The Wife's Touch

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I was getting old and forgetful,but life was a different matter... To me life didn't matter now only when I woke up to hear the birds tweeting a sorrowful tune in my ear did I realise that something or someone needed me elsewhere and I just didn't know what.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



1st February 2011.

I find it so easy to wake up in the morning. The tweeting of the birds and the smacking of the curtains against the finely printed walls, this was all I had to wake up for now, I felt lonely but yet so happy, I felt like crying but I needed to smile. Nothing was holding me back but only myself from stepping outside into the blistering sun. My knees trembled every time I picked up the keys though,so back they went on the hook on the wall. I lifted my legs carefully out of my once shared bed and slowly slipped my feet into my old, checked slippers. I dragged myself dwn the stairs and switched the kettle on, the whisteling sound sounded like a scream over the old,box television. I needed somewhere new to go,somewhere new, where I could walk freely and show my love and emotion to every passer by... But it's never going to happen. I opened the curtains been careful not to pull the rail of the wall, then slipped into my chair with the local paper and a hot cup of tea. This is my mornings everyday. Nothing new just everything old happenes,so why did I feel so different, was it because I knew today was the day when I clear out my old photos? I'm not sure anymore.

I climbed up the stairs into a dark old room and sat myself beside box after box. This was it. I opened one of the boxes then dropped the lid as I began to choke on the ancient dust. How I felt as I picked up the first black and white photo. Me standing tall in a swayed, black suit and my wife standing sort of small I suppose in a black dress with a hint of silver. The final dance and the days we both realised we were getting old,but yet that was only the final dance but never the final good-bye. My heart sank as I saw more photos,but the most recent one hit me the most. I blew the dust off it and uncovered a brand new colour photo. It was me in the same suit,but this time I was sat down on a bed,a white clean bed surrounded by white walls and next to me was my wife, she had carefully drifted into that one sleep that you hope they will wake up from,but she never did. She lay still for hours as I held her hand waiting for that squeeze as she awoke,but she never did. I always knew I would have no chance in life without her and I was right. I just felt helpless and ill, I have always been strong and never let anyone down but when my angel left me everything fell to pieces, my health has become worse and now my carer comes 3 times a day, I am on twice as many tablets and the worse thing is I have no idea what day of the week it is. Oh how I miss her, my Annie,the most beautiful woman I have ever known,I wish it was me that had gone not her.

20th July 2011.

Months have passed and I have finally got my head down doing something. I have set up my own charity called wandering angels, its where husbands who have lost there wife come and have meetings and we talk about their problems and how they can get back on their feet and help others in the same situation. Last week I had reached my target of 500,000 people supporting my project. I finally felt as if I was doing something good,giving something back to my wife who spent her years believing in me and wishing me well. I have appointed 6 new leaders around the northwest who run my groups three times a week, you see I have become to sick but they still ring me up and email me with the latest news and I still send new ideas through all time... But now I think all my life needed was my wifes' thouch and now I have it everything is on the up apart from my health but I never thought I would be able to write to tell you this story before I left to see my wife, but I have and I have never been prouder. Who'd of thought, Harry Davies, life long time waster has become an international superstar all because of one women? Anyway,I won't be able to write anymore for a while but trust me, when I do you will have so much to read.

All the best, Harry.

From the few entries that Harry wrote I can see that his life was changed by only one person. His wish always stood as someone must tell them how it ends and I never knew what it meant until I read this... So this is how it ends. Harry carried on working from the care home and still spoke to everyone about his wife and his work. He had visitors from the press and from his wife. Until the day when he told me that Annie was crying and he had to see what was the matter, he lifeted the covers upon himself and settled for his long sleep. Everyone had tears rolling down their faces as his heart hit its last few beats,but we knew although he was gone his heart would still live on through everyone that he had helped.

From everyone who knew you. We will and are missing you,never forget you Harry. xx


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