An Internal War

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This is a poem about a situation some of us may have been in at one point in our lives, but this is tearing me up and i need to write about it. Because I hate them and yet i love them so.

Submitted: November 20, 2008

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Submitted: November 20, 2008



What do you want from me?
What do you expect me to do?
Open my arms and draw you near?
After all we went through?
After all you did to me?
How can I explain?
How can I still love you?
Even if you’ve changed.
Every breath is yours to take
My heart beats only for you
And even though I know this
I can’t accept that it’s true
Each night I think of your smile
I wait to hear your voice
I hate myself for this
Do you think this is my choice?
In my heart a war wages
As I try to stay in control
If it didn’t work one time
Would a second be different at all?
Are you torturing me?
Did I do you wrong?
Last time I checked you hurt me
We could never get along.
And yet here we are again
Have we not changed at all?
I will not give in to this
You will not make me fall
For I cannot except it
Even though I know it’s true
Because the fact is
That I have always loved you

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