SasuSaku: Sasuke's Birthday Chapter 6

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Here's chapter 6! Awww...That's so sweet! They're both so happy together. I wonder what will happen next! Enjoy!

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012





'He must be tired', Sakura thought. She looked at Sasuke. 'He's so cute when he's asleep. Good night, Sasuke-kun. I love you.'

Sakura watched Sasuke sleep for a few moments longer. The night was quiet. The only sound was the steady beat of Sasuke's heart under Sakura's ear. After a few more minutes, Sakura felt sleepy and, she too, fell asleep.


Sakura woke up the next morning in a panic. She'd had a horrible dream about Sasuke. She looked over at Sasuke who was still sleeping next to her.

'Thank God' she thought in relief. 'I thought it was real...' she looked over at Sasuke again...And was startled to see that Sasuke was as white as the sheets he was sleeping on. It was as if he had become terribly sick over night. She hadn't noticed that although he was asleep, Sasuke was grimacing as though he was in pain.

She put her hand on his forehead and became panicked because touching his skin was like touching an open flame. She immediately checked to make sure he was breathing alright. She shook his shoulders.

"Sasuke-kun!" she said in a panic. "Can you hear me? Wake up!" she pulled him into her arms. She grabbed his hand, oblivious to the feverish heat of his skin. She shook his shoulders again.

"S-Sakura..." Sasuke said weakly. "That hurts..." Sakura quickly stopped shaking him. The expression on her face confused him.

"Sasuke-kun!" she said and hugged him. She was crying and gasping in panic. "Are you okay? Can you hear me?" she asked worriedly. She put her hand on his forehead again and her look of concern instantly changed back to panic.

"Sakura...What's wrong?" he asked and grimaced in pain. "I...feel...horrible" he said in between gasping breathes. His eyes were shut tight and he winced in pain. The pain was too much for him and he lost conciousness.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura said and hugged him against her like she was trying to shield him from the pain. She lay him back on the bed, making sure to be careful not to cause him any more pain. She kissed his forehead. "I'll be right here when you wake up" she said. 'If you wake up' she immediately shook her head to get rid of that thought.

She went downstairs to get an icepack and some water. Her mother looked at her.

"What are those for?" she asked, curiously.

"They're for me. I have a headache and I'm really thirsty." Sakura didn't think it was a good idea to tell her mother about Sasuke. While her mother wasn't looking, Sakura got a spoon out of the silverware drawer and some medicine and a rag from the cabinet.

Sakura went back upstairs to her room. She poured water on the rag and put it on Sasuke's forehead. She pulled Sasuke into a sitting position. She tried get him to take the medicine and managed to get him to take a spoonful. She kissed him gently on the lips. 'Please be okay' she thought. She lay him back on the bed and put her head on his chest, listening for a heartbeat. She was relieved when she heard one.

She grabbed his hand, keeping an eye on his face. She almost missed the first tiny flicker of a response. She had been so focused on his face that she had hardly felt it when his hand returned the pressure of hers. Then his eyes fluttered and slowly opened. He started to sit up.

"No, don't move!" Sakura said, as she pushed carefully on his shoulders and made him lay back down. Her hand brushed his cheek and she kissed him. She stopped kissing him and hugged him hard, sobbing. "Sasuke-kun! Thank God you're okay!" she said, burying her face in his neck.

"What happened to me?" Sasuke asked, confused. He couldn't remember anything.


To Be Continued...

What's wrong with Sasuke? Find out in Chapter 7 or 8. I haven't decided yet. 

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