"The Conditional Wish"

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A student makes a wish to be the best of the best with an unknown individual (who will ask for anything of his). He becomes an adult and marries a beautiful woman. As his wife is about to give birth to his first new born, the individual appears and takes his baby by saying "you agreed, remember?"

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



The Conditional Wish



Kingston is a small town snuggled in the northern midst of Washington far away from the fast life and people with busy lives.  There are only two seasons in Kingston, summer and winter.  In the summer time, Kingston bursts with daffodils, sunflowers and lavender tulips alive throughout the land.  The landscape portrays the rainbow’s colors exquisitely.  The arrival of winter is always introduced with the first snowflakes falling on Halloween night.  This marks the arrival of the bitter cold throughout Kingston until April. 

Harold Bland is a junior at Sinston High.  The sight of Harold is as his name, Bland.  Harold has one of the most unusual appearances and by this I mean short, frail and bony.  He walks with no purpose and for a sixteen-year-old, barely has any hair on his cone-shaped head.  Daily, Harold wishes for confidence, self-esteem and good looks.  Everything about Harold is less than mediocre, including his GPA.

The date is December 21, 1984, the day before winter break begins.  Harold begins his usual walk home but comes across a horrific car accident.  The scene is surrounded with ambulances and police cars with high-pitched sounds of sirens and the sight of flashing blood-red lights.  Harold’s eyes burn and he runs to escape the smell of death.  Harold has no other choice but to take another route through the woods.  After miles of walking, Harold notices a bright white light.  “Hello, my name is Ruby Dev.”  Harold responds, “Do I know you?”  Ruby says, “No, but I know you, and I am here to grant your wishes.”  Harold was in a trance.  Ruby Dev was a vision of an angel with beauty beyond one’s imagination.  Her hair was the color of ebony.  Her lips were the color of crisp cherries, and her eyes mesmerized you into a spell.  Ruby whispered, “Close your eyes.  Trust me, and I will make you what you are not.  In return, you must allow me to take something of yours.  Do you agree, Harold Bland?”  Harold anxiously agreed thinking to himself “What could she possibly take of mine?  I have nothing.”

It is 2012 and Harold’s life is picture perfect.  He is married to a beautiful woman and they are expecting their first born.  Many years have passed since Ruby Dev turned his life around:  he is wealthy, he is healthy and he is happy.  The time has come for payment to Ruby Dev.  Harold is unaware that tragedy is on its way to him.  It is time.  Harold’s wife has gone into labor and he can hardly stand the excitement of finally seeing the birth of his son.  It has not been an easy path for Harold and his wife to conceive a child.  It has taken a toll on him and his wife, but the day has finally come for the birth of their child and Ruby Dev’s taking.  In a flash, Harold’s life will change as it changed that day in the bitter cold woods with the granting of Harold’s wishes by Ruby Dev.  Hours past and after minor complications, the birth of their son is finally here.  There is a familiar scent in the air, death.  Within seconds, Harold is blinded by a bright white light as the day he met Ruby Dev.  Ruby speaks and states, “Harold Bland, your son is mine.  You will never see or hold your first and only born.  You agreed, remember?”  Harold awakes to his screams of agony and his wife’s eternal grief.



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