Protect us

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This is a short, informative poem to explain how us humans destroy the environment.. Give it a read, it might open your eyes a little :)

Submitted: February 19, 2014

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Submitted: February 19, 2014



How can human's be so cruel?

Expecting us to follow their rules.

They continuously burn and cut,

And in a few years when we're no more- then what?

They don't think of the future,

But just expect things to get better.

We're only trees, what harm can we possibly do?

We won't take a gun and try to shoot you.

But you approach us with a chain saw.

Cutting us down to our very core.

We keep you alive, healthy and well,

But you kill us and put us through hell.

One day to come, you'll all realize,

We're the giants that protect your little lives.

But by then, we'll be through heaven's gate,

And for you humans, it'll be too late!


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