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Submitted: February 22, 2011

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



2090 the year of the future, the world is getting dangerously over populated and we scientists are desperately searching for a solution. We have sent samples of life to other planets to see which planet is habitable but the results were negative. So now we are left with only one option, the ocean, so we started investigating the possibilities and after almost a year of preparations we were ready to start building underwater. We sent expert builders into the depths of the ocean. We also invented water proof suits with two layers, the first inner layer was made of membrane, while the outer layer was armor designed to withstand and absorb immense pressure. Our idea was to build an airtight indestructible dome on the floor of the ocean and drain the water from it after it was finished then we would build a network of pipes that would be leading from the shore to the underwater dome.
One and half years later
The dome was finally ready. We designed car pods so the builders could go from the surface of the water, to the dome without coming into contact with water via the pipe network. Because there was limited oxygen inside the dome we made oxygen generators underwater so the builders would not have to use oxygen tanks this however was a temporary situation. We planted grass trees etc; and hired the best architect to draw up plans suitable for these conditions. The builders built houses malls skyscrapers and that which was needed to be built. Now that there was a steady flow of oxygen we disabled the oxygen generators and stored them for emergencies. Farmers experimented and grew crops. The crop needed light to grow and we need food to live, and food comes from crops. So in order to sustain life we built solar panels on the roof of the dome which acts as the sun and has been set according to the sun, so if it is afternoon on land then it will be afternoon in the sea. We have brought animals from land and they are adapting quite quickly. Factories were built to help manufacture products. There were tarred roads as there was on land with cars, except there was a feature in the cars, so with a press of a few buttons, the car will become airtight with mini oxygen generators, with a flick of a switch it will also be able to navigate in water. There was a small part of the dome which was transparent so that the people could see the sea life close up while being safe at the same time. As for water and electricity there are systems which take the sea water and extract the salt and make the water safe and clean to drink this procedure is called desalination. All the used water will be deposited back in the sea and the process starts again. For the electricity water is used to generate electricity which is hydro electricity. The buildings of the underwater city were sleek and strong and everything was working out, but there was a concern, safety so we made an inner layer in the dome which was not as strong as the outer layer. So if the outer layer was destroyed then the citizens will have time to get to the evacuation submarines and evacuate from the city. The city also had an extra safety measure; it was the water vacuums, if a bit of water somehow found its way into the tunnel the vacuums will suck it up and would take care of it.
The day has finally arrived and the time has come for humans to move in the underwater city which is named Atlantis. For a start the government has decided to take 100 000 poor families and take them down to live in Atlantis, the underwater city within the dome. As the need arises we will move down more people or build another city however this is the first step to creating a whole new world.

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