Sommeday We'll know

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Its just a story... Read if you want to... Its really ugly...

Submitted: February 20, 2010

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Submitted: February 20, 2010



"Hinata?!" Someone screamed from behind me. I turned around and My eye's Grew from shock
"What are you doing here?!" I yelled as he came closer
"We.....We're going to live" He said as we walked by the bay
I looked at him confused
"Oh....So going to the same school?" I asked sitting on one of the benches
"Yeah..." He said sitting beside me
"So...How have you been?Your love life?" He asked looking at me
"Oh...Ummm...It's pretty much the same...Guys ask me out....I turn them down nicely....... Same old things actually......You?"I said laughing
"Same.....How about your life?" He asked looking at the sky
"Its pretty much the same..You?"
"Same.." We looked at each other and bursted out laughing
"You....still......Havent....changed" He tried to say after each laugh
"You.....too......." I said wiping my tears away
"See tou tomorrow then?" He asked helping me to stand up.I nodded and we left
---------------------------------------Next day------------------------------------------------------
I was taking some books from my locker when Shinobu came my way. I smiled to him and went the
other way.
"Hey stop....Hinata..." He said trying to catch up with me
I stopped and looked at him
"So.......Whats up?" I asked
"Nothing much.....Want to go to class together?" He asked and I nodded
--------------------------------------30 minutes later------------------------------------------------
"What is the meaning of ..." The teacher asked us.
"I still can't believe Shinobu is back.......The last time I saw him was two years ago.." I said looking at
the board
--------------------------------------Two years ago(Flashback)--------------------------------------
"Hinata...." Shinobu asked sadly
"What's wrong?" I asked worriedly
"It's just that....We're moving to America...." He said looking down
"And?" I asked sadly. I knew what was coming but I can't believe it
"It means.." He said still looking down
"We can have a long distance relationship..Right?" I asked sadly
"Hinata...we have to.." He said pausing
"To brake up? It's Ok...... I understand.." I said looking at the sky
"Hinata...." He said looking at me sadly
"Its Ok...I Have to go..." I said running away

------------------------------------End of Flashback-----------------------------------------------------
My eyes we're starting to form tears.I quickly stood up and ran outside
"Hinata!!Where are you.." The teacher said trying to stop me
"Bathroom!" I yelled
I ran as fast as I couldWhy Did our brake up still sended me to tears?! Why?! I- I can't!I can't
be still In love with him!!!I can't!But!I Still do!!!!
"Hinata!!!!!!!!!" Someone yelled from behind
"Shinobu?!" I thought "I can't let him see me!I just can't let him see I'm Crying!!" But someone
grabbed my hand and pinned me to the wall.It was a good thing my hair covered my face and that
No one was in the hall
"What's wrong?!Tell me!!" He demanded
I just remained quiet.Untill I felt his hands remove my hair from my face
"No!" I yelled but it was too late.....My Crying face was seen...His eye's widened and he wiped some
of my tears away....He looked really sad...
"Hinata.......Why.......Are you crying?" He asked sadly
"Its Just......." I said crying more
"Just?" He asked calmly
He looked at me and I just cried....
"I can't take this anymore!!!!I Just can't!!!!!Your back and going to live here and-and............" I said sobbing
He looked at me confused
"I-I still! I Still!I Have to go!" I said running away
"Hinata!!!" He said calling for me
I cried and cried in my room
"Stupid!You Have to go and apologize!" I thought crying my self to sleep....
"Your....Stupid....." I said falling asleep
------------------------------------------Next Day---------------------------------------------------------
I Avoided Shinobu the whole day.He kept calling me but I just avoided him.
"Hinata!!!!!" Shinobu yelled pinning me to the wall
"Why have you been avoiding me today?!" He asked
"Oh!Umm.....Look at the time..I have to go home..Mom might get worried" I said trying to run away but he grabbed my hand
"Your Mom would understand if your a few minutes late" He said pulling me back
"Oh..Ummmm.....But I promised I'll be home early and ummm...." I said trying to make an excuse
"Please.............Just tell me what's wrong.....I don't want to end up making you angry with me......" He said punching the wall behind me
I just stood there in shock
"It's nothing.......I promise" I said calmly
"You going to sing later?" He asked
"That's a random question....I don't know..."
----------------------------------------------That night-----------------------------------------------------
I was sitting with the crowd watching some people dance,Sing and many many more.It was our annual anniversary.....
"OK! Now this is what all of you have been waiting for!!The guest singers!!!! Are none other than!!!Hinata And Shinobu!!"
I stared at Shinobu In shock and he looked like he knew nothing.The spotlight shone to us directly and some of our classmates pushed us to
the stage and handed us mics.
"I Haven't sang With him for a long time now.......I wonder If he knows how much I missed him.....How much I him..." I thought to my
I Looked at him and The spotlight made his black silky hair shine and his dark ruby eyes sparkle....
"Hope He responed to what Im Going to do....But I know he wont but Hey....It's a good try.." I thought taking a deep breath
I Looked at him and hoped for the best

"Ninety miles outside Chicago,
Can't stop driving, I don't know why
So many questions, I need an answer
Two years later you're still on my mind"

He looked at me confused but I just stared at my shoes

"Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?"

I Looked at him In shock and we sang together

[Both] Did the captain of the titanic cry?

[Both] Someday we'll know
[Me] If love can move a mountain
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Shinobu] Why the sky is blue
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Both] Why I wasn't meant for you

[Me] Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
[Shinobu] Or what the wind says when she cries?
[Me] I'm speeding by the place that I met you
[Both] For the ninety-seventh time [tonight]

[Both] Someday we'll know
[Me] If love can move a mountain
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Shinobu] Why the sky is blue
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Both] Why I wasn't meant for you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Both] Someday we'll know
[Shinobu] Why Samson loved Delilah
[Both] One day I'll go
[Me] Dancing on the moon
[Both] Someday you'll know
[Both] That I was the one for you

[Me] I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
[Shinobu] Watch the stars crash in the sea
[Me] If I could ask God just one question
[Both] Why aren't you here with me [tonight?]

[Both] Someday we'll know
[Shinobu] If love can move a mountain
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Me] Why the sky is blue
[Both] Someday we'll know
[Both] Why I wasn't meant for you"

Everyone cheered as we sang in unison..We did it!! Shinobu looked at me and smiled I smiled at him in return and ran home...
"He won't like me again.." I thought sinking in my bed when heard knocks on my balcony's door. I opened it and saw Shinobu leaning on the
"Shinobu?" I asked confused
"Hey......Ummmm.... I have to tell you something...." He said seriously. I nodded and walked in his direction
"Hinata......I Love You......I still do..........." He said bringing me closer to him. I stood there in shock when he placed his lips onto mine.
I Smiled and kissed him back..
"Shinobu...... I love you too....." I said placing my fore head onto his... He smiled

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Both]Someday we'll know
[shinobu] Why Samson loved Delilah
[Both] One day I'll go
[Me] Dancing on the moon
[Both] Someday you'll know
[Both] That I was the one for you "

We smiled and kissed passionitely and stared at each others eyes the whole night."

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