The Tale of a Boy and a Girl

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The tale of a boy and a girl, falling in love.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Once upon a time,

There once was a rhyme

That told a grand tale

Of a boy and a girl.

They grew up together

Like birds of a feather,

Laughing and playing

Their bond never fraying.

Stuck together like glue

To everyone they knew,

The girl and the boy

Tried to keep their love coy,

For the girl had an admirer

Who often gave her a flower.

She thought it was sweet

So the flowers she’d keep,

But her heart belonged to another

As she once told her mother.

Her mother just smiled

And the boy’s number she dialed.

“Tell him,” she said

And from the room she fled.

The girl called the boy,

Who’s name was Roy,

And confessed of her love,

As pure as two doves.

“You love me,” he sighed.

He started to cry.

When asked what was wrong,

He took nearly too long

To tell her he was scared,

And that his heart she had snared.

There, friend, is the story

Of the girl and the boy,

Who together found a romance

And proved that love is a chance

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