John and the magical compass

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John, a young boy who lost his father when he was a child and lost his mother years later due to sickness, now he and his sister are living at their uncle Theodore's house.
John wanted to find a treasure in a deserted island with a compass he got it from his father.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



In a full moon light, under the clear sky, while the air breeze passed by his face, tinkling his ears, stood John –a fifteen-year-old boy- over a rock in the sea shore watching a far island from his whereabouts.
“Someday,” said John, “I will go to that island and find what it contains for a treasure”. But back then, he didn’t have a boat, so he thought about collecting money by starting to work.
In the first week, he started to go asking around for a part time job to make his own living. But everyone he’s been asking was shutting him down because of his young age. “Go finish your school lessons first, boy. Then come back and we’ll see what we can do to you”. 
It took him a month now without any luck to find a job, and he grew tired and frustrated about not getting any job. So he thought he’d make his own project and start his journey in making a living.
John lived in a small house with his mother Linda and his eleven years old little sister Ella. His father has passed away when he was only seven. And since then, his mother has been working hard to make her living and John was dreaming of helping his mother, yet he must choose between buying a boat or helping his own mother and little sister.
So, he decided to help his mother. “They’re my priority” that’s what he thought, and he was right about that, because family comes first. 
When John decided to start his own project, he had many thoughts but he didn’t know how to start any of them, of course he was only fifteen years old and he hadn’t had much experience in any work at all. But he decided to dare himself and started small. He asked his mother to lend him some money, but her payment isn’t enough to even give him some for his project. He asked her then to make him cupcakes. It was the most delicious cupcake John had ever eaten, rather the only sweet he had ever tasted in his life. He took about three trays full of cupcakes -his mother sorted them very neatly- and he started to go out and sell them for a low price. He was knocking the doors and ask the people of the house to buy his mother’s cupcake, he never told them the reason but the people –most of them- bought his cupcakes out of pity in the first day judging by his looks. After the first 3 days, he collected about enough to buy a good lunch from a very famous restaurant, he ordered the most delicious food in the restaurant and took a parcel to his house. His mother tears were falling from her eyes in happiness to watch her son making his own living, even though she had the most part of it.
Since then, john and his family were happy, his mother makes the cupcakes, and he goes sell them to people. And now his sister is helping her mother with the cupcakes, and she also makes them delicious. John had collected enough money to continue his studies. One day he knocked on a door of a humble-looking house and a little girl –about his little sister’s age- answered, she looked very beautiful and was dressed in very neat dress, it was red dress which had white stripes dangling from the waist, she lived in a rich family. She smiled at him and bought a big bunch of cupcakes from him.
Few months later, his mom got very sick and couldn’t make the cupcakes, and then he couldn’t sell anymore cupcakes because his mother was very sick and John with his sister were taking care of her. They couldn’t afford money for her treatment, and then his mother couldn’t bare the sickness anymore and she passed away. It was a bigger shock to them than the one they had when they heard about their father’s death. Back then, they had their mother to support them. But now they have no one to do such.
At the funeral, only few people came along the family they had, but something got the attention of John, it was an old man with a long beard wore some very old clothes and had some parts were patched. Which showed a much poorer than what John was. Even the beautiful little girl he met didn’t do much for his attention. Where she tried to ease him, because he was very tense and in shock. 
When everyone had left, John went to find the old man. He caught the man walking humbly and the smile was never left his face. He sat on a garden chair looking at the graves. At first John thought he was a mad person who lost his mind due to poverty and almost decided to walk away from the old man.
“Come here, son.” Called the old man.
John had no idea what to do and stood watching the old man in a surprising look, the man called again “come here, John”. Then John snapped out of his surprising look and moved toward the old man.
“My name is Henry; I’ve been looking forward to meet you, my boy” said the old man.
“How do you know my name?” asked John in a surprise.
“I know your father, David!” said Henry. “Look how old you’ve come, I still remember when you were just born, I’m sorry you’ve had lost your father and your mother at an early age.”
John kept silent not knowing what to say.
“Your father was a very good man,” Henry continued, “He helped me a lot. Before he joined the military, he used to come to my house helping me a lot with the house work. He never took a penny for it, and then he met my daughter, Linda, your mother John”. 
John opened his mouth to his surprise, he never met his grandfather. 
“Now I know that’s a lot to take, but I need your assist in something, I have stuffs I would like you to take them somewhere, can you do it for me?”
John, still confused, doesn’t know what to do or say.
Henry tried to calm John down and said “why don’t you take your time thinking about it and when you’re ready come and see me at my house, it’s the old house near the lighthouse behind the graveyard”.
John nodded and then left to follow the other group.
“Who was that, John?” asked Ella and her eyes were full of sad tears.
“I’m not really sure Ella, but he said he was our grandfather”.
Ella jumped in shock to hear that shocking news. “We have a grandfather?!”.
John shushed her and said “I’m not sure yet sister, it’s just what he claims to be, gotta make sure about his identity”.
They walked beside their uncle. His name was Theodor, he was tall, well built, and he was handsome and looked a lot like their mother, he was her older and only brother.
When they got to their uncle’s house –it was a small house with two rooms and a small hall with the kitchen- and then rested. In the next morning when they woke up, John prepared the bag for Ella to go to school. But she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay at the house, she insisted that she’d be much safer here. She didn’t want to face the school as the parentless girl. John tried with the best he could not to be harsh on his sister but also insisted that she goes to school. They started to make a little noise which got their uncle’s attention.
“What’s wrong?” asked Henry.
“He wants me to go to school and I don’t want to” cried Ella.
“But she must go, uncle. She needs to attend school and finish her studies” replied John.
Theodor came near Ella and hugged her tight and then asked her “why don’t you want to go to school little dove?”
Ella, still crying, said “I don’t want to go to school without my mother, she used to drop me there to school, and when she got sick everyone kept talking about me and started to make fun at me because I had no one to be at my side when I go to school”.
Theodor smiled at her and told her “well, now how about I take you to school, we could go buy you some ice-cream and then head to your school.”
Ella stopped crying and then looked at her brother for instance and then said “I want John to come with us”. 
John smiled then and said “now, now sis, why wouldn’t I go with my only one little sister? I’m never gonna leave alone, ever. In fact, when we get to your school, I’ll make sure no one makes fun of you my little sister. I’ll give them the super punch and will make them fly away.”
Ella giggled and gave her brother a hug, she took her bag and all three went out.
When they arrived at the school, everybody was staring at them, some students were staring at Ella but John caught them and then they looked away, suddenly a young kid came running at them and then suddenly hugged Ella. Ella hugged back and then they started to laugh. 
“Everyone, meet Jaster. Jaster this is my brother John, and this is my uncle Teddy” said Ella and pointed at her brother and Uncle.
“Hello there Mr. John and Mr. Theodor” said Jaster.
“Hello Jaster” said John and his uncle at once.
“Jaster here is my best friend” said Ella “he always makes me smile whenever I feel down”.
Jaster’s face turned a little red.
“I can see then you’re in a safe hands Ella” said Theodore, “Jaster”.
“Yes Mr. Theodor?” replied Jaster.
“Will you please take care of my little dove here?”
“That would be an honor, sir.”
“Very good then, I shall not keep you from school, off you go you two and have a nice day”. And Theodor gave a smile to them.
“You too guys” said back Ella. And they both disappeared into the crowd of the students.
“C’mon John,” said Theodor “let’s take you to your school”. But John wasn’t listening.
John was staring at that beautiful girl and he started to blush.
“Oh, ho ho ho. We have a Romeo in here” laughed Theodor.
“What? What are you talking about?” snapped John.
“I know what you’re thinking my little boy, you were looking at that young lady there”
“No I wasn’t” still blushing.
“It’s alright Johnny, no one will know about it from me” still laughing Theodor. “Anyway, let’s go to your school together”.
“I can’t go to school uncle” said John.
“Why is that Johnny?” asked Theodor.
“I want to work and make my own money to help my sister and myself” insisted John.
“Hmmm, I can’t argue you with that John. But, how do you suppose to work while you still haven’t finish your school?” asked Theodor.
“I’ll make cupcakes and then sell them”.
“That’s a good thing you have there. But it won’t help you that much”.
“Why is that?”
“Because it will not give you good funding, do you know how to make a good cupcake?”
John has never cooked anything before, his mother was the one who cooks and she’s the one that made the cupcakes, John was just selling them.
“No” replied John, “I don’t”.
“Then, how about this” suggested Theodor “you continue going to school and focus on your studies, and I’ll tell Samantha to make you some cupcakes and you can sell them after you finish your homework”.
“That’s a great idea” answer John to his Uncle suggestion.
“And then” continued Theodor “you can study cooking and make your own special recipe for cupcakes”.
They now started walking towards John’s school. “There’s a slight problem with this uncle Teddy” said John.
“What is John?” asked Theodor.
“I never wanted to study cooking, I always wanted to go and sail the seas with my own boat and my own crew” replied John.
“I see, and then I suppose you should start learning how do the sailors think, learn some naval studies to help you in the sea” answered Theodor, “I also had the same interests when I was at a younger age but I couldn’t afford for the studies, I tell you what, when you graduate from school, and started these naval studies, bring me the books you receive from the university and we shall both study them, I’ll be happy to go the high seas with my nephew”.
Time has passed and John never quit selling cupcakes, in fact he opened a bakery with the help of his uncle and his uncle’s wife and started to make good money enough to make him and his sister both study in the university.
John was going to school in the morning and then goes to work after school until night, he was managing the bakery with his uncle Theodor and Ella was helping Samantha making cupcakes. They never hired anyone else, they were all working together. John and Ella and Samantha leave earlier than Theodor so they can go home and study and Samantha make them Dinner.
Theodor and Samantha had never had a child before, so they consider John and Ella as their Children and treat them like own.
Two years now has passed and John was in his final year, he couldn’t get good grades because he was very busy managing the bakery, and he was working the hardest. During the weekends and long vacations, he works harder. One day during the mid-semester vacation, he woke up with a headache, so he wrapped his head and went to the shop.
Theodor noticed the cloth wrapped all over John’s head, “new outfit today John?” asked Theodor. 
“Yup.” Said John in an exhausted tone.
“Now John, why don’t take the day off and go have some fun with friends, you’ve been here the whole time.” suggested Theodor.
“No, I don’t want, I want to work here.” Snapped John, and his headache slightly rose. 
John’s face now looked pale and he started to breathe hardly, “John, are you feeling alright?” asked Ella when saw him. John replied in an angry tone “I’m fine, nothing is wrong with me” and he walked away from her and went to sort out the cupcakes. Suddenly everyone was shouting “JOHN, JOHNNY” John collapsed on the floor, Ella screamed in fear, and Theodor told Samantha to call an ambulance. 
John woke up in the hospital, and everyone one was around him.
“What happened? Why am I in the hospital?” asked John in confusion.
“You collapsed John” said Ella, who was crying “you scared us all”.
“We are now waiting for the doctor’s report to see if you can leave the hospital or not” said Theodor.
“Sorry guys, I had you worried” said John apologetically.
“You shouldn’t overwork yourself honey” said Samantha, “everyone needs a rest sometimes”.
“You’re right Aunt Samantha” said John.
John was looking around him to see the flowers and one of the bouquets got his attention, he extended his hands to reach the card on the bouquet and when he read it he didn’t know how was it so he asked “who’s Sarah?”.
Theodor laughed and said “it’s that girl you were looking at when we took your sister to her school the first day you came to my house”. And Harry went all red and everybody laughed.
Harry noticed someone at the door looked familiar and was looking at him with a wide smile. John knew that person the moment he looked at him, even though the first time he saw him was at the funeral, two years ago.
“It’s grandpa” he shouted, but then Henry walked away, “uncle Teddy please go call grandpa”. Theodor was surprised and said “but my father isn’t here Johnny, he’s in a faraway land, and he’s been there since before you were born, and never heard anything about him since then”. 
“But I know it’s him, please uncle Teddy, go bring him” John insisted.
“OK” said Theodor, “I’ll go check on him”. He went then and after a couple of minute he came back.
“Did you see him?” asked John urgently.
“No” answered Theodor “and I also asked the reception if there was someone here standing outside, they said no one was there”.
John was surprised and couldn’t say anything. Samantha suggested then “why don’t you rest a little more until the doctor arrives honey”. John nodded and he put his head over the pillow and closed his eyes, but he couldn’t sleep, he was thinking about Henry and what he asked him to do the first time they met, this was the second time he sees him, he actually forgot about him because no one ever spoke about him and he was busy with the bakery.
A few minutes later, came the doctor with a folder in his hand. He said to Theodor “there’s nothing to be afraid off, it was just he exhausted himself and overworked his limits, he can leave today if you wanted to, but I suggest that he stays for the night in case of anything might happen to him.”
“Thank you, Doctor, we’ll talk to him and see about it” said Theodor.
Right after the doctor left, John woke up and said “please don’t let stay here, I hate hospitals”, then Samantha said “but we’re afraid that something might happen to you honey”. And Ella insisted crying “John I don’t want to lose you please don’t scare me again like this”. Then Theodor spoke “listen John, you’re old enough to make your own decision now, so it’s up to you that you either stay here or leave the hospital, I advise you that you stay here at least for the night in case something that happens to you, and we’ll be here for you the first thing in the morning”. 
“Can I stay with him Uncle Teddy?” said Ella.
“It’s up to your brother little dove, I can’t force him to his choices now, can I?” he then looked at John.
“Uncle Teddy” said John “I’m gonna stay here for the night but please don’t be late in the morning, and Ella, I want you to go with them and tomorrow when you wake up make me your best cupcakes, I’ll be much happier when I have eaten them after breakfast”.
“I will John” said Ella happily.
“Ok then,” said Theodor “we’ll see you tomorrow in the morning tiger”. And then Samantha kissed John in his forehead and Ella hugged him and they all then left him to rest in the hospital wing. He couldn’t sleep that night, he was still thinking about Henry and his request. It was midnight and John felt sleepy when suddenly, the nurse came to check his condition – a routine check- which really made him fully awake again and couldn’t sleep for couple more hours. 
When he finally slept, he dreamt about his mother and father, it was a sunny day and his mother, father and little sister were on a picnic along with Theodor and Samantha. They were having fun until all of a sudden, the sky went cloudy and it rained heavily and the whole party went to find a shelter, there were large planes flying over them throwing out bombs and destroyed the city, then all of the group got in an underground shelter except David –John’s father- didn’t enter. So, when they all got in John looked for his father but he didn’t see him anywhere, his mother said “John, what are you doing?” John answered “I’m looking for dad, he was just here!” his mother replied “but your dad died a long time ago, he died bravely defending our homeland.” To his shock, he felt nothing as the time passes when all of a sudden he noticed that he was in the hall waiting for breakfast. His mom was singing a song she used to sing to him when he was still a child, she gave him and his sister two bags, each filled with their food to eat when they get hungry. John and Ella left the house to enter their mother’s car but it wasn’t his mother who was driving, it was his uncle Theodor and Samantha both wearing black, he turned right to watch his sister crying, He asked her in confusion “what’s wrong Ella? Why are you crying?”, but Ella kept crying and couldn’t answer him. And suddenly Henry appeared in the front seat and was driving, he looked back at John in a strange way he made John flinch, then said “wake up John, wake up”.
John opened his eyes and then saw his sister looking at him in panic. John was covered in sweat and his body was cold. “Will you stop worrying me John? I don’t want to lose you; you’re the only one left for me.” She gave him a hug and started to cry. John patted on Ella’s back and told her “don’t worry Ella it was just a bad dream, I promise you, you will not be alone anymore”. 
Samantha came in later on, Samantha had brought new clothes for John and told him “c’mon you lazy bum, change your clothes we’ve got a place to go, your uncle is finishing your papers at the reception”. He smiled and took the clothes, he looked at them irritated “will you please …”. His aunt said “oh, right. C’mon Ella”. They went out and John changed then followed them. 
He met them all at the reception and they all went together to the car.
“How about we go to the movies tonight, breaking the routine helps a lot” said Theodor.
“Really,” said Ella “I’d love to uncle Teddy”.
“Which movie are we going to watch uncle Teddy?” asked John.
“It’s really nice family movie, I rather keep it surprise” and he looked at his wife smiling.
“Cool” said John excitedly.
After the movies, they went back home, Samantha and Ella went to the kitchen to prepare Dinner and John and Theodor sat in the living room.
“I saw grandpa two years ago at the funeral uncle Teddy” said john.
“What?” said Theodor “are you sure it was your grandfather?”.
“He said his name was Henry, and he told me about my father when he was young, he used to come and help him in the house work until he met my mother there”
“Ahh, yes. I remember your father, he really helped a lot back then, and my sister Linda liked him for his kindness and honesty, your father never took a penny for his work here, he always said ‘I just want to help you’, back then when Linda suggested to my father that he asks your father David to marry her, my father said ‘in courtesy of your good deeds, please take my daughter as your wife’ and your mother was beautiful lady and she was smart, she knew how to make everyone here smile, I really miss them both.” But he stopped when he saw some tears come out of John eyes. “So, what brought such a subject little tiger?”.
“I saw grandpa yesterday at the hospital and when I shouted ‘it’s grandpa’ he just disappeared, I remember he told me that he lives in an old house near the light house behind the graveyard where my mom was buried”.
Theodor was shocked and then said “that’s rather interesting John, I had never thought that my father was here all along, guess we should pay him a visit”.
They then continued chatting about John’s studies and how Theodor could help him raise up his marks to have enough marks to be accepted in the college, because next week John will start his last semester in school. The girls finished preparing the dinner and Ella came running to call them for dinner.
They all gathered around the table and started eating. “My father was here Samantha” said Theodor so suddenly that Samantha was choked by the food. 
“I thought he was in another country Theodor!” replied in surprise. 
“I know it’s a shock and a surprising news, John said he saw him and I believe him, he knows where dad lives also”.
“Is grandpa alive?!” snapped Ella surprised.
“Yes, little sister” answered John.
“Then how about we go visit him tomorrow honey?” suggested Samantha.
“That’s what I was planning Samantha” replied Theodor, “tomorrow we shall visit my father”.
They all ate their dinner and then went to sleep.
In the next morning, John, Ella, Theodor and Samantha woke up early and Samantha prepared their breakfast and made extra food for Theodor’s father. 
“Is everyone ready?” asked Theodor.
“Yes!” everyone answered simultaneously.
“Then, what are we waiting for”.
Everyone dressed nice, especially John and Ella, they’ve put on their best clothes –of course after they managed to collect more money from the bakery, John and Ella had some nicer clothes than before- and took off for Henry.
The ride took about twenty minutes, and when they arrived they saw the house, it was small wooden house and it was dirty like it hasn’t been used for a long time, and the windows were too dirty you can’t see what’s inside the house.
“Wait here,” said Theodor cautiously, “come with me John”.
Both went to the house and Theodor shouted “dad?” but no one answered. Then shouted John “grandfather, are you inside?”. And still no one has answered.
“Maybe he’s asleep” suggested Theodor.
“I’m not sure uncle Teddy, let’s knock the door and see” said John.
When they knocked the door, it opened by itself and gave a squeaky sound, the door hadn’t had a good care –no care at all. “get behind me” said Theodor and they entered. The house was gloomy and dark and it had only 3 doors and all of them was locked. Theodor called again his father –by his name now- “Henry you there?” and someone had coughed inside one of the doors.
“Grandpa” John said panicking, and approached to the door where they heard the cough. John opened the door and it was a darker room inside with only a candle weakly lit and saw Henry sleeping over a rusty bed which looked so old and stiff that it would give you a backache if you’ve slept over it. John approached Henry and shook him gently, Henry woke up and when he saw John he smiled. “Hey there grandson” said Henry. “Hi grandfather” replied John.
Theodor was standing there silently and didn’t know what to do. But finally, he said “dad?!” he was really surprised and that word was the only thing came out from his mouth.
The back door has opened and Ella with Samantha entered, they look worried because John and Theodor were late inside. 
Henry sat up and looked at them, then he looked at Theodor and said “How are you my son?”
“F ... Fine dad. How are you?” replied Theodor shakily.
“forgive me my son for not being here for you and your sister Linda, may she rest in peace, I was afraid of facing you, right after I left you with your mom when she got sick, I ran away, I didn’t know what to do and panicked, and I was ...”
“Do you know how long it’s been dad?” asked Theodor, tears were in his eyes.
“I ...I, I’m sorry my son” replied Henry “I know it’s been a long time, please forgive me for being so selfish, I shouldn’t have left you all with your ill mother”.
And Theodor’s tears were placed with anger and said “yeah you should have dad but it’s too late, you left my mother alone in her sickness when she needed you the most, and you weren’t there, she died because of you.”
Henry was shocked, but he couldn’t say anything, he couldn’t defend himself for what he did for his wife. He just stood here and said nothing.
Samantha held her husband hands and tried to make him relax. She never saw him like this before. She said then “calm down honey, what happened in the past stays in the past, now we’re here today and we should be making new things not remembering the past, because past memories bring nothing but pain.”
“So, grandfather, what did you want me to take with me?” asked John finally.
“Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about it my dear boy” snapped Henry, “but first I need Theodor to forgive me for what I have done, I’m very old now and I don’t want to die and leave someone with a grudge on me, will you forgive me my son?”
“I don’t know father,” said Theodor “I was eleven years old when you left us and we were very poor back then. I even couldn’t continue school just to make sure that Linda doesn’t stay without money even though she was older than me. You left us with a very deep wound father, I can’t find a way to forgive you very easily, dad”.
Samantha was smart enough to make him ease but she doesn’t force him to do something out of his own will. But she said at last “c’mon Teddy, everybody makes mistakes and your father here didn’t know what to do back then, I’m sure if he could go back in time and fix what mistakes he ever done to you and Linda, he would with no hesitation, and eventually, he’s your father, my love”. 
“I need some time alone” said Theodor, and then left the room.
“Grandfather?” said Ella.
“Yes child.” said Henry.
“John said he saw you back there at the funeral, why didn’t you come with us?” asked Ella.
“Oh dear, what is your name first little girl?”
“well, Ella, I did a really bad thing before you were born, your brother John was only a year, now I know your brother John because your mother was sending me letters with his picture, she never told me about you, and now I really have missed a lot, and I regret it very much.”
“Well, I forgive grandfather” said Ella smiling.
“Thank you, little Ella,” said Henry in relief.
“Now why don’t you come with us to our house and live with us, Henry” suggested Samantha.
“I don’t know, I really can’t face Theodor after what I had done.” replied Henry.
“Leave Theodor to me” insisted Samantha.
“I guess there’s no running this time, ok I’ll come with you” said Henry.
They all left the room together and met with Theodor outside, he was staring at the fire in shock, still doesn’t believe that he met his father, that he was this whole time living hear with knowing it. “At least you could’ve told us you were here dad” said Theodor as they approached him. Henry said nothing.
“Honey,” said Samantha “we want your father to come and live with us, is it okay with you?”
Theodor stood silent for a moment then said “fine, grab your stuffs and come”.
Henry went back to his room to collect something from there that looked like a package, it was covered with red cloth. And then, all of them got in the car.
When they got home, Samantha felt a little dizzy and nausea, she sat on the couch rubbing her head, her face turned pale, Theodor noticed her at once and then took her to the hospital.
John, Ella and Henry sat down in the hall waiting for Theodor to tell them what was wrong with Samantha, after a few minutes Ella went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, she now can cook very good ever since she and John moved their uncle’s house.
“Listen, John” said Henry suddenly.
“Yes, grandpa?” replied John.
“Take this box and keep it somewhere safe and don’t open it until I tell you, there’s instructions inside the box will tell you what to do and where to take the things inside the box, I would’ve taken it by myself but I can’t, I’m too old for this.”
“Okay grandfather, I will” 
After a while the phone rang.
“Hello, this is Theodor’s house. Who is it?” answered John.
“John, I can’t believe it, John I have a very good news my boy” said Theodor excitedly.
“What is it uncle Teddy?”
“I’m going to be a father John.”
“Really uncle Teddy? That’s great news, gotta go tell Ella about it” and then he hung up and ran to the kitchen, and shouted at her “aunt Samantha is pregnant Ella, she’s gonna have a baby.” 
“Really, we’re gonna have a younger sibling?” asked Ella.
“Yeah, uncle Teddy just called and told me about it”. And they spent the night happy.
 The week has passed and John and Ella started their school, John promised his uncle Theodor that he will focus on his study this semester and will get better grades than he had before. And he kept his promise, and studied until they finished the semester and he got high grades. 
They celebrated John’s graduation and threw a really big party for him and invited all their friends. And John got many presents from his friends and his uncle friends. Now John got nothing but the bakery to work in now and collect money to his college studies.
Few days later Henry told John “you’re old enough now John, go ahead and open the package I gave you”.
John almost forgot about the package because he was too focused on his studies, but he went to his room and opened the package and read the letter.
“Dear John, 
When you read this, it means that I’m dead and you are now old enough to make your own path, please forgive me for not being there for you. I would love to be here more than anyone else, but destiny didn’t make that happens, I am now on the way of a battle and the enemy isn’t weak to stand against.
Here in the package I have something really valuable you might be interested in, I know how you dreamed to go to the seas and to reach outer lands and find buried treasures, it’s a compass, it’s not a normal one, this compass doesn’t point to north, it points where you should head next, I found it here while collecting our spoils at one of the wars and I’m sure that it will become very handy for you.
I hope you and your mom and Ella are doing fine now and please forgive me for not being here for you my Son.

Dearest wishes

Your father

John read the letter and his tears were shedding out from his eyes. His father died when he was only seven years old, and his father back then was most of his time at work defending the country because their country was being under more than one attack.
He opened the box and examined the compass, it had two needles, one pointed to north, the other needle pointed southwest. So, he went out following the compass through the streets and alleys and between buildings. Until he arrived at the shore and the compass still pointing southwest. He got back to his house and told his uncle about the compass. Then Henry said “I have a boat why don’t we all go ahead and use it?”
The next day John, Theodor and Henry went to the boat and Ella stayed with Samantha taking care of her, because pregnancy did a lot to her.
When they arrived at the shore they rode the boat and John used the compass he had and went along with it, few minutes later they found an island, but it wasn’t the one john had pointed when he was a little, the island had what looks like a gate and there were two black panther heads on the sides of the door. But there weren’t any walls around the door, the moment they entered the door the needle started to spin like it was in a strong magnetic field, and there was a sign said ‘Start digging’ in a really strange writing and the sign looked really old and it was dangling on the post. They moved toward the post and started digging, a minute later Theodor found something, it looked like a golden beetle. The beetle was pure gold that shone under the sun and when it passed near the compass, the compass stopped spinning and pointed northwest.
They head northwest to find another island, it also had the same door but this time it was two tigers were hanging instead. This island was bigger than the one before and now the sun started to set, there was a writing on the door ‘At Night You Shall See What Brings the Light’, so they waited until sunset and when the sun went down over the horizon and the sky turned purple in the center and orange in the horizon, and the moon rose up. They entered the door and the compass started to spin again, Henry noticed something glittering under the moon light and he went and took it, it was another beetle this time and it was made of pure sapphire and had traces of golden lines around the center of it, and then he passed it near the compass again, it stopped and pointed west this time.
“It’s getting late, we need to head back, Samantha might be worried” said Theodor, and everyone agreed. They headed back to the house. When they arrived, Henry told Samantha about what happened, and then everyone went to sleep. At dawn, when everyone was asleep, a sound rose up slightly, but then it became a deafening sound. John woke up to the sound not realizing what is going on and where is this sound coming from. He looked around in his room and then realized that the screeching sound was from the compass. He tried to silent it but failed to do, the compass sound just kept increasing. “Will you shut that thing off John?” shouted Ella over the sound of the compass. John tried all he could do with the compass. He flipped it over and noticed a small door in the back of the compass, he tried to open it but it won’t budge, and the sound now was really deafening it woke up everyone. The compass didn’t stop and the sound kept increasing, everyone was going mad and Samantha collapsed. John was trying whatever he could to stop but it no use, he doesn’t know what to do. “Try to bring the beetles John” shouted Henry. John hurried and brought them near the compass and the sound lowered gradually and then everything was silent. “What was that John?” asked Ella in panic. 
“I don’t know,” replied John “it kept screeching like this all by itself, and it stopped the moment I put the beetles near it, guess it must be something to do with them”. Then everyone went back to sleep, but John couldn’t sleep, he was thinking about the compass and what to do next.
When they woke up later in the morning they prepared again for another journey to the islands with the help of the compass, and now it was pointing northwest again. When they got to the same island they went last night the compass pointed west, so they headed west and it took them more time now to arrive to the next island. When they arrived, all of them Wowed when they saw the third island. This one was very large island comparing to the other two and had some mountains pinned over it, and again they saw the same gates but different animal heads, this time it was two lions’ heads hanging on side of the door. And on both sides of the door were posts installed, there was a shiny message on the left post saying ‘thee has't cometh this far and shalt not continueth easily from anon on’ they didn’t understand what it meant, because it was different from what they speak, so they stood by it thinking what it would mean, John tried to pass the beetles along the post but nothing happened. 
“Now what?” said Henry, frustrated.
 “Maybe it’s fake, all of our work was in vain” said Theodor desperately.
“No wait guys” snapped John, “I’m quite positive that we’re missing something”, John tried to pass the compass now but still, nothing has changed. They all tried everything they could do but the message didn’t change no matter what they do. 
John tried to open that door on the back of the compass, but it didn’t open, “maybe you should pass the beetles near it” suggested Theodor. John nodded and passed the beetles. ‘click’. A sound of an unlocking locked door came from the compass.
John opened the door, and the moment he opened it, a map popped out from the compass like a hologram, showing the island they’re now it in blue with a red dot blinking in the middle of a dragon-shaped mountain, and a message appeared below the map saying ‘passeth the compass 'long with the beetles’. “That shouldn’t be hard to understand” said Henry, John nodded, closed the door of the compass and passed it along with the beetles over the message, and it changed magically to tell them ‘you have come this far and shall not continue easily from now on’.
When they entered the door, the compass spun harder than ever that is started to shake and give that screechy sound again, harder than before and it’s beyond deafening now. John now noticed something vibrating under the surface of the sandy island shore, he ran to it and started digging until he found a diamond shaped beetle, he then passed it near the compass and the screech stopped abruptly and then the compass pointed to the mountain. 
They moved toward the cave and went inside the dragon’s mouth. There was a long path and it was glittering from the fire that lit inside the cave. The path was very long it took them more than 5 minutes of walking, and then they arrived facing a large door that had writing said ‘only the one with pure and sinless hearts shalt ope this doth'r’. They didn’t know what to do, the door was very large and seemed it haven’t been used for generations. They pushed it all together but the door wouldn’t even budge. Now the compass started vibrating very hard it slipped from John’s hand, right then a flash came out from the compass and the compass float facing the door, it lit the door and there was a new writing added beneath the old one, it said ‘nay group can ope this doth'r, only one p'rson wilt pusheth the doth'r’.
“Go ahead grandpa, open the door” suggested John “you’re the one who had this all along”.
“I can’t john it was meant for you from your father” replied Henry.
“My father is right John,” added Theodor “the letter was sent for you”.
John then nodded and stood with his both hands on the door. He took a deep breath and started to push. A line of light came out from the center of the door, it moved and then when it opened there was a large room and it was lit by a hole on the ceiling and a waterfall was pouring from it. The room was filled with treasures and golden stuffs. The three men couldn’t believe their eyes and all of them were stood still for a while looking at the treasure that filled the room. They all took what they could lift with them and headed back home. 
It was nearly midnight when they arrived home, they don’t know how long they stayed there in the cave admiring the treasure, and Ella was looking at the right window of the house, when she saw them she ran outside the house and ran into her brother’s arms. She cried “you were very late I was worried a lot John, what took you so long?”
John smiled back at her and told her “we have found some treasure Ella and now we’ll never be poor again. 
Years have passed and Ella graduated from school and Theodor and Samantha had a new born son, they called him Samuel. 
And then they all lived the life they all dreamed about. John finished his studies and now he opened a larger bakery and now he owns one of the best bakeries in the town.


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