SasuSaku: Sasuke's Birthday Chapter 1

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Okay so for those of you who have already read this story before, I AM sasukexsakura2012. Something went wrong with my other account. This is my new one. For those of you who haven't read this story I hope you enjoy it and for those of you who have read the first 9 chapters of my story, stay tuned for chapter 10.

I changed the story up a bit because I figured out that when I have Sakura and Sasuke talking, they're both too blunt. I'm going to add a little description of what they're doing when they're talking that way it doesn't get boring.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




Sakura was walking down the street towards the bakery. She was going to pick up some bread for her mother.

'Hmmm...' Sakura thought. 'I have a strange feeling that I've forgotten something very important...

She kept thinking about it all the way to the bakery.

'Hmmm...Am I forgetting someone or something?' she thought just as she was opening the door to the bakery.

She opened the door...and immediately jumped back. A HUGE group of girls were crowded in the doorway fighting to get out. The weird thing was that all of them were carrying packages wrapped in gift-wrapping paper

'Probably cakes', Sakura thought. 'But what for? Why so many?'

Suddenly, she remembered.

'Oh, shit!' Sakura thought. 'I'm so stupid! I totally forgot that Sasuke-kun's birthday is today! He's going to be 13 years old!' She slapped her forehead. 'Maybe I should get him a cake too? No he HATES fangirls, so he wouldn't like it. I guess I'll just go tell him happy birthday and leave it at that. I'll go visit him after I take the bread to Mother.'

She got the bread and then left. She headed straight home, thinking about Sasuke all the way there.

When she got home, she opened the door and called, "Mother, I have the bread." She went into the kitchen where her mother was doing dishes and set the loaf of bread on the table. She looked at her mother, who was just turning around.

"Thanks for picking that up for me, Sakura." her mother said. Sakura looked away.  'Sakura's acting weird...' her mother thought, looking at her daughter carefully.

Sakura bit her lip. 'Should I ask her?' she thought. She looked at her mother, who was frowning at her. 

"What is it, Sakura? I know that face. You want to ask me something don't you?" her mother asked, knowing that whenever Sakura bit her lip, she had a question.

"Well..." Sakura said. "I was just wondering if I could go visit Sasuke-kun? It's his birthday and he's always stuck inside because of all his fangirls. I want to cheer him up. Is that okay with you, Mother?" she smiled hopefully at her mother. She wanted nothing more than for Sasuke to have fun on his birthday.

"Well..." her mother said. "I don't see why not. Do your best to cheer him up. No one deserves to be miserable on their birthday."

"Thanks, Mother!" Sakura said. She hugged her mother and ran out the door and straight to Sasuke's house. She ran up to the door and nearly tripped and broke her neck.

'Jeesh', Sakura thought. 'I think the fangirls overdid it. I guess I'll just go around and hope he has his bedroom window open.' she walked around to the side of Sasuke's house and just as she started walking she heard Sasuke shouting.


Inside the house...

Sasuke was frustrated. He was stuck inside on his birthday because of his fangirls.

"Why?!" he shouted. "Why can't I have a normal birthday?! Why can't I go outside without having to worry about being swarmed with annoying fangirls?!" he was sitting on his bed, looking out his open window and being miserable because he couldn't go outside. He punched the wall. "For once I just want my birthday to be fun and not miserable!" he shouted.

Outside the house...

Sakura had heard the whole thing and felt very sorry for Sasuke.

'Poor Sasuke-kun.' she thought. 'He's miserable because he can't go outside on his birthday...' she decided to try to talk to him and make him feel better, although she wasn't sure that he would want to talk to her.

She went and stood under his second-story bedroom window and called, "Sasuke-kun!" she looked at his window, wondering if he had heard her. 

Sasuke came to the window.

'Oh great', he thought, frowning. 'Another fangirl...but isn't she different from all the others?' his inner-self asked him. 'Shut up!' Sasuke told his inner-self. 'C'mon' his inner-self told him. 'You know she's different from all the other fangirls. She's less annoying and she understands you the most out of all of the other girls. She's not a fangirl. She's your friend, Sasuke.' Sasuke's inner-self annoyed him.

"Shut up!" Sasuke told his inner-self out loud. A little too loud because Sakura partially heard it.

"What was that, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked. She hadn't heard all of what he had just said.

"Nothing" he called back. "What do you want anyway?" he looked at Sakura in annoyance and immediately felt bad about it. He knew she was just trying to cheer him up and he appreciated it.

Sakura looked at her feet. "Well...I just came over to tell you happy birthday. I was also wondering what you were planning on doing today. You can't stay cooped up in your room all day you know. And all of the fangirls are gone just in case you're wondering. It's okay for you to come out. I'll help you hide from them if they come around too. Will you please come out, Sasuke-kun?" She smiled pleadingly up at him. 

Sasuke's heart beat faster when he saw her smile like that.

Sasuke considered what Sakura had said. 'Should I?' he thought. 'She is right. I have to come out sometime. Besides it's my birthday. I should go out and enjoy it.'

"Okay", he said, smiling at Sakura.

Sakura smiled back at him again and once again it made Sasuke's heart beat faster.

"So what do you think I should do?" he asked. He wasn't sure of what he wanted to do. There were plenty of places to go in Konoha and he wasn't sure where to start.

"Well..." Sakura said. She didn't think Sasuke would agree with her so easily. "I don't know. Actually, I was planning to go to a movie. Do you want to come? You can choose the movie since it's your birthday."


To Be Continued...

I Hope you all like it and stay tuned for Chapter 2!


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