Bless The Fall

Bless The Fall Bless The Fall

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



It runs in his blood
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It runs in his blood

Chapter1 (v.1) - Bless The Fall

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Having a nice life, all the power you want all the friends and a great family. the money, the drinks, equipment guns nothing to complain about. Finding out its all made of blood, and as it all crashes down on you, would you fall?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 01, 2012




The Fall of The Infamous



October 22, 2011

Scudding at 1:15 a.m

He falls to the wooden floor his hands covering his dark green eyes that have a rush of a burning sensation the stable floor feels as though he was placed in a small row boat in the middle of a thunder storm. While actually being in a broken down run down shack in the middle of a thunderstorm one of the worst of the year.  A stabbing feeling crawls from his abs to his middle back, his hands go to the feeling and he digs his hands into the middle back. A constant beat rings in his ears, like the sound of keyboards being typed on over and over that sound is replaced by a loud pounding. It's driving him mad. He drags his Nails that are dug into his back, up to his neck and thru his brown front spiked hair. He opens his crying eyes to the darkness of the night only lit by the eclipse light shining through the shacks broken windows. This rundown shack, where his death haunts and taunts him. He grabs the counter and tries to get up but fails only to fall and smack his jaw onto the ground. That smacks the last breathe out of his mouth, light blue mist leaks from his barely opened mouth. He feels a warm liquid on his back and looks at the floor under him, a puddle of fresh blood. Thunder crashes again startling him because out of the corner of his eye for a second he sees a figure. the flash is gone so is whatever he saw.

A creeping creaking sound fills his ears sending shivers down his leaking spine. He crawls to the rusted kitchen and starts to scavenge through drawers










that chillsome rough high and insane voice. by now he has gone through all the drawers pulling them out throwing them across the room. The crying gets louder and tears fall faster his heart is slamming against his chest trying to ram it's way out and his brain is being melted compressed and compressed his head being crushed like a nut. By his silver ring eyebrow piercing his brow begins to bleed and tred down his face to his lips. Then.. Silence. Barely able to keep his eyes open he looks to the floor, a foot long viper with a diamond pattern yellow and green, slithers up his leg where his arm is rested. No energy to move his arm the viper makes himself comfortable wrapping around his arm squeezing it tight. His hand turns to a fist and the viper is startled by the sudden hand motion, it bites his wrist leaving two snake teeth marks. He gathers energy to raise the arm with the snake on it and slam the snake against the back of the counter next to his head. The snake retaliated biting his neck. He retaliated back, biting off the snakes head , killing it. He starts to pant and breathe slower, blacking in and out.


Whispering: Tá sé mo shuí ..

Kino opened his dark emerald eyes to be greeted by the abstract orange reddish view of the morning sun rise, shining through the silky sateen red curtains on his bedroom windows. He sat up in his bare bed his eyes fighting to stay open. He took a look around his room. The sheets for his bed on the black tile floor, his clothes from the day before piled on top of his wooden dresser next to his bed covering his electronic alarm clock, his bathroom door cracked. Barely letting in the sound of the chirping birds. & on the right side of his room cutting into the wall his closet holding many miscellaneous things. He rubbed his head trying to calm down. It seemed to be the same dream every night now and days. The voice, the shack, the pounding. all of a sudden his ears pop and he can hear noting but the constant beat. click... click click.. click.... click... click click click CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!! Getting louder and louder to the point that he gets so mad he snaps out of it and out of instinct swings to punch someone, Moving too fast for his morning body he falls out of bed 


"Ugh" he groaned before tripping over his own feet and letting his face get slapped against the floor. "Tile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His voice grew louder but then stopped. his ears twitched out of annoyance. Staring outside he looks at the clock noticing how late/early it is. He gets up and throws on simpleties a diry white tee and some cameo shorts. openiong his window and taking another look at his room then jumping down. the jump from his bedroom being a two story jump gave him adrenaline, so he started to jog, then run.


2 Miles  Later 3:48

He looked up from the cool beach sand & took a look around.... empty. on the streets there were no cars, no noisy pedestrians walking their dogs talking on their phones shouting at each to her from across the street. the town, maybe even the city, was at the moment, at ease. turning down a back alley he took a short cut back to his house. Feeling a couple rain drops on his arm he looked up muttered. my jacket was at home didn’t think he would need it for a walk on the beach. He looked towards the end of the valley. there in the midst of all the light rain was an animal. i stopped in my tracks & studied it from a good distance. he focused on the animal, on all its features, it was k9. the dog slowly crept towards him like a beast stalking its prey... which is exactly what it as doing. as it came closer he could make out what it looked like. it had short grey claws sticking out of its paws, its fur silver grey, & its eye's crimsion red. the dog flashed its yellow sharpened teeth at himin a way that probably would've killed anyone else with just his grim looks but not Ki. Ki gets up, and stares at it, deep growls coming from both of the. The dog barks, Kione smiles and reaches into his jean pockets, seeing what he has to play with. Instead Kione barks loud, loud enough to echo through the sleeping streets, a mix between a rough growl and a raw. He feels something in his neck, something cold and wet.. darkness.


Kino has seen things only other people have seen on the sci-fi channel. demons in people in animals in spirits and in red glows, angles not all girls and definitely not ALL as sweet as movies and shows show them, genies very hippie like to say the least very retro homes (do not steal their lava lamps, may result in badness), elves got mean ass attitude not all friendly's repeat not all friendly's. This lfie was not a choice. He did not choose to be attacked every week to have to look over his back all the time but it couldn’t be prevented. Some people inherit eye color, or hair, or personality from their parents. Kione though, inherited skills pain and a blood trail of 15 years. And no one is left to clean it up but him, and the 6 he can believe to be trusted.



dreams they suck, they rock, there real, there fake. no matter what... they affect you. They can keep you happy from the moment wake up to the night where you hope to continue the dream, and they can make ou wake up, screaming kicking and crying.

T he thing about me is the nightmare doesnt stop when I wake up, it has only begun. Historia de un crimen que sueña. Thats what I decided to call it.  my dreams sadly, what ever I dream during the night, will happen to me in real life. whether its a dream or a nightwear... it... will... happen. i know what your thinking "some nice men and nice white uniforms will understand!!" but no its true and no, NONE can understand. it will happen exactly how it happened in the dream unless i change it. i can control myself in the dream so the bad stuff doesn’t always happen. you know kill it before it kills me. I’ve been able to keep myself alive so far, but what makes it harder is that i dream about other people. like the people i live with & my friends. so its more important to save them in the dream then to save myself.

I woke up. Gasping & breathing heavily. I felt on my arm, two holes, still bleeding. My eyes wont stay open and I can only fall back into bed. “Someone please, shoot me.” Figure of speech? Yeah.. for now. (put the gun away). I check around my room, sheets on the floor I tossed my sheets over to one side then hopped outta bed. I slid quietly in to the bathroom in my room & turned on the shower. All I could hear is the water running into and down my ears, nothing more. It was silent. And for a house of 6 insidious and rawdy teenagers of ages 16+ and we all know that can only mean one thing.

“oh god.. their all dead”.

I wash off and dry off wrapping a towel around my waist and then gelling up my hair to spike it forward. I go lay back in bed, figuring my family can handle themselves. “My family…” not of same families, but yes by blood by the blood we have shed protecting one another we have become family.  


Well there’s me, Kino the 2nd oldest of the pack at age 17: Dark green frohawk along with green eyes and athletic built.

Adriana: long blonde hair with blue pink and black highlight streaks complimented by her ocean blue eyes.. She  as well being 17

The 1st oldest man in our pack is Donovan: shady grey eyes dark red hair British accent and Irish decent.  Then the two youngest, megan, tall and skinny. very skinny. blonde hair with red streaks throughout. irish green/blue eyes. Her brother Raphiel who's 16 DARK tan skin unlike his sister with black spiked gelled uprising hair


I get close to closing my eyes to sleep rest will calm me down, though rest has stressed me in the first place. It might work. Just as my eyes shut I hear a pounding sound. Like someone knocking on a sliding glass door. POOOFM, POOFM, POOFM. Each time the sound getting louder and faster coming closer. In front of my bed a white blue light flashes and I see Adriana and Megan pulling each others hair and kicking each other in the shin. “my family..." Megan pushes Adri off her and they stare each other down a screeching fills the room. their yelling at each other through their minds too loud and too much, its just too much. i get up and put Megan’s hands behind her back and slap them. A pair of handcuffs appearing on her arms. Walking over to megan I put my hand on her mouth slapping tape over her speedding lips. "Stop. NO. JUST NO." being to tired to hold the concetration the tape ripped off and the cuffs slid down her rist. They igev each other one look and go back at it again. POOFM. They get out of my room teleporting so close to the door, it blows it off its hinges, my doorway now bigger than needed, or wanted. I get up and go to look downstairs leading to the living room where I see Zeno passed out on the couch Donovan and Adrianna in the kitchen eating and Megan.. I don’t see her. But then I take a look through the sliding glass door out to the field of high grass to see a row of 12 Barbie dolls standing up, one brick behind each one for support I guess. Megan is lying down flat on the newly mowed grass a foot away from her targets. Wearing a dark red and black striped coarsest under a black hoody, with short shorts on. “Is Megan still on punishment?????!” No response. Shit. Now why worry about a 15 year old playing with Barbie’s? Well.. When her punishment was no more c4 and dynamite (because of the fact she planted some on a local McDonald’s mascot) And when that 15 year old girl is a pyro explosion maniac. You tend to have a bit of worry. I snap out of my flashback of various ways she has used explosions, by the cause of a flourishing noise emerging from outside, without looking I grab my Dark Brown coat, and run out, now only to see grass flying up in the air along with dirt, most likely from chained dynamite, but i also see megan running in the field smiling laughing and again, teleporting to different sections of the field. I quickly memorize her teleporting patterns and run to her left tackling her as soon as she comes in. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEPP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEPP BEEP! I cover her right before the flash goes off, followed by the bang. *Cough Cough Cough*  I pick her up and grip her by the writst. But then let go.. feeling a band aid there. “Lets go, Megan get inside”.


Inside Adrianna and Donovan are doing dishes, the platter that had the cinnamon rolls on t is now bare. As Megan runs up to her room I look at Donovan watching him lean over and try to kiss Adri. She retaliates, slapping him across the face and shoving his head into the dish water he got himself out of it and walked away only to come back as she went on with dishes. He stood there for a second then put his hands around her waist I was about to go over there & knock him out, but she turned around & I knew she would handle it. But I kept watching jus incase. He knew i was there but that did not stop him. She turned around his hands still to her waist. He pulled her close to him & she let him. He used his thumb to push some hair out of her face. She just stood there. He slipped his hands into her back pocket. And whispered something in her ear “come---“  But she shook her head no. I had enough.  

He is weakening

scars will brace him mortality

a single kill will make him forget and silence will begin

My eyes started to twitch nostrils flame and I boil over and set off. One solid punch to the glass door I step through the new entrence.

I launched my self off the back porch of our house one foot back and slamming the other down forward leaping 15 feet in the air and 50 feet forward. Out to the desert plain and all the way to the back where the only highlight within miles (besides our house) is a large twisted Sabina’s albar at the root of the tree it looks as if it started to twist as soon as it peeked through the ground. Theres 6 roots plugged into the dirt, and they all overlap going around and through each other all the way up to the top. 50 feet up I pearch myself and pluck off one the berrys. .  I look down at



the ellipse lake conceived with crystal clear water. I jus sat there my head in my hands. in to the distance I see a tall slim figure. Its hands quiet big, the head un fitting for its body. Seeing that it was staring right at me my mind tells me to go check them out. , I set my sights for the floor and I jump down the tree. And walk home. ….


By the time I get to the front porch it was dinner . Time but i went straight to my room. Wanting to slam the door behind me I reach for the knob, but then I remember. “No DOOR!” I kick the wall and make a small hole at the bottom to the right.

My room was dark the only light was coming from the bright moon covered by the grey of the night clouds through my window. I walked over to my dresser, rummaged around in a drawer looking for my iPod. I saw a slick green item. I grabbed it. Foccused on it for a while then realized it was my iPod. I plugged the green player into the stereo & let it play. I flopped down on my bed. I let all my focus go to the music.

Adrianna comes in through the gash in the wall. Staring at it then hesitantly stepping through. She carries a dish of soup over to my night stand setting it down and sitting on the edge of my bed. “You owe me a door” I tell her and shut my eyes letting the music fill me. She doesn’t speak she just climbs on top of me and lays there. Her back to my abs and her head in the crease of my neck. “let’s do this then”. She points at the gash in the wall and fills it with a pale white door complete with a lock and all.

“I don’t want it white” I inform her. She turns it metal. “make it wider” she does so and demonstrates how the door slides into two pieces away from each other.  ‘MAKE IT MINE” She puts an engravement of my name onto both sides of the door. “password trap door alligators and mote” the whirring of the tools I can hear on the other side installing the type lock, and a hole appears right in front of the door but on the inside. “Wrong” I told her

“I get to know the password”


“Yes, or else”

“Or else what? You’ll break this door down too?!”

She flicks her hand towards the door causing the door to fry and explode making a bigger whole In the wall.

“pfft whuch shzz damnit!!!”

“Do I get to know?” she said looking at me. I gave her the wild eyes and said a clear “NOOO!!!”

Rolling her eyes she begins to swirl her hand sending everything into the hole EVEN THE BED BEGINS TO SHAKE. I push her off her bed making her lose her focus and the room stops flowing and spinning. I then make her close the hole in the floor and write down my code. I hear a banging coming from another room and giggling. With one trade of looks me and Adrianna then look out the window to see that the moon is hidden by grey clouds and appears to be full. “Happy hunting” she scoughs while getting up of the floor and jumping down the hole in the floor. All noise then cease and Donovan’s room door opens. He comes out carrying a corpse of a woman about 20’s light blonde hair and fully stripped. Her body doesn’t go uncovered, but by the sweat and blood of her own and the marks of Donovan. He looks at me, panting, and even he himself looks sad.  

“Want leftovers?” he tosses the body as if it was ragdoll, onto my bedroom floor in front of my feet. Her body is stripped of all color, she lays pale and cold. “what happened..” why would I even say that, I knew what happened. He couldn’t stop. “I got hungry, and she was persistent” he whipped his mouth off though the dry blood stained his chin. Shuffling to my drawer I stare him down shaking my head in disappointment. A vial of clear gel is pulled out and I go to Donovan sticking him with it and pulling out some of his blood. Putting the body on my bed I slide the needle into her freezing flesh whilst pushing pressure on her waist line. “I’ll be downstairs whe your done, just send her down, now that I’m done with the eating I’m ready for a second treat”. I brush that off, as much as I can. “I’m sorry…” he comes up behind me and puts his hands on my shoulder gripping I hard. “what for?” without giving him time I lash out, turning around with the now empty needle in my hand stabbing his neck with his struggles I slit it and the blood begins to pourge. He squirms out of my grip, causing my nails that were buried into his arm to rip off some of his skin. With his blood now on my hands I lose all my control and begin to spin off into a rage. One loud yell from me in this stage was enough to send him flying across the room into my closet. Falling to my knees every light in the house begins to flicker my yells are louder and all the while my body going numb whilst tingling. “DONOVAN!!” my voice fading into a dark pitch and back to normal.  My ears pop and the only thing I hear is that of my heart racing and my sore breathing. Quickly getting up I walk over to the closet passing by the mirror and getting a glance at myself. My scales. Iridescent orange, my 3ars pointed at the tips and my hair now white as snow. I Punch the mirror making me rage more. “¡¡¡¡Salte!!!! Levantarse!!!!"grabbing him by the still leaking throat I hold him high, as if he was a trophy I had just won. My grip  breaks and so does his back on the fall to the hard floor.  A light out of the corner of my eye becomes visible and I pay any less attention to it. I stand over Donovan my feet on it biceps and putting much pressure on him, all the while his hands on my ankles. Metal claws submerge from his wrist sticking right into my [talus]. I feel nothing. “thank you dear boy I’ve been meaning to get that itch. Now if you don’t mind standing still, it might even go faster” my foot slams across his face causing his neck gash to spurt out more blood. The smell crawls up my body to my nose and tickles it teasing me with the aroma and taunting the small amount of self control I have left. “ooh boi..” I mock him... “dat smell…. Me gusto”. I pick him up and smack his face, leaving two small open gashes on his cheek leaking slowly. It drips to the floor in the dead silence I hear that and only that, and that sets me off. He runs across the room to the hole in the floor and jumps through landing straight on the dining room table snapping it in half. I look down at him and hes gone. My heart, now pumping to fast from the lack of blood, an increase of stamina. I fall to the floor.  “mega… meh…Megan… m-MEGAN!!!” my ears burst the feeling of warm blood dripping down my ears is greeted to me. “Fuck..”



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