Miami Shore

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Your soft pale cheek

next to mine

I even seen the smell

of you

but you blend in so


that's the thing

Your warm skin

is as new to me

as my previous


my life, my life

you existence reminds

me of it

The way you bring me

to the present

Remind me how much

I love the molecules

that allow me

to experience you

Realise that pixels

are nothing

Not even the sparkles

of fire coming

from burning


The air is fresh when

you're there

a home my self

never knew about

and yet recognises

with such ease.

So easy.

Easy to be mixing

my breath

with yours

Easy to have you next

to me as


the space moulds

around you

flows like the gentle

waters of a slow

Miami shore

So that when you leave

it the water softly

lets you go

but lingers with a constant drip to

remind me of your


It's so much more dense

with you here

My heart so unmoving

So still

so full -

So full -

Your presence fulfills


whatever it is

Excites me

I dare not look at

you because no one

will be able to

retrieve me

Both of us will be


I'm surprised I woke

up one morning

In cold Scotland

the blankets felt


The same ones from

before I even left

and I thought

How did I get here?


Sandal, flip-flop

wearing people

was that a dream?

It wasn't

It wasn't.

I reached you

but you also reached



Submitted: November 03, 2015

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