still loven you

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we know not what we have/had

Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



we started off playing a game

this game called love

we agreed it was just a game

to see who would win.

now its been some odd years

since it ended.

not clear on why really

not sure whos to blame

alls im sure of is i cant forget your name

tried to erace your face from my dreams

still unsure of what this all means

not even sure if you think the same

but its hard to forget your dam name

ive been with number of others since.

and as i lay holding them to sleep

i close my eyes and start to dift away

but all i can do is see our love story

replaying clear as day.(this is why i live in the night hours)

at the time of our story

we only fooled ourselves

we were fools

trying to catch the other slip up.

unaware of the feelings that were being caught

now its been so long since your voice stoped my heart

since i felt you bitterness of the lies our lips spilled

i still dont know why i cant forget your dam name

why your face blinds my mind.

why our past replays on a loop

in  my mind i feel flooded of  past raw feelings

we once agreed it was only a game

but im still unsure who won.

or if if was even a game.


does your name haunt my everyness

is this gilt for letting things end?

or for messing things up?

is this what true love feels like?

is this how it feels when a mother lets her child move away?

for every bad thought i have hopfulness that you are well

that you are wearing a smile ear to ear.

that someone loves you better then i once thought i did.

why why why

just why cant i forget

why cant i rid my mind of you.

its been so long

why why why

does this  have to be my love song

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