A Best Friend's Faith

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Louis has been secretly in love with Marcia, his best friend Thomas's girlfriend. One day, a whole group of classmates go out to a festival, including Louis and the couple. What will Louis do about his one-sided crush?

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



\"Marcia, you look so pretty!\" exclaimed Thomas. Marcia wore a long, pretty dress just for this festival. \"Hey Louis, doesn't she look pretty?\" Thomas asked me.

I stared at Marcia for a bit. I turned my head to face Thomas. I slowly and calmly said, \"Nope,\"

\"So mean!\" yelled Marcia. She started throwing a tantrum at me. \"I am pretty!\"

But the truth was, I thought she was gorgeous. I am in love with Marcia, but I can't tell her, she's dating Thomas, my best friend. If I tell her how I feel, it would break his heart.

The class went around, roaming the festival. Some went off on their own, or in little groups. The couple and I went off and separated from the rest of the class. I was having a conversation with Thomas, but then I noticed something. \"Where's Marcia?!\" I yelled. I started to panic and looked at Thomas. He was panicking too. We lost her in the crowd.

\"Split up and find her!\" yelled Thomas. I did as he told. We had phones, so we could contact each other if we find her...but Marcia can't. I ran all over the festival. I was panicking, even though she's not my girlfriend. She is a clumsy woman, why do I ever care for her so much? Marcia... I ran a little faster. Marcia... I ran faster. Marcia...Marcia..! I was running, as fast as I could. I couldn't stop, I had to find her...I had to...

I ran and ran, then there she was, sitting on the bench, weeping. She looked up at me, I looked down at her. I slowly walked up to her. \"IDIOT!\" I yelled, hitting her on the head.

\"Oww...\" whined Marcia. \"What did I do? It's not my fault I got lost!\" I sat down on the bench, right by her. I sighed of relief.

\"I'll call Thomas and tell him your alright.\" I told her. Marcia nodded. When I called Thomas, he was extremely happy.

\"You found Marcia?! Great! I'll be right over, don't go anywhere!\" said Thomas. We did as he told, and sat there. Marcia wouldn't speak, and judging from the look on her face, she probally felt guilty about making everyone worry about her so much. Since she refused to speak, I decided to have a conversation.

\"That bracelet...\" I said, pointing at the bracelet on her left arm. She looked at me. \"It's cute.\"

\"Really?!\" said Marcia, brightening up. \"Thomas picked it out for me!\" Her face was filled with joy. Just talking about Thomas made her happy. It made me...jealous.

\"Marcia...\" I said.

\"Hmm?\" Marcia was still looking down at her bracelet. She was obviously still thinking about Thomas. Another pain stabbed my heart.

\"Marcia... I-\" I started.

\"MARCIA!\" yelled Thomas. He was running. \"MARCIA!\"

\"Thomas!\" said Marcia. She got up from her seat and ran towards him.

\"Where were you?\" asked Thomas. \"You little troublemaker...\" His face didn't show anger at all, he was smiling just having her in his arms.

I sighed. What was I about to do...? I got up from the bench and walked up to Thomas. \"You two have fun...\" I whispered into his ear. I walked away. I could feel they were looking at me. I envy him... being able to have a girl to love him like that. I once again sighed.

Good-bye...My first love...


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