Is It Too Late

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I made a mistake and drove love away.

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



Is It Too Late?


 They met when they were young, attending the same primary school. Very few days would pass as they grew together without seeing each other. Oblivious to Fate’s plan they grew and learned until they reached secondary school where once again, they would see each other daily. However, Fate intervened as they became young adults. In a voice he didn’t understand, in words he didn’t hear, in instructions he didn’t know he was even given, Fate told him “Not yet. You will have to learn a great deal, suffer great pain and make many a mistake before I let you near one of my best”. She clouded him from her.

 His eyes distracted by others Fate sat back and watched him begin his path.

 The last day of school. A day he would say goodbye to many friends. He wished them all the best. However in time he would forget many of these final encounters, except one. For reasons he wasn’t entirely sure of he always remembered saying goodbye to her. The tears in her eyes as they hugged and said goodbye to each other. It always played on his mind but he didn’t know why exactly. Both of them now began their own journeys down their own paths.

 Many years passed and Fate watched him. True to his nature he had already begun to make his mistakes and feel his pain but she was not convinced that he was learning his lessons. Fate left him to his own devices. One day she put her gaze on him and saw him almost broken. Lost and confused his aura was weak and darkened; he looked exhausted and was lashing out. Fate decided it was time, time to let them meet again. As he drunkenly sobbed and cursed the world for mistakes he alone had made, he received a message. Lesley, after all these years, offered to help over a coffee.

 Fate watched carefully, she had not been kind to Lesley either during the 15 years since that last day of school. Both were vulnerable, their auras were only faintly glowing but they were warming. Fate had sent one of her best, to rescue one of her weakest. What followed would be a beautiful year. A memorable year.

 Fate watched as they both grew emotionally. His aura recovered, and was more vibrant than it had ever been. Lesley had picked him up and shown him the true meaning of love. She led him by the hand around the globe. Showing him interesting things, debating intensely with him on a great range of subjects. Beating him often at an intellectual game he thought he was the master of, but he enjoyed it. She truly amazed him. Perfection. But Fate can be challenging and she had decided that this fledgling couple required a test. It was achievable but it would be tough.

 Lesley would be moving away soon for new work for many months. Fate had given them the strength to survive this. But one day she cast her gaze towards him. He was under duress, his aura tattered and cold. Many an issue was pressing down on him and he was struggling to deal with it, she saw through his brave face like the poor mask it was. Fate left him, confident he would see the issues through. A few weeks later Fate turned her gaze to Lesley, something was dreadfully wrong.

 Her champion was weakened, her aura suffering and flailing like a small branch in the heavy wind which was like a great sundering to her core. She was drained, her aura cold. Damaged. Fate turned her gaze to him. He too was broken, but his aura was bent and contorted under the strain of massive guilt.

 “What have you done, Alan?!” she bellowed!

 On his knees, hunched and broken he replied in a voice breaking under emotion. “I took your beautiful gift…and broke it”

 “On the eve of my test, you decided to damage everything?!” she looked down on him. “How, how did you do this?!”

 “I drank a poison and it fogged my mind, loosened my tongue and made me say things I didn’t mean” he spoke, wallowing in self-pity. Pathetic.

 “This was a mistake you made before. This was a mistake you should have learned from but haven’t. And now one of my best lies sundered, drained, as if you were a parasite.” Fate replied dejectedly.

 “I can make this right. I’m going to make this right again!” He uttered determinedly. Fate saw his aura shift suddenly, still determined despite the weight of guilt.

 “Is that so? She fears you now.” Fate paused to see his reaction, and as he winced under the pain she started to berate him.

 “Your test was like a dirt road. It was long and had several stones along the way. You were to travel this road and the stones would be the pain of this test, loneliness, sadness and the pain of missing my champion whilst she was away. These stones were uncomfortable, but not too heavy and you could have carried them until the end of this small road and left them all at the end. But no, not you. You had to start your journey by finding the biggest, heaviest and most difficult rock you could find and start your journey with this massive burden!

 Now you will have to walk the road, picking up the stones whilst holding this rock, that’s if the road is still open now, the end of it has changed and I can’t see it anymore.”

 “I can do that!” he said defiantly, raising himself to his feet. “Relieve me of this burden and I will run down this road!”

 “No. I never gave you this rock; it was you who chose to burden yourself with it. And I can think of no greater torment for you than this. I also now no longer control that decision. She does.” Images appeared to him of the woman he loves, emotionally broken, the ties that seemed stronger than titanium bars now glistened in the light like the thin strands of a spider’s web. Threatening to snap under the weight of the morning dew.

 He winced once more. His face acknowledging the pain he had inflicted on the both of them. But his aura began to glow with stoic determination.

 “I’ll make it better. I’ve got all the days I have left to do this. Your road has only lengthened, Fate not changed course. I’ll carry this rock, your stones and walk till I’m at the end!” He resounded.

 “I believe you will try, but will she forgive you? She still loves you but fears you. Difficult memories long buried were dragged to the surface. She may not take you back. And that rock will pale in comparison to the pain of losing her.” Fate began to clear from his mind as she spoke her last sentence. “I’ll be watching you Alan. You will never have another chance at this, if this chance even exists right now”

 Alan looked forward; his aura damaged but determined to be repaired. And under a heavy burden he struggled to take a step forward as the dust was kicked up from his first step on a dirt road that seemed to have no end.

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