My Eternal Destination

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A romantic thriller of a guy who is suffering from an obsessive love disorder since he fell in love with a girl in his neighborhood. Soon he becomes a mentally ill patient and is admitted to the hospital. When he is found missing from the hospital, he sees an illusionary happiness, which is actually a threat.


The Heartbroken Patient




Austria, Vienna, inside the city’s mental hospital, a patient was sitting on a wheel chair, weeping silently. His elder brother Austin arrives with a nurse and drags him towards a room. While they are taking him, the nurse asks Austin:

‘Is he your brother?’


‘What’s his name? What happened with him?’

‘Ralph…’ he replies sadly, ‘he was a lover, an obsessive lover’

‘So he lost her, or just got rejected’

Austin remains silent.

They reach room 427. Ralph is admitted there.


Moments later outside the room, Austin reads a poem written by his brother, few weeks earlier, the poem was entitled: ‘Love…Gone Forever’:


I always loved you very much,

And my feelings before have never been as such,

I’ve always dreamed of living with you,

But unfortunately you went away and flew,

And now my Love is Gone Forever.


I looked out for you everywhere,

As I wanted a last moment to share,

But later I was badly astound,

Realizing my love was nowhere around,

After which my Love was Gone Forever.


Without you my love, it’s only sadness,

And I live in a world of loneliness,

I want you back in my life once more,

And this will happen one day, I’m sure,

Because I don’t care if my Love is Gone Forever.


He also cries a little but the nurse interrupts his thoughts,

‘Mr. Austin, what were the doctors saying, what is his actual illness?’

‘The doctors haven’t diagnosed it yet, but one thing is clear that he can be a danger to women, because the illness was caused by a woman’

‘Danger to women? How?’ she asks curiously.

Austin tells her about his mind’s illness and she gets quite surprised to learn about such a state of mind.


The Patient Goes Missing


Few days later, while Austin is sleeping at his home, he is disturbed by a call on his cell phone. He wakes up and answers the call:


‘Mr. Austin, your brother is missing from the hospital’ a woman speaks from the other line.

Austin gets alarmed hearing this he gets up and asks:

‘What the hell do you mean?’

‘Please come here immediately, we can explain’

He hangs up his call and prepares to leave.

Half an hour later, he arrives at the hospital in his car. He enters inside furiously and yells at two nurses standing outside room 427,

‘What the hell were you two doing? You were supposed to guard him!’

‘Yes, but he didn’t escape from the door. He escaped from the windows’

‘Windows? Did he climb down?’

‘Must have’ the other nurse replies.

Austin stressfully rushes towards the psychiatrist’s room. The nurses follow him.

Moments later, while he is at Doctor Jeff’s room, he exclaims:

‘You’re going to be in great trouble if you don’t find him, you were responsible for him and now he is gone’

‘Look Mr. Austin, we are more concerned about him than you are. I have sent a team of cops to search him. Just be patient, let’s hope for good’

‘He must be all alone outside’ Austin cries, ‘he might die if they don’t find him’

‘Well he is more dangerous to society as compared to people who can be a danger to him’

‘…I just don’t understand one thing’ he says after thinking for a while, ‘I saw him locked with straps on his bed. How could he possibly escape?’

‘Well, it’s my assumption that he didn’t do this alone. I’m sure someone else was involved behind this?’

‘You mean the nurses?’

‘Possibly, but we can’t claim right now. First we need to find Ralph’

The nurse arrives and opens the door from behind Austin and says:

‘Look what is this’ she shows a piece of white paper.

‘Where did you get this?’ Austin asks snatching it from her.

‘Under Ralph’s pillow’ she answers.

The letter states:


“I escaped because I’m not mad, I’m perfectly ok. Don’t worry and please don’t try to find me. I’m going back to Mandy my love”


Austin gets anxiously worried after reading this and says:

‘This love story wasn’t meant to have a happy ending’


Two Months Earlier




In Vienna, Ralph Karl was a twenty-five years old guy who had a very loving and caring heart for everyone. He had a creative mind of poetry writing. He lived with his elder brother Austin Karl. Their parents had deserted them several years ago. Since then, Austin was looking after his brother. Ralph was jobless and survived because of his brother’s earnings.

Other than this, Ralph was in love with Mandy Swank a girl of his age who lived in his neighborhood. He was very much passionate about her and had many dreams or fantasies of achieving her and living a married life with her. Mandy and he were just friends, but he believed that their relationship something was more than this.


One ordinary day, Ralph was walking in his area’s streets. As he walks past another lane, he hears Mandy talking to someone. He follows her voice and goes to see her. He finds her, and sees her talking to another guy on a bike. She seemed to be enjoying that guy’s company. This expression of enjoyment in her face seemed to annoy Ralph and he angrily goes towards them. That guy leaves on his bike and Ralph comes towards Mandy,

‘Hi Ralph, what’s up?’ Mandy asks him.

‘Who was he? What was he saying?’

‘He was my friend in university. We just met after three years’

‘What sort of friend?’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘I mean to say…’ he says getting straight to the point, ‘that I didn’t like you smiling with him. I can’t see you enjoying with any guy other than me’

‘That’s rubbish Ralph’ she says closing her eyes. ‘You know we are just friends’

‘No we are more than that!’ he yells.

‘I’m not your girl friend Ralph’

Saying this she leaves him angrily and walks away quickly. Ralph gets painfully disturbed hearing this.


That night, Ralph was lying on his bed but couldn’t sleep as Mandy’s words were echoing in his mind.

‘I’m not your girl friend Ralph’

He gets up from his bed and cries a little. Slowly he gets mad on himself as he begins to hurt himself, by punching his wrist twice on his mirror and shattering it causing his arm to bleed.


The Con Couple


Somewhere in Vienna, there was a con couple of a guy and girl, Rupert and Pamela. They used to con people by first making them fall in love and then secretly taking away their money or any other possessions.

One night while the couple was at a bar, they were having a beer. Rupert was counting some money. Pamela asks him:

‘How much so far’

‘Well, it’s not much. We need more money’

‘Whom should we target this time?’

‘I think I’ll go for it this time’ he replies looking around.

‘Should we pick someone here?’

‘No, this time I’ll play, and I know three girls that can befooled with my charms’

‘Whatever you do’ she says taking a sip, ‘this time we have to grab a heavier amount of money’

‘No problem’

An hour later, they are standing outside the club. Pamela asks him:

‘So what’s the plan for tomorrow?’ 

‘I’ll go on a date. You stay at home’

Then his eyes suddenly see a guy who was standing next to a BMW car. He points that guy and says:

‘How about this, you go and woo this guy and con him within one week’

‘…I can’ she replies after thinking for a while, ‘he seems rich but not difficult’

‘Just get me his car keys, I want his car’


‘Your name’s Brenda for him’

She follows their appointed guy and Rupert makes a call from his cell phone to some girl.



Mandy with Rupert


Next day’s afternoon, Mandy is at a restaurant waiting for someone. Moments later, Rupert arrives and walks towards her table. She stands up and says:

‘Good afternoon Michael, you are late but I liked waiting’

He gives a gentle smile to amuse her and sits in front of her.

‘…So what’s up?’ Mandy asks after a while.

‘Oh…well I’ve been thinking about you since long. I mean I’ve been waiting for this date’

She gets a little more amused.

‘So Michael, what are you having’ she says.

‘Oh yeah of course, let’s order’

Moments later, after they are done with their lunch, Rupert asks curiously:

‘So when are you taking me to your home?’

‘Soon within this week’

He crosses his fingers under the table and says:

‘Thanks for the lunch’


That evening, Ralph was lying on his bed, day dreaming his future life with Mandy. He was planning to propose his love for her but was very much frightened of getting rejected. This was the greatest fear of his life, due to which he didn’t express his love yet.

He sat up and imagined his life without Mandy for a while thinking if he loses her one day. This thought disturbs him making him feel if there could be more boys in her life, so he creates a stanza of a poem ‘Love Race’:


There is a competition going on,

Where you are a prize to be won,

There are many competitors in this race,

Where victory will only be given to grace,

Because I love you with great respect,

As gracefulness is my love’s best aspect,

I’m sure to win this Love Race’


After reading it twice, he gives himself hope and courage that his love story would go according to his expectations. But unfortunately, he was wrong.



Obsessive Love Disorder


Next day, Ralph’s brother Austin does a research on the Internet where he tries to figure out his brother’s nature. After a long research, it is realized that Ralph was suffering from a disease called Obsessive Love Disorder. In this condition, a person feels an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction, with an inability to accept failure or rejection. Some people argue that obsessive love is considered to be a mental illness similar to "attachment disorder, borderline personality disorder, and erotomania." Obsessive lovers may feel entirely unable to restrain themselves from extreme behaviors such as acts of violence toward themselves. They may be entirely convinced that their feelings are love. The biggest cause can be the sight of their loved ones with someone else other than themselves, causing jealousy and possessiveness in them.

This mental illness is meant to have four stages: Attraction, Anxious, Obsession and Destruction. Currently, Ralph seemed to be in the third stage and was possibly about to enter the last stage, the Destruction stage.


Worried Austin now plans to either cure his disease or to get him his love at any cost.

He goes to his brother’s room and finds his book of poems, where his poems were only based on love. He reads one of the stanzas entitled ‘Deepest Affection’:


Between us, there is no border line,

But still you are not mine,

If you live at sky,

I would definitely learn to fly,

Above clouds, I’ll reach you at any cost,

Or else on earth, I might be lost,

Because my love has Deepest Affection


He likes the creativity, but dislikes the affection intensity.


Mandy and Ralph share a Quality Time


That week, on one special day for Ralph, he was waiting for Mandy at his home. As the doorbell rings, he goes to see it getting excited. He opens the door, and sees Mandy. He gets speechless but he allows her to enter inside.

Next moment, they are sitting at his garden silently. Mandy asks him:

‘Aren’t you going to say anything?’

‘Oh yeah’ he says getting confused, ‘well I don’t know what to say’

‘Ask anything, how am I or anything that makes me feel that you care’

‘I care?’ he asks really liking what she said.

‘Yes I mean you always care for me so why aren’t you making me feel like it’

‘Just give me second I’ll be right back’

He stands up immediately and walks inside towards his home. He was actually enjoying what he realized about Mandy that she felt his care. He wanted to be alone for a while thinking about this.

Later, he goes back to her and says:

‘So what can I get you?’

‘Nothing…except your time’ she smiles.

These words give him a delightful feeling of pleasure. He happily sits next to her and as usual listens to her while she was talking to him. This was their relationship, she used to talk, and he used to silently listen and enjoy her company.

As it gets darker, they begin to walk together around the garden. While enjoying his walk with her, he reads out his favorite poem in his mind, ‘My Eternal Destination’:



You are my painful love,

For you my feelings always rise above,

I feel you in my every heartbeat,

As your presence makes my bitter world sweet,

So I’ve made you ‘My Eternal Destination’.


You are my most uncomfortable desire,

As loving you is like burning on fire,

I realize you are my most desperate passion,

Which has lead to my heart’s massive destruction,

But I’ll bear everything for ‘My Eternal Destination’.


My love and affection is getting extreme,

Because I see unexpected romance in my every dream,

Not even for a single moment, I can bear your absence,

Because without my world has no romance,

Therefore I’ll grab every rope leading to ‘My Eternal Destination’. 


Seeing you is my most delightful vision,

Due to which I constantly feel you as an illusion,

Even though burning me to a coal,

You’re still a blissful comfort of my tortured soul,

And one day I’ll finally reach you ‘My Eternal Destination.’


Mandy a Target


Pamela and Rupert gather all the money they had collected and are now preparing to leave. They have packed up their house, but while they are there, Rupert is still not sure about leaving so soon, so he asks her:

‘Pamela, wait…I don’t think we should leave right now’

‘Look forget Mandy, we have conned enough people’

‘But she has something we really need. She has a lot of jewellery in gold and I want it at any cost’

‘Look just leave her, we have to leave Vienna before someone catches us’

‘It doesn’t matter no one will catch us. Mandy is a hen that lays golden egg and I can’t let it go when I have the opportunity’

‘Well our flight is this week’ Pamela replies, ‘if you really have to con her then do it within…’

‘…I know what I have to do. Just wait and see’

Mandy was their next target and they were planning to con her. According to Mandy, Rupert was an honest guy but she was wrong, as she didn’t even know his real name.


Back at Ralph’s home, he was gathering all his romantic poems and was planning to finally propose his love. He was a little afraid of getting rejected, but his misunderstandings gave him hope that Mandy might accept his love.

That day he bought blue flowers from a store and dressed up differently in a black suit. He had higher expectations from what he was about to do but was unaware of the fact that his world was going towards a downfall.


Answer before Proposing


That evening, Ralph goes to Mandy’s house all prepared and knocks the door. Mandy comes out to see, she opens the door.

‘Good evening Mandy’ he says.

‘Oh Ralph it’s you’

‘Were you expecting someone else’ he asks curiously.

Rupert comes from behind and looks at Mandy:

‘Hey Mandy’

‘Hi Michael I’ve been waiting for you’ she says delightfully.

Rupert enters inside her house. Ralph gets badly shocked to see what he just saw in last few seconds. He asks Mandy:

‘What the hell is all this? Who is he? Why is he entering inside like this?’

‘Well he’s my boyfriend Michael. I invited him here myself’

‘Boyfriend?’ he asks almost out of his senses.

‘No we are lovers actually’ Rupert adds.

‘Whatever’ Mandy whispers.

Ralph loses his normal state of mind seeing all this happen so quickly. The flowers and his poetry book fall from his hand. He turns around and walks away somewhere in the streets. He had the answer and it was rejection, the thing that scared him the most.

Mandy picks up his book and calls him. He gets even farther, so she keeps it and goes inside her house with Rupert.


That midnight, Ralph is in state of shock and is unable to recall anything of his life’s previous history except for what just happened this evening. He was losing the sanity of his mind.

Austin was sitting outside, he knocks his door, but Ralph gives no answer. Austin realizes that there must be a problem in his love life.

‘This love story isn’t going to have a happy ending’ he says in his thoughts.



Mandy gets Conned


Next morning, Mandy wakes up and finds that Rupert was nowhere in her house, as he slept there last night. She walks around calling him but gets no answer. She sees some sleeping pills next to her glass of soft drink that she drank last night.

Then she sees that her closet was also left open. She gets a little alarmed and rushes to check inside. As she checks inside, she sees that all her jewellery boxes were missing. She wonders what might have happened. Then she recalls the last night incident and remembers that Rupert was the one who had given her the drink and he must have added the sleeping pills, due to which she overslept.

Slowly she begins to realize that Rupert had been playing all along with her and now she was conned. She begins to weep realizing how much loss she had just suffered in wealth as well as in a relationship.

She doesn’t have her breakfast or lunch for that day as she was very much disappointed, but not as much as Ralph was. After walking for a while, she takes a look at Ralph’s diary. She reads a poem entitled: ‘My Eternal Destination-2’


My soul mate, I really love you,

As that’s the only thing I can perfectly do,

My heart will give you all the care,

But something here is not fair,

That from you I only get sorrows,

Feeling like a burnt rose,

Thinking of My Eternal Destination.


No matter, for you how much I sacrifice,

My greatness never had any price,

Just give me a chance,

Then I’ll show you the greatest side of my romance,

Being with you seems like facing a weakness,

But without you it’s a misery and loneliness,

As you are My Eternal Destination.


Thoughts of losing you give me fears,

Flooding my world with tears,

I want you more than anything,

Because to me you mean everything,

Sometimes I feel and I see,

That you never should have happened to me,

But unfortunately you have become My Eternal Destination.


She wonders for whom he might have written this poem. She turns over more pages and sees that there were many other poems written as well. She reads some and as she turns on the last page, she finds a line written that was about to change her life forever:


“For Mandy, the love of my life”


She gets quite surprised in a sad way and remembers the way how Ralph brought those flowers last evening. She gets an answer to why he always seemed jealous and possessive.


Mandy’s Strategy


Now Mandy was conned and was left all alone, so now when she had nothing else left. She decided to go to Ralph and apologize if she hurt him unintentionally. After that she had to continue living a romantic love life with him, as he was the only caring and supportive guy she knew.

But before all this, she had to report police about Rupert. But the problem was that she didn’t even know his real name and had no picture of his’.

Meanwhile, she sits on her couch and reads other poems to see how much Ralph really loved her. She begins to read a stanza: ‘Romantic Moment’


After a long run,

Something has to be done,

Obstacles should be removed,

Distances should be reduced,

Like dull to bright weather,

We can be from away to back together,

Having a perfect Romantic Moment.


She admired his creativity and without wasting any time, she dresses up properly and prepares to leave.


An hour later, she arrived at Ralph’s place and knocked the main door. Austin came to answer. He opens the door and doesn’t like her standing outside.

‘What do you want?’

‘I need to see Ralph’

‘…He’s not here’ he sighs, ‘he’s outside somewhere’

‘Where?’ She asks sort of anxiously.

‘…Look Mandy, today because of you he’s lost his normal state of mind’

‘What does that mean?’ she asks getting confused.

‘He’s getting a little retarded’

Austin explains Mandy about his obsessive love disorder condition. This worries her and she thinks about finding him and proposing him for love, even though she didn’t really love him.


Ralph’s Diamond Ring


Last Week of June



Somewhere at the seaside, Ralph was roaming around all alone. No one was there as the place was completely bare. He was holding a blue diamond ring, which he bought for Mandy. It was quite expensive, but he was thinking of throwing it somewhere in the sea.

Pamela and Rupert arrive there, as they were to leave Vienna on their ferry, which was parked there. Rupert sees Ralph and says to Pamela:

‘I think I’ve seen this guy before’

‘Who? That guy standing there’

‘Oh yeah I remember, he was there at Mandy’s place’

‘What is he holding?’ she says looking at the gleaming ring.

‘Whatever let’s go’

‘No wait, I like this ring that he’s holding’

‘Look Pamela’ he says, ‘we’ve gathered enough money, so let’s just leave immediately’

‘Wait…’ she stops him concentrating at Ralph’s ring. ‘You’ve always done what you wanted, I want this ring, I can get it myself. You may leave alone’

She slowly walks towards Ralph and as she reaches him, she talks to him:

‘Good evening’

‘It’s not a good evening’ he replies absently.

She feels weird seeing the way he was talking and looking around as if he was some psychological patient.

‘Why are you so alone here?’ she says looking at the ring.

‘Who are you?’ he asks without caring to know.

‘Well I’m…’

Ralph turns around and walks away leaving the seaside. She follows him.


Search for the Missing Patient


Two Weeks Later


During end of July, Ralph was missing from the mental hospital. Either he had escaped or was kidnapped by someone. Austin was very much worried about his brother, so he sent a team of cops to search him. The cops were looking for Ralph everywhere in Vienna but he was completely lost somewhere.


At a lake on border of Vienna, there was a small pent house, also a sort of Lake House. This was a place at the edge of Vienna. No one could reach this place as it was hidden in a small forest. Ralph was living there with Mandy. They had been there for two days.

One night, Ralph asks her:

‘I don’t remember much about how I got to this place. Can you tell me how did I escape from that hospital?’

‘Let me explain’ she says nicely, ‘your brother Austin, admitted you to the mental hospital and then no one believed that you are not mentally ill, except me. So I helped you escape that place with help of some nurses. And now we’re living here far from our families and relatives in my house on rent’

‘I see…but what about my brother? I mean why he thinks that I’m insane?’

‘Well I’m responsible for that’ she says feeling guilty, ‘your brother is just concerned about you, and he has sent a team of cops to look out for you’

‘Look out for me? A search you mean?’


Ralph gets quite worried about that, but he was just happy that he was with Mandy the love of his life. They both were all-alone and hardly had anything to survive. Covering expenses was really difficult for them. Mandy was covering all these household expenses for both of them.


Mandy’s Love is Assured


That week, when they were running short of food, Ralph felt as if Mandy didn’t actually love him and instead she was just playing love with him for some reason. So to test her love, he throws away all the food in a lake nearby and as Mandy returns home, he says to her:

‘Mandy, I need to tell you something’

‘You’re up early today, before eleven o’clock’

‘Yeah, I hardly slept. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I just figured out that we have no food left’

‘Well I was expecting that later’

Ralph assumes that she would suggest that they should go back to their respective homes, which was not actually possible for him. But she replies:

‘Don’t worry I’ll manage. I’ll get us both a living. You just relax here and be comfortable’

This surprised him and his love story took a positive turn making him realize that Mandy’s love was true.

He stops her:

‘No Mandy, I can’t let you do this on your own. We live together so we are meant to work together, supporting each other’

Mandy smiles and likes what he said, but she was caring for him only because he was still mentally retarded, so she refuses his offer to help.

Ralph only cared about the fact that Mandy’s love was true and it would end eternally. But there were other consequences that he was unaware of.

His romantic days and nights continued with Mandy as he was happily living with her. This was Ralph’s love story that was expected to have a tragic and twist ending.


Austin still in Search




However, Austin was at his home very much distressed. He was only thinking about his brother and was wondering for how long he would survive in that condition. While he was sitting, he made a phone call to one of the cops,

‘Hello Austin, this is the third time you’ve called and my answer is the same…we haven’t found him yet, we will report you as soon as we find him’

‘Look officer I’m really worried, what if my brother is dead?’

‘Don’t worry, we’ll find him before he gets into serious trouble’

‘Did you search him in the sea?’ Austin asks sadly.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean what if he has drowned somewhere in sea’

‘Don’t worry please’ he chuckles, ‘everything will be fine, trust me’

‘…Thank you’ Austin hangs up saying it.

Then he faces his head downwards and holds his forehead.

‘Oh God’

His phone begins to ring and he answers the call:


‘This is Austin, right?’ an unknown voice replies.

‘Yes, but who are you?’

‘I’m not a cop, but I have found your missing brother’

‘What?’ Austin asks standing up getting alarmed and confused, ‘I mean what are you saying? Who are you and where is…’

‘…I know I know you have a lot of questions in mind’ the voice says interrupting him, ‘but I will tell you about him only if you give me your word that you won’t involve police in this deal that I’m about to offer you’

‘What sort of deal?’ Austin asks.

‘I’ll call you tomorrow night before ten o’clock’

‘But wait…at least tell me who are you and how is Ralph?’

‘This conversation is over for today’ the call gets disconnected.

Austin gets very much puzzled as many questions were teasing his mind. He was relieved about one thing that his brother was safe, but he was confused whether he should involve police into this or not.



Ralph and Mandy Enjoy the Sunset


Next day’s afternoon, Ralph walks outside his home towards the lake. Mandy sees him from the window inside their house. She comes out and slowly follows him. Ralph walks until he reaches the lake. He likes the view of the place and he sits on a large rock to enjoy that view.

Mandy who was following him, comes and sits next to him.

‘You’ve been following me’ he teases.

‘Is that a wrong thing?’ she asks nicely.

‘No, never in my life. I wanted you to follow me since long and today you were, I really like it’

‘Well there is more than that, I mean we are already together forever, so what difference does that make’

‘You’re being rather vague. But I like whatever you say’

They talk for a while, and then sit silently enjoying the view.

Later, it gets sunset and Ralph feels the moment around him. He loved two things the most, firstly Mandy and the atmosphere at the time of sunset and this time both the things were with him. He makes a poem in his mind entitled ‘Romance is Back’:


Finally in my life there is something new,

Which recovered me from getting blue,

This is a sign of happiness,

Showering moments of delightfulness,

Showing magical world of springs,

Making me more luxurious than ancient kings,

Telling my Romance is Back.


I live inside a rose,

Where world’s every romance once froze,

My soul mate is a scenery,

Beyond world’s entire greenery,

She is enchanting like Rainbow,

Due to which my diamond heart glows,

As my Romance is Back.


I’ve discovered something worthier than wealth,

Which is a cure to every bad health,

Due to splendor of her fragrance,

I wait for her every charming glance,

We both are mostly found together,

Because we are truly made for each other,

Singing our Romance is Back.





Ralph gets Suspicious


It was getting a little darker. Ralph wanted to stay there for the whole night, but Mandy suggested that they should leave now. Ralph insists to stay, so they stay. Ralph sees a flashlight over himself and Mandy. The flashlight appeared just for a second. Ralph looks towards its direction and feels as if someone was capturing their pictures.

He asks Mandy:

‘Did you notice that?’

‘Notice what?’ she asks.

‘….Oh nothing’ he says ignoring it.

Then another flashlight blinks over them from another side. He gets vigilant again and says to her:

‘Didn’t you feel that light?’

‘Light? No I didn’t’

He stands up and goes towards those bushes from where he felt the light coming. Mandy stands up and says:

‘What is bothering you Ralph?’

‘Mandy I’m scared’ he replies fearfully, ‘the cops have found us’

‘How so? I mean how can you be so sure?’

‘Someone is taking our pictures’

He holds her arm tightly and takes her towards their house,

‘Mandy they are following us, let’s just leave this place before they find our home’

Mandy goes along with him towards the house. Someone took their photos and then secretly followed them to see their house.


Next moment, Mandy and Ralph were at their home. Ralph went to sleep as Mandy asked him to rest. She also felt that someone was following them.



Austin gets another Call


That night before around ten o’clock, Austin was holding his cell phone and continuously staring at it as he was waiting for a call from that unknown person. After a little waiting, he gets a call from another number he answers it:


‘I’m sure you were waiting for my call’ Rupert replies devilishly.

‘Yeah I was…who are you?’

‘Well I am a con man. I use different ways to earn money’

‘So you’ll demand money in exchange for my brother’

‘Well, he’s not with me. I mean I know where he is. He is completely safe and happy, enjoying his romance’

‘Romance?’ Austin asks getting the idea. ‘Anyways, what is your price?’

‘Good, you don’t want to waste any time…I like it. I’ll tell you where he is after I get my money from you. I took Ralph’s pictures today and you’ll get them any moment now, I have sent them on your postal address’

‘Where do you want to see me?’

‘Wait for the package that you’re about to receive’ Rupert says, ‘you’ll find all the details. And one more thing…if police is involved then you’ll get your brother’s dead body, that’s my word’

The call gets disconnected. This delay doesn’t satisfy Austin as he wanted to see his brother immediately and admit him back to the mental hospital.


Later, when he checks his mailbox, he finds a huge envelope that was posted to him by someone anonymous, but actually Rupert. He takes it inside his house and hastily tears it open, as he shuts the door. Inside the envelope, there were some photographs and all of those photographs had an amount of two million euros stated behind.

Now he had to collect the stated amount without involving police if he wanted his brother safe.



Ralph plans to Propose Mandy


Next day, at Mandy’s house, Ralph was lying on his bed. He was a little confused thinking for how long he and Mandy would stay like this. He wanted something to progress in their relationship. He thought of proposing her but he had lost his diamond ring somewhere in the hospital. He sits up and after a while gets out of his bed.

Mandy was cooking food in the kitchen. He comes to her and stands right next to her,

‘Good morning!’ she says looking at him smilingly.


‘…You seem disheartened’

‘Disheartened?’ he chuckles, ‘That’s a strong word, I’m not disheartened, I’m just confused…I wanted to propose you’

She laughs silently, thinking how he was talking without thinking of what he was saying.

‘You want to propose me?’ she questions. ‘So what’s the problem?’

‘I have lost a diamond ring that I had to give you’

‘What? You lost it?’ she asks getting worried.

‘Yeah in the hospital?’

‘In the hospital, are you sure?’ she enquires anxiously.

‘Yes but why are you asking like this?’

‘I always knew you were having something for me, I read it in your diary…But if it’s in that hospital then it’s not a problem, I’ll ask that nurse who helped me let you out of that place’

‘I don’t think she’ll find it out, I mean it might be stolen by someone’

From the kitchen’s window, Rupert was recording their entire video in his camera, as he had to show this video to Austin.


Austin Confronts Rupert


That evening, Austin was waiting for Rupert at a parking area of a restaurant. He was holding a brief case that had money. He waits for almost an hour, until all the lights turn off. Austin stands still. A small bulb light flashes open.

Rupert arrives in front of him. Austin asks him:

‘I’m sure you’re the person I’m waiting for’

‘…Hand me the bag’ Rupert claims after a while.

Austin hands it over as if he was losing everything,

‘Now where’s my brother?’

‘I’ll leave, if I get away safely, then I’ll tell you about your brother’

‘What is that supposed to mean?’

‘I’ll make sure if there are no cops following me’

Austin gets even more tensed now as he was just seeing delays.

Rupert leaves taking the brief case and giving Austin a C.D. that had Ralph’s video.


That moment at Mandy’s house, Ralph was writing his poems in a diary. Mandy comes and sits next to him on a couch. She tells him:

‘Ralph I have good news for you’

Ralph looks at her as if he was questioning what it was.

‘I called that nurse at the mental hospital’ she says delightfully, ‘and she told me that she kept that diamond ring safe since the day you were admitted’

‘Oh really…so it’s with her’

‘Yes and I’m going to get it from her tomorrow morning’

‘Can I come with you?’ he pleads.

‘No of course not, I mean if anyone catches you there then you’ll be caught’

‘Well, ok’

They sit and talk like this until it gets a little dark outside.



Mandy’s Gone


Next morning, as Ralph wakes up that morning, he was expecting Mandy to be back from the hospital but she wasn’t home. He calls her roaming around at the house. She was nowhere and this really upsets him. He makes a phone call to her but her cell phone was powered off.

He waits until afternoon passes by and this wait disturbs him even more. He goes outside the house and waits until evening turns darker.

The following day, Austin prepares to leave his home as he got his brother’s exact location from Rupert last night. He leaves on his bike towards Mandy’s house that was in the forest and was at a quite long distance from his home.

However, Ralph couldn’t sleep the night as he had lost his hope of Mandy ever returning back. By the evening time, he cries a little thinking about her and to reduce his pain he goes back inside the house and writes a poem for his loss in love again, ‘My Love is Nowhere Around’:


‘Someone I loved is missing,

Who was my most precious blessing,

Every moment seems to be a painful punishment,

As this punish reminds me of a day of judgment,

This fact is not at all fair,

That I have searched her everywhere,

But My Love is Nowhere Around.


Without her it’s only torture and pain,

As every tear fall seems to be a fire rain,

Lovers should not be separated like this,

Crying for every moment of bliss,

Losing love might be the second name of deepest sadness,

A fact in my mind is creating madness,

That My Love is Nowhere Around.


My emotions were always pure,

But now my illness has no cure,

Life is passing on in hell,

Where roses have a burning smell,

My position in lovers might be first,

But now my condition has gone worst,

Because My Love is Nowhere Around’



After nine o’clock, his door begins to knock. He rushes to open it, as it could be no one other than Mandy. But as he opens the gate, it was his brother Austin.


Unbelievable Shock!


‘What are you doing here?’ Ralph asks him angrily.

‘I’m here to pick you’ Austin replies hiding his delight of seeing his brother safe.

‘Get lost!’ he says closing the door.

But Austin stops the door from closing, pushes it open and enters inside. Ralph walks backwards and says:

‘I’m not coming with you, I’m not insane’

‘You’re not insane I know, you’re a little more than that. You’re retarded’

‘Get out!’ Ralph yells picking up a glass.

As Austin gets closer, he throws the glass towards him, but Austin dodges it.

Austin stops and takes out his camera. He turns on a video clip and shows it to Ralph.

‘You better see this’

Ralph takes the camera from him and sees the video clip,


“It was a video of two days ago, when Ralph was in kitchen. In the video Ralph was talking to Pamela instead of Mandy.

‘…You seem disheartened’ Pamela said to him.

‘Disheartened?’ Ralph chuckled, ‘That’s a strong word, I’m not disheartened, I’m just confused…I wanted to propose you’

After a while,

‘I have lost a diamond ring that I had to give you’

‘What? You lost it?’ Pamela asked getting worried.

‘Yeah in the hospital?’

In the video, Ralph was actually talking to Pamela instead of Mandy”


Ralph was confused and shocked for an instance. He says to Ralph:

‘Hey I remember this. But I was talking to Mandy I remember. What have you done in this video?’

‘I haven’t done anything. It’s a real video without any changes in it. You weren’t romancing Mandy; it was Pamela who was taking the advantage of your mental illness

‘What rubbish are you talking about?’ he asks getting annoyed. ‘I don’t even know this girl, I don’t think I have seen her, you have done something in this video’

Austin takes out some photographs and hands them over to Ralph.

‘Take a look at these’ Austin says.

Ralph takes the pictures and looks at them where he finds himself sitting on a rock at a lake with Pamela instead of Mandy. Ralph remembers this moment and gets very much confused and doesn’t believe anything he was seeing or was being told.

Austin calls two guys who were standing outside. They come inside and get hold of Ralph and take him outside. Confused Ralph asks without resisting:

‘If it wasn’t Mandy all the way long, then where is my real Mandy?’

‘She’s dead’ Austin claims. ‘She died several weeks ago’



What Actually Happened?


Last Week of June


Ralph was at the seaside holding his diamond ring, Pamela who was attracted by his diamond ring, slowly walks towards him and as she reaches him, she talks to him:

‘Good evening’

‘It’s not a good evening’ he replies absently.

‘Why are you so alone here?’ she says looking at the ring.

‘Who are you?’ he asks without caring to know.

‘Well I’m…’

Ralph turns around and walks away leaving the seaside. She follows him. Ralph keeps on walking absent-mindedly until he reaches the roadside. Pamela and Rupert were following Ralph all the way long.

On his left, Ralph sees a stall of knives and daggers being sold. Without letting the stall owner know, he picks up a sharp and large knife.

As an unfortunate coincidence, Mandy arrives at the opposite side of the road looking for Ralph. Rupert hides himself seeing her and Pamela gets closer to Ralph. Ralph says in his thoughts looking at Mandy:

‘Oh Mandy…I love you so much’

Mandy sees Ralph standing at the opposite side and without wasting any time, rushes towards him. She crosses the road carefully and as she reaches Ralph, she says:

‘I’m so sorry Ralph that you had to suffer because of me’

Ralph wasn’t paying close attention to what she was saying, but her face was only reminding him of his rejection in love. His mind was getting a violent state. So without hearing her completely, he quickly slashes her throat with the knife causing her to bleed like a fountain and her body collapsing on the road. Rupert and Pamela get a little frightened. Ralph had killed Mandy unintentionally and now she was dead after losing so much blood in few seconds. The scene was moving so fast that Ralph was unaware of anything that was happening around. After a while, when he drops the knife, his mind gets some of its normal state. He gets horrified and stunned seeing Mandy’s body lying on road that was bleeding with a terrible wound on neck. The cars had stopped and a crowd had gathered watching the scene. Ralph was getting mixed up. He was scared, he was shocked, and most of all, he was sad. He slowly faints seeing Mandy dead.



Ralph’s Mental Condition


July / One Week Later


Austin admits his brother in the mental hospital who had become a psychological patient after witnessing the death of his love, Mandy. The doctors were diagnosing his disease. So one day, Doctor Jeff takes Austin to the corridor and tells him:

‘I’m afraid your brother has a very serious condition’

‘What is it?’ Austin cries.

‘Well in this condition, he has forgotten this murder incident and doesn’t believe the fact that Mandy is dead’


‘So then every woman he sees, I mean like any woman who is nice to him, appears as Mandy in front of his eyes. His mind shows him every woman as Mandy. You can call it delusions’

‘You mean every woman?’ Austin clears his idea. ‘Like every nurse walking in your hospital appears as Mandy in front of him’

‘Yes his mind makes him believe that. It’s not exactly schizophrenia, but it’s somewhere similar to it’

The doctor takes Austin to Ralph’s room where he was admitted. The doctor opens the door and shows him Ralph lying on his bed with his hands tied with straps. A nurse was standing in his room. Ralph was talking to her normally:

‘Mandy I’ve been writing poems for you, but I lost my book at your house’

‘Don’t worry’ the nurse says nicely to the patient, ‘I’ll find it for you’

‘Oh thank you’ Ralph smiles, ‘I really love you Mandy’

Austin weeps seeing his brother in this condition and asks Doctor Jeff:

‘Is there anyway he can be cured’

‘…I’m not sure, but we’ll try our best’

Pamela who was following Austin and Doctor Jeff in the hospital had heard everything about Ralph’s condition and had also seen him. The selfish and evil-minded woman had no sympathy for him. She was just after that diamond ring.


Rupert and Pamela’s Strategy


That night, Pamela and Rupert were at their home, with their stuff all packed up. Pamela had told him everything about Ralph’s condition and was worried that Ralph’s ring might be lost.

‘So you’re not leaving Vienna until you get that diamond ring’ he asks her.


‘Then what do you suggest? I just don’t understand, we have gathered enough jewellery, but you’re just after that blue ring’

‘I checked it in the Internet today’ she replies. ‘It’s million Euros worth’

‘So how are you going to get it? You don’t even know where it is’

‘It’s at his home or it’s at the hospital. I’m sure about these two places’

‘Ok wait let me think of a way…that would be beneficial for both of us’

Rupert moves aside and walks around thinking of a new plan. Pamela sits on sofa thinking about how Mandy died, but they had no sympathy for anyone dead or alive.

After several minutes, Rupert stops walking and talks with Pamela,

‘Ok Pamela, now I have a plan. If we both work on it carefully then we both can have whatever we desire from Ralph’

‘Ok, what is it?’

‘Pamela do you remember that house on rent near the lake?’


‘We’ll purchase it for a month’ he suggests, ‘and after that, we’ll kidnap Ralph from the mental hospital, with help of some nurses’

‘And then we’ll keep him in that house?’ she guesses.

‘Exactly’ he smiles, ‘and then you will play love with Ralph being Mandy, as you said that every girl he sees is Mandy for him’

‘Ok…then what?’

‘Then, I’ll demand money from his brother Austin against Ralph’s location…and then after having it all we will leave Vienna’

‘But wait, what about the diamond ring?’ she asks.

‘We will get it, but for that you have to be careful with your words. Do not ask him about it, until he mentions himself’


‘Because Mandy might not be aware about it and if he realizes that you’re not Mandy then our plan will fail’

‘…Oh, I guess you’re right’ she replies.

‘So as he talks about it, you’re going to ask him where it is. He’ll tell you his home or the hospital’

‘Ok…I’m ready to play’


What Happened Further?


Next day’s night, at the mental hospital, one of the nurses was standing outside Ralph’s room 427. The other nurse comes to her and says:

‘You know something? When I was changing this patient’s clothes I found a really expensive ring in his pants’ pocket. This patient had been wearing the same clothes since the day of murder’

‘Oh where is it?’

‘I’ve kept it hidden somewhere, I’ll return it if someone asks about it’


That moment, all the lights are turned off. Pamela arrives before one of the nurses and secretly talks to her,

‘I need a favor from you’

‘What favor? Who are you?’

‘I want you to help me escape the patient in this room’ Pamela says quickly.

‘What are you saying? Are you a kidnapper?’

To make it quick, Pamela offers her quite a sum of money and persuades her to let her and Rupert take away Ralph with them. The confused and greedy nurse agrees and gives them the keys so that they could quickly take away Ralph without waking anyone. Rupert arrives and creates a scene making it look like an attack on the nurse, so that her job won’t be at risk.

After they shift Ralph outside safely and secretly, Rupert leaves a note under Ralph’s pillow saying:


“I escaped because I’m not mad, I’m perfectly ok. Don’t worry and please don’t try to find me. I’m going back to Mandy my love”.


As they leave, the nurse wonders why they didn’t ask about the diamond ring. But anyways, she creates a panicking situation and makes a call to Austin telling him that his brother was found missing from his room.




After Ralph enjoys the sunset on a lake with Pamela, who was Mandy according to him, he feels as if someone was capturing their pictures. He runs towards the house with Pamela. Pamela makes him sleep on the bed and leaves the room. She comes outside the house, and talks to Rupert who had taken the photographs.

‘Did Ralph say anything about the ring?’ Rupert asks.

‘No!’ she replies getting irritated now. ‘And I’m tired of playing love with this mentally retarded person’

‘Just few more days, if we’re not getting the ring, then we’re definitely getting the ransom from his brother’

‘Let’s see, make sure that the cops don’t find us’

Rupert leaves and Pamela continues being Mandy for few more days.

The day she gets told about the diamond ring by the nurse, she collects it from the hospital and finally escapes from Vienna with Rupert.



Undiagnosed Disease


End of August


Now Ralph was admitted back to the hospital. Austin had brought him back from the house near the lake. The nurses had kept him in another ward, which was quite safe. Ralph was still mentally unstable and was unaware of the fact that Mandy his love had died. He didn’t believe anyone when he was told about the murder caused by him, but he continued writing poems in new styles, whenever he felt Mandy were not around him anymore.

So one day, he was outside his room sitting on a wheel chair. Two nurses arrive before him and one of them says:

‘It’s time for your medicine’

‘Ok Mandy’ he smiles seeing both of them.

‘Which one of us is Mandy to you?’ the other nurse asks to judge his mental condition.

He looks at both of them for a while and then says dragging his speech:

‘You both are’

The nurses realize that his mind was badly ill and he must be taken away. So one of them goes behind him and takes him along with the wheel chair pushing the chair towards the opposite direction.

Austin was standing at a little distance weeping, seeing his brother in this condition. Doctor Jeff comes by his side and consoles him by keeping his hand on his shoulder. Austin rubs off his tears and says:

‘So where are they taking him?’

‘Well he’ll be given some electrical shocks to get some stability’

‘They’re painful aren’t they?’

‘…Yes’ the doctor replies, ‘but the thing that’s disturbing me is that I still haven’t diagnosed his disease exactly. I’m seeing this sort of condition for the first time’

‘So this isn’t schizophrenia?’

‘No, it’s quite different. But the chances of cure are very less’

Austin gets more sad and takes out another piece of paper,

‘Well, no matter how insane my brother became with time, he never lost his creativity…His talent of poetry writing’

He unfolds the paper and reads out a poem written by his brother entitled ‘My Angel’:


My Angel where have you disappeared?

Taking away my sleep, making me cry,

My Angel between us who has interfered?

Enforcing me to weep, leading me to die.


My Angel I know you’re around somewhere,

Running away from me, breaking me apart,

My Angel I can feel you in this atmosphere,

With a painful glee, in my tender heart.


My Angel where have you flown away?

Leaving me behind, traumatized forever,

My Angel do you remember the day?

When you admired my mind, as my creativity to you was clever.


My Angel I beg you to come back,

Before it gets too late, that I burn to a coal,

My Angel if nothing then just show me a track,

To reach you my soul mate, because you are my final goal.


Submitted: September 21, 2015

© Copyright 2020 salaar . All rights reserved.

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