SasuSaku: Sasuke's Birthday Chapter 2

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Hey everyone! Here's Chapter 2! Sorry that I didn't upload it right away. I'm editing my story ahead of time that way it makes more sense when you read it.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012






"So what do you think I should do?" he asked. He wasn't sure of what he wanted to do. There were plenty of places to go in Konoha and he wasn't sure where to start.

"Well..." Sakura said. She didn't think Sasuke would agree with her so easily. "I don't know. Actually, I was planning to go to a movie. Do you want to come? You can choose the movie since it's your birthday."


Sakura looked up at him with a pleading smile on her face. She was hoping he would say yes because she want him to have fun on his birthday and watching a movie seemed like a good place to start.

'I can't resist that smile', Sasuke thought. 'Go on', his inner-self told him. 'She said she'll help you hide from the fangirls so why not?' Sasuke smiled at Sakura. He knew he could trust her.

"Okay", Sasuke said. "I'll be right down." He knew he was going to have fun with Sakura.

"Okay", Sakura called as Sasuke turned away from the window to go downstairs.

A minute later Sasuke opened the door and, after he had jumped over all the gifts, said, "Okay, let's go, but we have to keep an eye out for the fangirls."

"Okay", Sakura said. She grabbed Sasuke's hand and took off running. "Let's go!" she said excitedly. She was glad that Sasuke had decided to go with her.

"Sakura, don't pull", Sasuke said jokingly. To tell the truth he actually liked it and Sakura hadn't heard him anyway. She was too excited.

Sakura suddenly stopped running and put her arm out to stop Sasuke. He ran into her arm and stopped. He looked at Sakura.

"Uh-oh", Sakura said. She was looking straight ahead with a worried look on her face.

"What is it, Sakura?" Sasuke asked, although he was sure he knew the answer. 'Oh great...' he thought.

"Fangirls", Sakura said, trying to push Sasuke behind her. "Quick get behind me that way they don't see you." If the fangirls saw Sasuke, he would never be able to get away from them.

"Ummm...Okay", Sasuke said and went to hide behind Sakura. Luckily, since he was just a little taller than Sakura, it was easy for him to duck his head and hide.

Ino then came walking up to Sakura, followed by a HUGE group of fangirls.

"Forehead girl, have you seen Sasuke-kun?" Ino asked.

"No", Sakura said. "Sorry Ino-pig, but why do you always have to go after Sasuke-kun on his birthday? Doesn't he deserve to have a normal birthday just like the rest of us?" she frowned. She didn't like it that the fangirls never gave Sasuke time to just enjoy his birthday.

"That's none of your business, forehead girl", Ino said. "Why are you standing for him anyway? Don't tell me that you're in love with Sasuke-kun?" she eyed Sakura suspiciously. "You like him don't you? Don't you?" she asked.

"So what if I am?" Sakura said. "Is that so bad? I'm in love with Sasuke-kun. There I said it. Happy now?" she looked Ino directly in the eyes. "I don't care if Sasuke-kun doesn't feel the same way. I'm in love with him anyway."

Sasuke was shocked. He knew that Sakura liked him, but he didn't realize that she was in love with him. Suddenly, he realized that he felt the exact same way.

Ino's face reddened. "Listen, forhead girl", she said. "You stay away from my Sasuke-kun or it will mean big trouble for you."

Sasuke couldn't hide any longer. He got out from behind Sakura just as Ino and all the fangirls were turning to leave.

"Shut up, Ino!", he said. "Sakura is a better person than you'll ever be! And didn't you take the time to think that I might be in love with her too?" he asked as Ino was walking away.

Ino turned around. "Okay", she said. "Prove it. Prove that you're in love with Sakura." She crossed her arms like she was waiting for something.

"How do you want me to do that?" Sasuke asked. He didn't know what Ino meant.

"Kiss her!" Ino said, mockingly.

Sasuke's cheeks turned red. "Umm...O-Okay", he said. He looked and Sakura. He took her face in his hands and slowly leaned in to kiss her. After the kiss, Sasuke pulled back and looked at Ino.

"Is that good enough for you, Ino?" he asked. He looked at Sakura. She looked back at him wide-eyed, her cheeks red in embarassment.

"You're lucky that Sasuke-kun is with you right now otherwise, I'd punch you", Ino said, looking at Sakura angrily.

"You'll do no such thing, Ino, or it will mean big trouble for you", Sasuke said threateningly. He loved Sakura and he wasn't about to let anyone hurt her.

"Fine!" Ino said. "Let's go girls!" They all turned and walked away leaving Sasuke and Sakura staring after them.

"S-Sasuke-kun, you didn't have to lie to them to get them to leave..." Sakura said, looking at Sasuke sadly. "You could have just let Ino walk away..."

"I-I...Sakura", Sasuke said. For the first time in a long time, he seemed at a loss for words.

"C'mon", Sakura said. "Let's go to the theater..." she started to grab his hand again, but decided not to. They both started walking.

They walked to the theater in silence. Sasuke glanced at Sakura a couple of times. She was looking straight ahead with a very sad look on her face.

When they got to the theater, Sakura finally looked at him. "Pick whatever movie you want..." she said.

Sasuke chose to watch Zombie Land (A/N: yes I know it's been out for a long time, but that was the only zombie movie I could think of off the top of my head)

"Okay..." Sakura said. She was worried. She didn't exactly like zombie movies, but it was Sasuke's birthday so she decided that she had to go for him.

They grabbed their popcorn and drinks and they sat down just as the movie was starting. After the first ten minutes, Sasuke looked over at Sakura and saw that she was tense. When she saw the part where the boy hit the female zombie with a toilet seat, she was barely able to stifle a gasp.

Sasuke knew Sakura was scared and he had no idea what to do. Hesitantly, he reached over and grabbed her had. She gasped and looked at him. He squeezed her hand to let her know it was okay. She smiled sadly at him and turned back to the movie. Sasuke held her hand the whole time.

'Does Sasuke-kun really love me?' Sakura wondered. When the movie ended, Sakura was disappointed. Even though she was sure that Sasuke hadn't meant what she said, she didn't want the movie to end.

Sasuke stood up and helped Sakura up along with him. After she stood up she let go of his hand. She was getting a little hungry.

"Sasuke-kun are you hungry?" she asked, without looking at him. "If you want we could go grab something to eat-"

"Sakura..." Sasuke cut her off. "About what happened earlier...I-I wasn't lying. I'm really in love with you." his cheeks went red.

Sakura looked at him in surprise. "What...?" Sakura said.


To Be Continued...

I Hope you all like it and stay tuned for Chapter 3!


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