SasuSaku: Sasuke's Birthday Chapter 8

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Here's chapter 8 everyone! I hope you all like it! :)

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Sakura looked straight at him. "Sasuke-kun I know you're not crazy. Please say what you want to say." she hugged him and then pulled back. She grabbed his hand and looked at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Well..." Sasuke started. He looked at Sakura. "I had a dream, Sakura, a very strange dream..." he said hesitantly.


"Tell me all about it, Sasuke-kun" Sakura said, squeezing his hand. She knew that whatever his dream was about, it was causing him pain, so much pain. She reached up with her free hand and touched Sasuke's cheek. "It's okay, Sasuke-kun." she said comfortingly. "I promise, I won't think that you're crazy. You're the most sane person I know." she squeezed his hand. "Tell me."

"Well, you know I was in pain, right?" Sasuke asked. When Sakura nodded, he continued. "In the dream I saw my parents being killed...But what caused the pain was that I was watching the dream from my father's point of view. I think I was my father. Anyway, when Itachi killed my parents, I felt the pain and horror that my father felt. It was horrible. After that, I remember nothing, until I woke up here with you." Just the thought of what had happened in his dream was enough to make Sasuke feel sick. "It was the worst thing I had ever felt." he said almost to himself. Sasuke shook his head, trying to get rid of the memory.

Sakura laid him down. "Please, don't stress yourself, Sasuke-kun..." she said, grabbing his hands. "I have an idea." she said, letting go of one of Sasuke's hands and touching his cheek.

"What's that?" Sasuke asked. He wondered what would have happened to him if Sakura hadn't come into his life. 'She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.' he thought.

"Why don't we stay here, in this tree?" she asked, caressing Sasuke's cheek. "I mean, we both like it here and it seems to prevent bad dreams. Do you want to stay, Sasuke-kun?" she knew of some fruit trees growing nearby and she had her own little garden, by the tree because she had spent so much time there when she was a little girl.

"I think it's a great idea!" Sasuke said. "But would your mother be okay with it?" he didn't want Sakura to get in trouble.

"I know she will. She knows that I love the cherry blossom trees and she always said that if I ever moved out, I should come and make a home here." Sakura said.

"Okay, then." Sasuke said and smiled. He loved the cherry blossom trees as well.

"I'll be back, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said. "I'm going to get some food and blankets and pillows and anything else we'll need. I also need to talk to mother about it." She wondered, 'Is it okay to leave him alone?'

"Okay, Sakura." Sasuke said. He saw her hesitate and said, "I'll be fine." he said.

"Okay, I'll be back." Sakura kissed him and then jumped out of the tree. Sasuke looked down at her just in time to see her take off running. 'She's very fast' he thought. 'That means she'll be back sooner.'

At Sakura's house...

"Hey, Mother", Sakura said, walking through the kitchen door. "I have a question. I'm going to live with Sasuke-kun in the cherry blossom trees. Is that okay?" she asked.

"You're living in the cherry blossom trees?" her mother asked. "Are you sure, Sakura? I know you love the cherry blossome trees, but are you really sure you want to live in them? Will you be safe there?" her mother was worried.

"I'll be fine, Mother." Sakura said. "I'll have Sasuke-kun with me. He's the strongest person I know." she looked pleadingly up at her mother. "Please, trust me, Mother."

"Well..." her mother said. "Alright. It's okay with me. Let me help you pack, okay? You go get some blankets and some pillows for you and Sasuke to sleep with. Make sure you bring a thick comforter that way you're not sleeping on hard branches." her mother went into the kitchen and started putting some food and water in a bag.

Sakura went to her room and got all of her blankets and all of her pillows. She grabbed her camera, clothes and night gown, her hairbrush, and a comb that had never been used for Sasuke. Then, she went into her brother's room and borrowed some clothes and a night-shirt and shorts that he had never worn. He was the same age as Sasuke, so she figured that his clothes would fit. Finally, she grabbed the little microwave that she had never used. It didn't need to be plugged in because it was battery-powered. She went downstairs and put everything in a suitcase.

"Mother, I've gotten everything I need." she called. Her mother came out of the kitchen with some food for her and Sasuke.

"Make sure you both visit" she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Sakura hugged her mother. "Of course we will, Mother", she said and walked out the door.

'I'm so proud of you, Sakura' her mother thought, as she watched Sakura leave.


Sakura was so happy. When she saw the cherry blossom trees, she called "Sasuke-kun!" she saw him jump from the tree and come running towards her. She dropped the suitcase and ran to meet him. When she reached him, she hugged him hard. "I told you that she would be okay with it!" she said happily.

Sasuke hugged her. He pulled back and went to grab the suitcase. "Come on!" he said, grabbing Sakura's hand. "Let's move into our new home. I've been using my kunai to carve chunks out of the tree to make shelves, that way we could have something to put our clothes and stuff on instead of keeping all of it in the suitcase. I also carved our names into the tree, to make it our own." he said as they were going to the tree.

"That's great!" Sakura said excitedly. They got to the tree and she climbed up. Sasuke handed her the suitcase and she put it on a branch next to her. Then, she helped Sasuke up. "Let's get started!" she said happily. She pulled the comforter out of the suitcase and laid it on the branches that she and Sasuke had been sleeping on. She put the pillows on it and then another comforter. "One's for us to sleep on and the other is for us to sleep under." she explained when she saw Sasuke looking at her.

Sasuke pulled the hairbrush and comb out and set them on one of the shelves that he had carved. Then he pulled out the clothes. He looked at Sakura's brother's clothes. "I got those for you, Sasuke-kun. My brother is the same age and about the same size as you, so I grabbed clothes that's he's never worn for you. The comb is for you too." Sakura explained.

"Thanks, Sakura." Sasuke said. He folded the clothes up and put them on the shelf. Then he took out the microwave. "This will be very useful. Good thinking, Sakura", he said and put the microwave on a branch that was somewhat flat and level. 'I'll fix that branch later' he thought to himself. He grabbed the food and water and put them on the shelf. Finally, he grabbed the camera. They were all done setting up their new home.

"It's beautiful..." Sakura said, smiling. She hugged Sasuke. "Do you like it, Sasuke-kun?" she asked. 

"I love it, Sakura. Let's take a picture of ourselves and the tree." He and Sakura leaned against the tree and Sasuke took the picture. They both look at how it turned out.

"I love it!" Sakura said, happily. She kissed Sasuke. She pulled back and smiled at him.

"I love it too." Sasuke said, smiling back. "Let's go eat dinner." he suggested. Sakura put some cupped ramen in the microwave and then they ate.


Sakura looked at Sasuke and could tell that he was tired. 'Must be the bad dreams that are keeping him from getting a good night's sleep. Now, we're here, so he'll get all the sleep he needs.' she thought. "Sasuke-kun, are you sleepy?" she asked. She was tired too.

"A little..." Sasuke said and yawned. "I'm going to go put my night-clothes on." he said and went to change.

Sakura grabbed her night gown and went to change as well. When she went to the bed, Sasuke was already asleep. She laid down next to him and pulled the comforter over them.

'He's so tired that he didn't even lay down on the pillow', she thought to herself. She carefully lifted Sasuke's head and put the pillow underneath and then laid him back down. She kissed him gently. "Good night, Sasuke-kun." she whispered against his lips. She brushed his hair off his face to make sure he wasn't pale. She saw that he wasn't and buried her face in his neck. In minutes, she was fast asleep.


To Be Continued...

They live together now. That's so sweet.

For those of you wondering if my story is going to be over soon, it's nowhere near the end. In fact, it's just beginning.

Stay tuned for Chapter 9!




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