The Broken Silence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
the poem is about a friend of mine who was facing a lot of depression and she has been suicidal. I wrote it for her hoping it might enlighten her life , but I was a little bit late....

"feel free to criticize all my works, I wont improve if you didn't"

Submitted: November 14, 2014

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Submitted: November 14, 2014



In the middle of night where stars I see
Sprinkled over the mountains, 
And a moon reflected on the sea.
Within this beauty of silence , 
And the breeze of a cold wind.
I stood on this excluded island
And came across a dead end
With a high glassy wall.

I tried to climb but I had a tremendous fall.
And as I struggled over and over to go higher,
I became worn-out and completely tired.
No matter how hard I tussled,
The result was still the same - I fell down.

So I looked around, no right nor left,

The wall is circled all around,
I had to find a way out, 
But doors were just shutting down,
While this silence is running within my vein,
For my voice will no longer be heard again
And my freedom will never be regained.

All alone I’m wondering,

Would I ever see the light?
Will I ever stand up and fight?
Will I ever break this wall?
Will I ever stand high and tall?
Will I ever come to realize
That life needs compromise?

This beauty of silence has a dark place,
Where only pain and agony are embraced,
Where only thoughts of cuts and suicide,
Fill my entire mind.
But I don't want to die for sure,
So I will break this wall as I scream and roar.
I will crack it up through its biggest gate,
Make my way out then face my fate
I will go - Live up to my style,
While walking around with the biggest smile,
I will fight and wrestle till I conquer all,
With love I must help and catch whoever falls,
I will call for peace and sheath my sword,
I will call for love and spread the word,
I will live my life regardless of all
As long as I’m good and pleasing my lord.

© Copyright 2020 Salem Omar Dhafer . All rights reserved.

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