Living among Coyotes

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On 5th may 2011 USA claimed that it had killed Osama Bin laden inside Pakisan. What was the Reality?

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011




On 5th May 2011 a team of American SEALS in stealth helicopters, after evading the Pakistani radars, landed in a compound at a stone’s throw from Pakistan’s military academy and killed Osama Bin Laden, America’s alter ego and a great pain in her ass. Since that mythical Nine Eleven of the Year 2001, life had become rather trying for the Pakistanis. Hardly a day  passed without a threat by some obscure clerk in the United States establishment admonishing the poor Pakistani president to hand over Osama to the coalition forces or else….And then a frantic and desperate chain reaction followed. Every threat by the Americans only added to the panic and frustrations of  the Pakistani mandarins. Helicopter gun ships hovered overhead, their rotors clapping, firing innumerable salvos of their deadly ordnance into nowhere. Machine guns rattled. A lot of smoke and noise were created. Thereafter there was a temporary lull, till it started all over again in a vicious cycle.

For centuries the wild Pakistani tribal area -- stretching 500 miles along the Afghan border  has been lawless, violent and remote. Today it is a breeding ground for jihad. Taliban and Al Qaeda militants use this area as a launching pad for attacks against neighboring Afghanistan  and a training ground for terrorist attacks worldwide. Many al Qaeda and Taliban guerrillas took refuge there after fleeing the U.S.-led hunt for them in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001. It is an area of Pakistan the government doesn't control and it is ‘off limits’, believe me,  to the U.S. military and the CIA .

Despite the grand circus that is going on astride the Durand Line (the imaginary line separating Pakistan from Afghanistan), Osama Bin Laden , Zahrawi and Mullah Umar et al remained as elusive as phantoms. Pakistani intelligence officials vehemently denied the American allegations that Osama and his cohorts were hiding in Pakistan. It was widely rumored that  Bin Laden and Al-Zawahri alternated frequently across the Durand Line, that they lived separately, each with a tight entourage of trusted Arab retainers and several rings of defence, the outermost ring manned by local militants. They used a complex chain of human couriers, rather than intercept-prone electronics, to get out their messages. And as a pastime, they issued video and audio messages to their fans across the world. A television network recorded interviews of Osama and Zahrawi ( immaculately dressed, with clipped beards) almost 3000 kilometers from Qatar ( Al Jazira’s headquarters), brought in the video tapes for editing to its headquarters, and then issued a world wide footage.

To find the truth about Osama (and others) one should have some basic understanding of the quantum physics according to which an electron(the smallest sub-atomic particle) can simultaneously exist at more than one points.  From this the physicists infer that a person or object can simultaneously exist at more than one point. When we expand this concept, we find that there are several universes instead of the one we know of. How do we interpolate the concept of parallel universes on the phenomenon of Osama?

What I am trying to say is that we can simultaneously have many probabilities about Osama and, depending on one’s perception of reality, every probability may be correct. If you do not believe me, read Stephen Hawking (The Grand design). My thesis implies that Osama might have been killed by the SEALS on 5th May 2011( that’s the reality for the Americans), or the Americans might have carried out a phoney raid on the Osama compound at Abbottabad ,not to kill Osama but his mule hiding there for the last many years ( this is what the Pakistanis are sure of), or Osama died of renal failure long years ago, his body was picked up by the Americans, kept in a deep freezer, then brought to Osama compound on 5th May  to tell the world that the Americans killed him ( The reality for the Iranians). And according to the laws of quantum physics all these realities would have simultaneously materialized.


So, now coming back to what really happened to Osama ( according to my reality), let me tell you a story , a true story that will keep you wondering for the rest of your life.? Let me tell you where he is. He is where Saddam Hussain is after he was transported from his spider hole near Tikrit, his home town. I met a stranger at the work shop where I had gone to get my car tuned. A lonely figure he was, underfed, a thick stubble on his face. I soon found out that he was a friendly and interesting person. He had traveled far and wide and  served as a soldier of fortune during the Afghan jihad. His fate finally landed him at Doha, Al Jazeera’s headquarters. He had been an Al Jazeera courier for some time. On one of his assignments he was sent to Las Vegas, the world famous "Entertainment Capital of the World" that offers a full range of cultural attractions and leisure activities ranging from water skiing to ice skating. The stranger told me that the climate of Las Vegas  is that of a high desert basin with an estimated rainfall of less than seven inches and 310 days of sunshine each year. ‘It resembles southern Afghanistan a lot”, he told me.  On this particular assignment about which we are talking, my stranger had to deliver a sealed packet to someone living in Camp Mercury, an abandoned nuclear test site located 65 kilometers north of Las Vegas, in the Nevada desert 

Located within the boundaries of the Nevada Test Site, the base camp of Mercury has many of the amenities found in a typical small town. Housing, medical services, fire protection, law enforcement and security, and a cafeteria are all on site. There is housing for more than 1,200; offices, laboratories, warehouses, and training facilities; a hospital, post office, fire station, and sheriff's substation; and a large motor pool complete with repair facilities.

Osama Bin Laden. Aiman Zahrawi, Mullah Umar (the Caliph of Afghanistan)  and Saddam Hussain are all living peacefully in the CIA village inside  Camp Mercury, whiling away their time in the company of coyotes and copperheads( Coyote is a species of wild dogs found in abundance in the North American deserts. Copperhead is a deadly snake found in the Nevada desert).  “I was told Gorbachev is the sheriff there”, the stranger smiled. “But what about the  Gorbachev who frequently gives interviews to the Western press from his dacha near Moscow”, I asked him. “Well, he is a phoney like the Saddam double hanged by the US stooges in Baghdad”, the stranger replied. Facts are really stranger than fiction.


“What is more important — demise of the Soviet Union or a few stirred up Muslims? ……There is only a small window when America can grab control of the center of the Eurasian continent. Once we pull the strings in the strategic center (also the home of the world’s second largest oil reserves) we must then play off Europe against the Orient. This will assure that even a reunited Japan and China will not be powerful enough to evict America from long term control of the planet’s prime landmass.”

Zbigniew Brezezinski







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