: Live and Let Live. 




a pond. 

Moral: Live and Let Live. 


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