We've Had So Much To Do

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There's been a lot going on in my life, and there're times that I feel I'm falling behind.

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



It's all come to me like some long jazz odyssey; beaten out through the solos of great minds as they make a collective feeling.  The feeling has grown to overwhelming standards as it fits itself into everyday things like the simple act of thinking out of the box that it's been trapped in.  For years, now, it's been clamouring about in the its confines to find a way out; towards a distant distinction.  Distraught and over-thought, we've all been taught that where we're going is nowhere, because it's where we end up anyway.  Some end up believing in heaven, others hell, either way, it's getting hard to tell if what we've been taught was correct or truly just the opinions of centuries of thinkers and collaborators finding some small piece of common ground for them to preach upon.  So, they preached on.

When the sermon's done and everybody's found out that they're all being lead to the same, small idea that we're not alone in the universe, everybody's got that lunch waiting for them at home.  And it's comforting.

Life's never been about comfort or convenience for me.  It's been about finding out the things that I'm never looking to really know much about in the most offhand manners in the mannerisms that they're presented to me in.  Overall, I've come to enjoy it in the strange silent way that I take all of it in; sensing the changes in the air never meant much to me as a child, but they're making more and more sense the older and wiser I get.  The little slices off the pi that we're taking in, well they all seem to fit together in the infinite structuralism that fits the stage we're performing on, and as we take a bow at the end of the final act, I believe we've finally calculated all we've ever needed to and that we've calloused our souls to the point that they're ready to soften themselves up.  In the ground.  In a fire.  A tomb, wherever.

And in that instant, the work day's over and we're ready for a nice weekend away from the office.

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