The Fault Within My Stars

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I have always had an intense love for stars. I like that I don't know much about them so I am left to imagine and admire their beauty with nothing to interfere but my own mind. One night I was particularly upset and decided to go star gaze because I knew that would make me feel at peace, but when I went outside clouds covered the sky which for some reason upset me to the point of tears. I'd like to enter this in a competition, but want to make it the best I can before I do! I am open to critic and would appreciate any help or advice you could offer.

Submitted: November 28, 2013

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Submitted: November 28, 2013



It was the most beautiful night

The stars shimmered bright

Twinkling in the skies

Faceless, unblinking eyes

Lighting my wayward path

To plentiful to do the math

My soul the stars did call

And I knew in love I’d fall

With the hopeful belief

They could offer some relief

From this terrible thought

In my mind I am caught

I am trapped! Caged!

Within this war that has raged

Between my mind and heart

Tearing me apart

The only place I find solace

Is in my stars’ embrace

With them I need not think

So I released a blissful blink

And thought myself in a daze

For when I returned my wary gaze

To the galaxies afar

I saw not one single star

But rather a feathery sheath

That made it hard to breathe

The heavens it did choke

Those clouds of sinister smoke

It was then that it occurred

(As my memory assured)

The clouds were always there

Despite my pleading prayer

I then became aware:


The only reason the stars I did see

Was that I so wished them to be

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