I'm scared;

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Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



"I'm scared." she said.

"I love you," he said, "do you want to relax?"

"No," she said, "I want to be drunk on your lips," she said,

"on your fingertips, I want to

be drunk on your breath,

and your tongue. I want to

drink your eyes," she said,

"and lose myself to your hips,

and your arms, and

your nose taking the essence

of my neck, and your

sweat, and caress of soft

hair, and find myself once

again in your whimper of

my name."


"I want to worship you." he said,

"With food, and air, and songs," he said, "with

sunrises and the echo of your

laughter, and mine, and

the gentle scape of my

fingernails on your thighs,

followed by hello's of my

burning mouth, and

tickles of my tongue on

your toes. I want to lick

your belly button, and bathe

myself in your throbbing


and lather your beautiful face

with my gaze. I want

to worship your oozing brain

with my aching thoughts

and translate them in our




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