Homicide and Suicide

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two homicide detectives are given a murder mystery to solve based on a love triangle.But the case gets complicated when there are no evidences or witnesses of any kind...

Submitted: September 19, 2015

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Submitted: September 19, 2015




By Salaar Laghari

James, Margaret, and Sophie
“Sometimes intelligence, ability, and dedication are not enough. You need a little more than that to achieve something. A search of truth to achieve some answers is not as simple as it seems. Obsession just makes it complicated, and later the questions remain unanswered, the mystery remains unsolved…”
 There followed a story of a murder mystery in San Diego that had a chain of events that made the case even complicated.
February 16, James Brown an adult in his thirties was dating Margaret Bloom a blonde his age. They seemed to be in a committed relationship but this wasn’t the truth behind their unbalanced love story.
February 24, James was at Sophie Croft’s house. They were seated at the dining table having their dinner. Sophie started their conversation:
‘So how was your day?’
‘Well a surgeon’s day is usually not interesting rather than filthy’
‘Filthy?’ she asked not liking his words. ‘How come?’
‘Well I see blood every day, I’m sure you’re not interested in that’
‘Yeah…but aren’t you used to it’
James’ cell phone begins to ring. He picks it from the dining table and sees that it was Margaret calling. He takes a glance towards Sophie and smiles,
‘It’s from my office, give me moment please’
He answers the call and walks towards another room where Sophie couldn’t hear him.
‘Hello Margaret’ he answers, ‘why are you calling at this hour of night?’
‘It’s just 11 o clock, you don’t sleep so soon’
‘What is it? What do you want?’ he asks getting tensed.
‘I want my answer, are we getting engaged this month?’
‘I’ve told you a million times, give me some more time to think’
‘This is not satisfying me’ she replies angrily.
‘Margaret don’t enrage me…don’t enrage me to kill you’
‘You always say that’
He finally disconnects his call and gives a sigh of relief and anger.
Sophie continues with her dinner and knew that James was hiding something from her; so as he comes back towards the dining table, she asks him directly:
‘Do you really mean it when you say there’s no one in your life besides me?’
‘Excuse me?’ he gets confused.
‘Are you planning to marry me?’
‘Well…of course’ he says and then regrets.
She smiles yet knew he was lying and hiding something from her.
February 26, an assailant with a tattoo on his forehead was walking towards someone’s house. He was looking around continuously making sure no one was watching him. He takes out his revolver, and stares at it for a moment,
‘I really enjoy working with you’

Margaret Murder Mystery

Next day, Edward Kujan a homicide detective was walking towards his office with a cup of coffee. On his way, he is stopped by a cop,
‘Good morning sir’
‘Morning, any new reports?’
‘Yes sir we have a case of murder’
‘Oh…what’s the progress?’
‘Our team is still out there, the investigation has not yet begun. We need you to come with us’
‘Alright’ he says getting alert, ‘get your car, I’ll be in a minute’
The cop leaves immediately.
Several minutes later, Detective Kujan and the cop arrive at Margaret’s house and enter inside. Margaret was found shot on her forehead. Her body was lying on the ground and the room was not messed up. This surprised Kujan. Her photographs were being captured and her body’s outline was being marked.
Another cop came towards the detective,
‘Sir, are you taking this case?’
‘…Yes I am’ he decides after thinking for a moment.
‘Are there any witnesses?’
‘Any evidence?’ Kujan asks examining the dead body.
‘No sir, there’s no murder weapon found yet and no foot prints’
‘I see…a carefully planned act of murder’
Detective leaves and meets his assistant cop at the gate,
‘File a report M.3., Margaret Murder Mystery. And then bring all the reports of this case to my office, by the evening’
‘Okay sir’

Jennifer White joins the Investigation

Next morning, Jennifer White another homicide detective was given this Margaret Murder Mystery case to be solved with Detective Kujan. She was a charming and intelligent woman who had quite an experience of solving crime cases. She was waiting for Kujan outside his office.
While Detective Kujan was told that someone else would solve this case along with him, he got infuriated and rushed upstairs towards his office to call that person off this case. But as he sees Jennifer, he calms down and asks her:
‘Are you the one to solve the Margaret Murder Mystery case?’
‘Yes, I’m your co-worker in this case’
Kujan gets a little excited as he was a flirt and he hadn’t dated any woman since he had joined the FBI. However, he opens the door of his office’ room and enters inside asking her to sit on the chair next to them. While she was seated and he was standing leaned against the table, he asks her:
‘So, since when are you working as a homicide detective?’
‘Four years’
‘Do you like this job?’
‘No’ she replies looking aside, ‘it pays better though’
‘Yeah right’ he chuckles.
‘So about this murder case, what do we have?’
‘Well unfortunately, there’s no evidence, no witness, no suspect leading to no motive. Except one thing, her cell phone and her contact diary were found nowhere. Which means, whoever attacked her, he tried to erase her contacts by hiding them or destroying them with fire’
‘Oh…’ she says getting a little amazed, ‘but Mr. Kujan, what if the killer demanded for her contacts, she refused or resisted and got accidentally shot and then the killer might have taken away her cell phone’
‘Possible…but the room was not a mess and didn’t show any sign of resistance’
They both remain silent realizing that this case was quite difficult than usual cases as it lacked evidences and witnesses.

Sophie gives a Clue

Next day’s evening, Detective Kujan and Jennifer were preparing to leave. A cop enters their office and informs:
‘Sir we just received a call from some woman who is saying that she knows something about Margaret’s murder’
‘Who is she?’ Kujan asks getting vigilant.
‘Someone Sophie’
Kujan looks at Jennifer and says:
‘Get the call and ask her what she knows’
‘Okay sir’ she replies.
‘And get her address, we might go to her place’
‘Got it sir’
Kujan puts on his coat as she leaves the room.
Half an hour later, Jennifer and Kujan arrive at the restaurant where Sophie asked them to come. A minute later, three of them were seated inside the restaurant around a round table close to the wall. Kujan begins the conversation:
‘Let’s get to the point, what do you know about Margaret’s past’
‘Well as I read about this case in the newspaper, so I felt that he must be involved in this murder’
‘Who?’ Margaret asks.
‘Well my boy friend James had a break up with her recently’
‘So you think that he is a suspect?’ Kujan questions.
‘Well he was quite furious and said that he might kill Margaret in rage’
‘Did he actually say that?’ he asks getting surprised.
‘Well it didn’t seem that he really meant it but I thought you better enquire him’
‘Oh…so where can we find him?’
‘Well he is not answering his calls and last time he wasn’t at his home either’
Kujan and Jennifer look at each other as if they had a clue to solve this case further.
‘Well just out of curiosity’ Jennifer continues hesitantly, ‘I happen to ask…why are you giving your boyfriend to us, do you know this might bring a severe turn in your relationship with him’
‘No I’m not afraid of that. I don’t care about him as he seems to be an unfaithful person who might turn against me some day’
‘Well thanks anyway’ Kujan says standing up, ‘you’ve been really helpful’
He walks away from the table leaving them alone. As Jennifer follows him, he asks:
‘Did she give his address?’
‘Yes and I took hers too’
‘Good, we’ll go for him tomorrow’
‘Tomorrow?’ she asks not liking his suggestion. ‘Why not today? Right now’
‘We’ll do this first task tomorrow, I’m tired right now’
‘But the suspect shouldn’t escape us’
‘He won’t, trust me’
They both leave the place.

Brutally Murdered

The following morning, Detective Kujan and Jennifer were at James’ place before eight o clock. They knocked his bungalow’s door twice and there was no answer. Kujan angrily knocks the door louder and still no one comes to receive.
‘Maybe he’s not home’ Jennifer suggests.
Kujan angrily bangs the door open with a sharp kick. The door lock gets broken.
‘Slow down, we can’t do that’ Jennifer stops him.
As they walk inside, they see no one around. They keep on walking inside the dark house until they see some blood prints on the ground. They take out their pistols and follow the blood prints. The blood spots increase and the smell gets worse. They finally see a dead body lying on ground with blood all over. It was a male’s dead body, who was stabbed several times on his throat and his chest. His face could not be seen as it was completely covered with blood. Kujan and Jennifer feel disgusting and hold their breaths,
‘Oh God’ Jennifer sighs, ‘I hate this sight’
‘…He must be our suspect James’
‘I guess so’
‘I’m calling our team’ he says taking out his pistol, ‘please find his photo albums and make sure that he’s James’
‘Alright sir, but who would have done this’
‘We’ll investigate that later’
Outside the house, the assailant with a tattoo on his forehead walks past the house seeing the door busted open.
Later as the cops and the ambulance had arrived, the photographs were being taken. Detective Kujan gets stressed up. He walks outside towards the exit, and stands outside. Jennifer gives some orders and follows Kujan,
‘You okay?’ she asks.
‘Yes I am’ he replies wiping off his sweat, ‘I’m sure that the killer behind this death is someone who wanted to avenge Margaret’s death’
‘How could you be so sure?’
‘I’ve seen a similar case’
The assailant walks slowly past the place and as they see him walking in fearful speed, they feel as if this criminal was involved, but the siren of ambulance turning on suddenly interrupted their thoughts.

Sophie gets Heartbroken

That afternoon, Detective Kujan and Jennifer go to Sophie’s house. Sophie who was completely unaware of his boyfriend’s death warmly welcomes them and treats them kindly as guests. Kujan who couldn’t stand her hospitality breaks the news without any pause:
‘We went to James’ today and we found him brutally murdered’
‘What?’ she asks getting confused. ‘I think I misunderstood’
‘No you heard him correctly’ Jennifer adds closing her eyes.
Sophie slowly begins to weep yet tries to talk but is unable to speak.
Kujan stands up and leaves the room as he was not in mood to see tears or sorrows. As he walks around her home, he enters the living room and sees some books lying on a glass table. He picks up a book entitled ‘Human Behavior and Body Language’. He opens the book but is interrupted by a terrific sound of Sophie crying. He puts down the book and goes back to the room, he calls Jennifer:
‘It’s no use, let’s go’
‘But what about her?’
‘I’m not concerned with her loss, I want the criminals’
Sophie gets down on her knees and continues crying out aloud. Kujan looks at her and then says to Jennifer:
‘We can’t enquire her about Margaret and James’ love story, forget her we’ll find other people’
‘You know something Kujan. I am also not concerned with her loss. But if only you had agreed to come along at James’ yesterday, then we might have had something to proceed’
‘I don’t agree with that, he probably would have been found murdered’
‘No Kujan’ she replies standing up, ‘the doctors said that the wounds on James’ body were inflicted just a couple of hours earlier than we found him’
‘Okay fine, I let go a suspect and he’s murdered now. Now we have two criminals to catch’
‘This case has nothing…no evidence, no suspects left, a weak motive and no witnesses’
Kujan leaves as he didn’t want to argue. Jennifer turns to Sophie and asks:
‘You said you didn’t trust your unfaithful boyfriend, so what’s making you cry so much’
‘I still loved him’ she cries.
Jennifer pours water in a glass for her and walks outside the room towards the exit.

Interrogating the Maid

Three days later, Detective Kujan and Jennifer were seated face to face in their office. Jennifer was seeing the photographs of Margaret and James murdered.
‘We have nothing to proceed’ she says.
‘I’m hearing that since three days’
‘I think they both have a same killer, because in both cases the murder weapon was not found, and no foot prints’
‘I just need their background stories. I can’t see a motive behind their murders’
‘About Margaret’ she says putting aside the photos, ‘we have no one to ask as her contacts have been erased and her neighbors know nothing about her personal life’
‘Do we have anyone to ask about James’ life, besides Sophie?’
‘Well his house maid can be of some use but she’s not seen anywhere lately in his neighborhood’
‘House maid? He’s got a house maid and you didn’t tell me’ he asks getting a little angry.
‘Yeah but how could she be of any use?’
‘We’re seeing her right now’ he orders, ‘contact her, and ask her to report here immediately’
He stands up and walks outside towards the corridor. Jennifer follows his instructions.
Two hours later, they had a young and beautiful maid at their interrogation room. Her words were being recorded in a tape. Kujan asks her:
‘Since when have you been working for James?’
‘Almost two years’ she replies confidently.
‘What was his character? What kind of a man was he?’
‘Well…he was a sort of…womanizer’
‘I see’ Jennifer sighs.
‘But he seemed to be serious with Margaret and perhaps they were about to get engaged’
‘Engaged?’ Kujan asks getting surprised. ‘So he must be devastated for her murder?’
‘Yeah and I think that my boss James must not have been murdered, his death must be a suicide’
  ‘Possible’ Jennifer says getting her idea.
  ‘How come possible?’ Kujan asks getting confused. ‘There was no murder weapon’
‘Well officers’ the maid says, ‘I think you should contact Sophie, she was the one person really close to him’
‘Okay you may leave’ Kujan replies getting a little irritated.
The maid stands up and a cop escorts her outside the interrogation room.
Jennifer walks towards Kujan,
‘What is making you so confused?’ she asks. ‘I think she’s right about his suicide’
‘That’s not possible, who hid the knife then?’
‘We have two possibilities, Margaret murdered by someone unknown and then her death caused James to commit a suicide…Secondly, according to Sophie’s statements, Margaret must have been murdered by James and someone avenged her death by killing James’
 ‘Maybe…but I think Sophie’s hiding something’ he says hastily, ‘we need to interrogate her. She must have overcome James death. She’ll talk now, because she has to’
‘So we’re going to her?’
‘No I’m bringing her here’

Not Expected

Later that hour, Detective Kujan arrives outside Sophie’s apartment and rings the bell twice. There’s no answer, and as he was getting impatient he bangs the door open breaking the lock and enters inside.
‘Sophie!’ he exclaims. ‘I’m taking you’
He looks around for her and finds her nowhere. He walks towards the living room and gets shocked to see her lying dead with her hand holding a pistol to her mouth and a splash of blood on a wall behind her. It seemed as if she had shot herself as an act of suicide. The blood stains seemed a whole day older. Detective Kujan loses his vision for a second and feels dizzy. He leans against another wall and closes his eyes as in regret,
‘I didn’t expect this’ he says getting uneasy.
He walks around angrily as the scene was creating chaos in his mind. He makes a phone call to Jennifer and asks her to arrive there immediately.
Moments later, as Jennifer enters inside seeing the door busted open, she whispers to herself:
‘Not again’
Then as she approaches further, she sees the suicide scene and touches her lips in a shock. Detective Kujan says to her:
‘I should have thought of this happening sooner than expected’
‘Oh God’ she replies. ‘Did she commit suicide because of James?’
‘I don’t know. I’m taking the day off. I can’t handle this situation right now’
He puts on his coat and prepares to leave. He speaks to her before moving out:
‘Call the ambulance and prepare another report’
She however continues to see around the room and examines the dead body.

The Case gets Complicated

That evening at Kujan’s office, he was lying on his chair with his feet resting on the desk. He was drinking alcohol to reduce his stress but it was no use. Jennifer was seated in front of him and she was writing something on a fresh paper. He looks at her and says:
‘Forget it, we have nothing’
‘That’s what we always say, but I’m not giving up too soon’
‘Too soon?’ he mocks, ‘I think it’s too late now, the killer has left no clue behind’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I mean to say’ he says putting down his feet, ‘every time we have a suspect or a motive, next moment we lose it. Right now, we have no evidence of any sort’
‘What about the pistol we found with Sophie?’
‘That only justifies about a suicide committed by her. But in James’ case there was no murder weapon found. I’m sure he was attacked and murdered, his death was not a suicide like the maid said’
‘The maid’ Jennifer says getting an idea.
Then she notes down another statement in the paper.
‘What are you writing there?’ he asks.
She stops writing and shows him the paper where she had written points. The sheet was entitled ‘The Possibilities’. He takes it from her and reads:
‘The Possibilities:
1-James murdered Margaret, Margaret’s avenger murdered James and Sophie committed suicide in James’ grief.
2-An unknown killer murdered Margaret and James, and then Sophie committed suicide.
3-The unknown killer murdered Margaret, James’ committed suicide in her grief and then Sophie committed suicide.
4-The maid murdered James and perhaps Margaret and then Sophie committed suicide’

As he finishes reading it, he reconsiders the fourth possibility and asks Jennifer:
‘Why would the maid kill James?’
‘For his wealth I guess, after all she was the one who tried to misguide us for his suicide’
‘I’m still confused…anyways one thing is clear that Sophie committed suicide in James’ sorrow…so let’s keep her death aside. Margaret and James still have no motive that defines both were murdered’
‘I agree but we need to call that maid again’ she says.
Stressed Kujan reads the paper twice again and gets even more confused. He crumples the paper angrily and throws the glass of alcohol on the wall that wasn’t really far enough. The glass shatters and the pieces fall around the room and over Jennifer. She gets a little frightened and exclaims:  
‘What are you doing sir?’
‘Nothing!’ he yells losing his temper. ‘The case won’t be solved ever. It’s just getting more and more complicated’

The Disturbed Mind
Two days pass away and the case doesn’t proceed. The entire team of San Francisco Police Department was working on this case and Detective Kujan was badly obsessed with these murder mysteries. He had never seen a case like this before since he had joined the SFPD.
So another day, Kujan arrives at a restaurant and meets Jennifer who had asked him to meet her there for lunch. As the two of them are seated face to face, he asks her in a frustrated state of mind:
‘So why did you call me here today?’
‘Well to be honest, I just wanted you to have some rest. I can see that your mind is tired and you need to take a break’
‘That won’t resolve anything’ he speaks hardly.
‘Come on Kujan, you can’t just keep thinking about this’
‘Well okay…what else do you have to talk about?’
‘Oh yeah I wanted to ask you’ she says looking around, ‘I mean tell me something about yourself before you joined SFPD’
‘I was a better person then, I guess…I was a flirt I had different girls to hang around with, I still do I mean I really enjoy company of women’
‘No offense, but were you a womanizer like James?’
‘…Oh I had something to ask’ he says as his mind changes, ‘James’ murderer I’m not sure about, but what if Sophie is Margaret’s murderer, as if she would have been possessive’
‘Come on Kujan’ she says getting irritated, ‘please leave this mystery at office, we are talking about ourselves today’
He shuts his eyes and holds them with his hands. He speaks vaguely:
‘I can’t, I’m sorry I just can’t. I can’t concentrate on anything I just keep thinking about the murders. I see the gore pictures every moment I close my eyes. Maybe March is not a good month for me, every year I find myself disturbed’
‘No Kujan, you are really tired, your mind is disturbed. I suggest you to go home and leave this case to me’
They remain silent for a moment and then they order their lunch. As the lunch was pending on order, Kujan sees a familiar face staring him. It was the assailant with a tattoo on his forehead. However, the assailant turns away his eyes and begins to walk outside, intending to leave. Kujan remembers the face as he was the suspicious person outside James’ house.

Chasing the Assailant

The assailant starts walking faster as he escapes the restaurant. Detective Kujan follows him and runs faster than he was. The assailant walks into a street where there was a crowd of people gathered. Kujan still follows him and keeps his eyes on him. Suddenly, he loses the assailant’s sight and the criminal had disappeared.
Fortunately, as he accidentally sees the entrance towards an apartment building, he finds the assailant rushing inside. Kujan increases his speed and follows him.
As they both were inside the building, the assailant was running upstairs, and the detective was chasing him. The assailant sees a door left open of someone’s apartment and enters inside to hide. The detective sees the door being shut sharply, so he realizes that he must have entered inside. The assailant hides in the gallery. The frightened children of the house point the gallery door to the detective. As Kujan opens the door, the assailant was standing.
‘We’re on second floor’ the detective says. ‘Don’t even think about jumping’
‘You’re really lucky that I’m not carrying my revolver today’
‘I know, now be a smart guy and surrender’
The criminal jumps on the wall and was standing over it.
‘No!’ Kujan yells taking out his pistol and aiming him. ‘Don’t be stupid’
‘I’m a good stuntman’ he replies.
He fells backward and performs a stunt in a way that he lands safely by flipping forwards. The detective sees him from above, the assailant was standing up. Someone aims a pistol behind the assailant’s head. He sort of regrets and turns behind to see. It was Detective Jennifer.
‘Your game is over’ she says taking out the handcuffs

Another Interrogation

Later as the assailant was brought to the interrogation room with handcuffs on his arms, Detective Kujan takes him inside the room and asks other cops to stay outside as he wanted to interrogate him personally. As Jennifer tries to join him, he says to her:
‘Look Jennifer, I really appreciate your help, but right now I want to do this alone, please’
‘No I have to see this, I won’t talk or enquire but I need to see this’
‘…Alright’ he says compromising the situation.
Kujan, Sophie and the assailant enter inside the room. Sophie unlocks his handcuffs and makes him sit over a chair. The assailant looks around and mocks them:
‘It doesn’t seem that much horrifying’
‘You’ll see that’ Kujan replies firmly.
‘Trust me officer, you’ll not be satisfied even though if I tell you everything that needs to be disclosed about this case’
‘Which means that you are involved, right?’ Jennifer asks smartly.
‘Okay now I will ask questions’ Kujan says making his point clear, ‘and you will only give answers…this will be my way or else you might face the high way’
‘Try me’
‘Alright first of all what’s your name, complete name?’
‘Sean Wick’
‘Okay now tell me…’
‘…Don’t bother to ask sir’ he interrupts Kujan, ‘I’ll tell you the whole situation…Several days ago I was asked by Sophie to murder James’
‘Whoa wait a minute…’ Jennifer utters getting surprised, ‘Sophie ordered you to murder James?’
‘Yes!’ he exclaims, ‘but at that time Margaret was still alive. I didn’t understood what were the issues going on between the three of them, but Sophie said that she would give me the entire money in advance for James’ murder. But she stopped me before I could finally kill him’
‘Was Margaret still alive when she stopped you?’ Jennifer asks getting more confused.
‘Wait back up’ Kujan says making his mind clear, ‘Sophie gave you the entire money in advance and yet stopped you from killing him?’
‘No! She didn’t give me any money according to her word. And told me that the plan had changed’
‘…So you didn’t murder James?’ Kujan asks after thinking for a while.
‘I didn’t murder anybody in this case’
‘Then why was Sophie so upset about his death?’
‘Go dig her up and ask her yourself’
Tensed Kujan remains silent and slowly leaves the room and stands outside. Jennifer follows him outside the room and says to him:
‘One thing is clear sir, that Sophie was jealous of Margaret and she tried to have James killed as he was cheating on her’
Kujan doesn’t respond and walks away.

The Case remains Unsolved

An hour later while Detective Kujan was sitting hopeless in his office drinking alcohol, Jennifer knocks and enters inside. She was holding some files and tells him:
‘Sean is still kept under police custody. Others are still interrogating him trying to extract something else’
‘They’ll get nothing I bet’ he answers without thinking what he was saying.
‘Well I was only considering a possible fact that perhaps the assailant was lying or hiding something’
‘Lying or hiding. Just keep him under pressure if you are still on this case’
‘What do you mean?’ she asks. ‘Are you withdrawing from this?’
‘Yes I am taking a vacation. I’ll be leaving for New York tomorrow. Just want to visit my parents’
‘Oh…well I won’t stop you…if you really have to’
‘What about you?’ he asks taking a sip of alcohol.
‘Well I’m leaving it as usual like some other cases. I’ll just convince myself that the answers died away with the victims of the love triangle’
He smiles formally and continues drinking alcohol.
Next moment, he packs up some of his stuff and finally leaves his office shaking hands with Jennifer. Jennifer keeps on watching him as he closes the door while leaving,
‘It was nice working with you’
She looks at some of the files kept on the desk and then talks to herself as if she was declaring her philosophy:
‘Sometimes intelligence, ability, and dedication are not enough. You need a little more than that to achieve something. A search of truth to achieve some answers is not as simple as it seems. Obsession just makes it complicated and later the questions remain unanswered, the mystery remains unsolved…’

Few Weeks Earlier

February 18, James Brown was at his home having his breakfast. He was about to go for work. The door bell rings, he stands up and says:
‘Must be my beautiful maid’
He opens the gate. It was his maid, he allows her to enter inside. She wishes good morning and goes to the store room. He picks up his brief case and says:
‘Okay I’ll be back early today, just do the daily household work. And please don’t answer Margaret’s calls’
‘Okay what about Sophie?’
‘Well she won’t call’ he replies picking his car keys, ‘and if she does tell her to call me on my cell’
‘Well it’s none of my business but can I ask you that does Sophie know that you and Margaret are about to get engaged’
‘What makes you think I will be engaged to Margaret’ he chuckles.
‘You’re not?’
‘Come on…you know I always lie to women’
‘Oh…I get the idea’ she replies feeling embarrassed.
He walks outside shutting the door.
February 24, at Sophie Croft’s home, while she was having the dinner and James was standing in front of her, she asks him:
‘Do you really mean it when you say there’s no one in your life besides me?’
‘Excuse me?’ he asks getting confused.
‘Are you planning to marry me?’
‘Well…of course’ he says and then regrets.
She smiles yet she knew he was lying and hiding something from her.
James keeps his cell phone on the dining table and unfortunately forgets to lock its key pad. Sophie sees a perfect chance and asks him:
‘James could you please…well could you please keep my garbage can outside the house’
‘Sure why not’ he agrees and stands up to get the garbage can.
As James had left for kitchen, she grabs his cell phone immediately and notes down the last received call’s number in her own cell phone. Then she keeps it back in a position as it was kept before. James returns back to her the very moment not knowing what had happened.
February 25, Sophie was walking around in her house alone. She had figured out that James had promised Margaret about getting engaged, but she also knew that he was lying as she had heard him say that he would kill her, in rage. She was angry and was planning to kill him.
That evening, she goes to Sean Wick’s hideout. She gives him James’ photograph and says:
‘I want you to kill him by tomorrow’
‘I take twenty five percent in advance’
‘You can have the entire amount in advance, name your amount’
‘A million’ he replies.
‘Alright you can pick it up before afternoon tomorrow, you know my place’
‘Okay I’ll be carrying a revolver and I shall shoot him on his forehead’
Their deal is confirmed, and Sophie leaves.
February 26, as it was early afternoon, Sean the assailant was walking towards James’ house. He was looking around continuously making sure no one was watching him. He takes out his revolver, and stares at it for a moment,
‘I really enjoy working with you’ he utters.
His cell phone begins to vibrate. He gets a little shaken and answers the call as it was Sophie,
‘Hello, I’m almost there’
‘Stop whatever you’re doing’ she instructs, ‘I’m cancelling this deal, don’t make any move’
‘What? What the hell?’ he thunders.
‘I’ve changed my plan. I’m making an alibi for the police’
‘What? Hey I don’t care, I want my advance’
‘You’ll get your advance, but right now you are not going to kill anyone’
Sean angrily disconnects the call, and leaves the place.

The First Murder

During the night of February 26, Sophie was at her home lying on a couch reading her book entitled ‘Human Behavior and Body Language’. She was planning to fool someone through her words before getting her purpose. She closes her eyes and remembers James’ words about killing Margaret the night she secretly overheard his conversation at a call with Margaret. She knew he didn’t mean it, but decides to make an alibi.
Two hours later, she was outside Margaret’s house, she knocks the gate. Margaret comes to answer and opens the gate.
‘Hello’ Sophie greets her.
‘Hi, are you Sophie?’
‘Yes I’m the one who’s been desperate since long to see you. Well, we’ve finally met’
‘Yeah’ Margaret replies getting a little confused, ‘you were saying something like there’s something I must really know’
‘Well can I come inside?’
The two enter inside and were walking towards another room. Sophie stops her and says:
‘I can’t stay here for long’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I better tell you quickly…someone’s trying to have you killed’
‘What? Killed? Who?’ Margaret asks getting surprised and frightened.
Sophie opens her purse and inserts her hand to reach something.
‘Who’s trying to kill me?’ Margaret asks desperately.
‘Who do you think?’ Sophie replies taking out a pistol and aiming her forehead.
Margaret screams and cries. But Sophie shoots her at once and the bullet pierce opens her head splashing out blood. Margaret fells backwards.
Moments later, Sophie walks outside and she was sort of traumatized by her own actions as she had committed a murder for the first time in her life. She convinces her conscience:
‘I did the right thing, she was using my love. This was a revenge for James…but he was also cheating with me’
She goes back inside the house, and gets Margaret’s diary of contacts and her cell phone from her room.
‘I have to destroy them or else the investigators might contact her relatives or friends. If they inquire James about his unfaithful relationship with her, then they would definitely figure this out that I was also in relationship. And this might make a perfect motive for them to have me as Margaret’s killer’
Margaret escapes putting on gloves in order to hide any possible foot prints.

The Second Murder

Several days later, on 3rd March, Sophie had just given Detective Kujan and Detective Jennifer a false statement about James as a suspect for Margaret’s murder. She knew he wasn’t at his home and he was not answering his calls, which was why he couldn’t be inquired. Therefore she decided to kill him later at night as he would return back.
That night after three o’clock, Sophie was hiding behind his house with a knife in her purse. She whispers to herself:
‘In both of the murders, I have had one perfect advantage. My victims had no neighbors. Which is why, there can be no witnesses to testify against me. But I can still fool others as that book taught me about body language’
Her thoughts get disturbed, as she hears his car approaching. James parks his car outside. He leaves his car unlocked and goes inside his house. Sophie follows him quickly and knocks the gate. As he turns back and answers without giving a thought of who might be so late, he gets the door pushed and hit on his head as Sophie had kicked it open. James gets alert and tries to defend himself, but sees that it was Sophie, so he relaxes and stands up calmly:
‘Oh it’s you. I know why you are angry that I’m not answering your calls’
‘I’ve been seeing you at this hour every night’
‘Oh’ he chuckles, ‘you’re stalking me’
‘You won’t be laughing after hearing this’ she says taking out her the knife, ‘I shot your girl friend Margaret’
James gets shocked but supposes it to be a joke. Then all of sudden, Sophie wildly attacks him by stabbing him twice on chest and twice around his throat.
‘You selfish faithless dog!’ she speaks every word on every stab.
James gets badly wounded and blood was all over him. He tries to walk backwards and fells down.
‘I had figured out everything’ she roars, ‘you were planning to engage Margaret keeping me aside. But you don’t know me. I’m a smart woman who can’t be used or misused’
Helpless James tries to get up, but was unable and slowly stops breathing. Sophie keeps on staring at him and after getting a little distracted by the blood on her hands, she works up to erase the evidences such as her hand prints.

The Last Murder

The other day, Sophie was at her home. She was sitting on her couch and thinking about leaving San Francisco for a month in order to save herself from the investigators. She hears her doorbell. She expects those Detectives. Therefore, she picks up a glass of water and rubs her eyes with some water to make her look like a weeping girl. As she opens her gate, it was Sean the assailant,
‘You weren’t expecting me?’ he smiles.
‘Oh God’ she whispers as in regret. ‘What do you want?’
‘You know it, my twenty five percent share’
She leaves the door open and goes back to her room avoiding him. He follows her taking out his pistol. As they were in another room, he shows her the pistol and says:
‘Look, my offer is always simple and clear. If you won’t give me my advance, then I would definitely have you killed’
‘What for!’ she yells. ‘Why should I give you the advance, when I committed the murder myself?’
‘We had a deal, now if you changed the plan then it has nothing to do with me’
‘Alright go ahead, shoot me’
He angrily approaches towards her and aims the pistol close to her mouth.
‘You have a big mouth and a larger speech’ he says loading the pistol.
She was frightened and was thinking of kicking him somehow. But he shoots her and the bullet pierce opens her head too, and the wall behind gets a splash of blood.
After a moment, the criminal holds the weapon with a tissue and places it in dead body’s hand facing it towards her mouth to make it look like a suicide. He looks at the body and says:
‘The perfect murder should look like a suicide’










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