The Light

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The story of Cinderella told by her Fairy Godmother.

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



Once upon a time there was a little cottage in the woods. Once a year, every year a little light would turn on. Even from a distance you could tell it was a solitary candle. Then every year as the clock struck midnight the light would flicker and go out.

Eventually it became tradition for the princes and princesses of the surrounding kingdoms to host a ball on the Night of the Lit Candle as the people began to call it. During the ball after the prince or princess became of age they would fall in love and be married within the month.

One year there was a special prince, the only one coming of age. Not only was this prince coming of age, but his birthday was on the Night of the Lit Candle, the only prince ever to. The little fact that he was coming of age was a very big problem to the Fairy of Light.

Every year or so, she would pick the perfect spouse for the next royal in line. She would carefully scout through all of the possible lords and ladies and princes and princesses to find the perfect spouse. This year however, there was one problem, she could not find one, one possible princess or lady; she even looked at the lowest earl’s daughter. Nothing. The Fairy of Light spent hours at a time trying to find the perfect maiden to marry the prince.

Finally she had to face the truth, there was not one maiden with a title that was fit to marry the prince; she would have to find a commoner. This took even more time because there were even more commoners, and she had to train the maiden how to behave in front of a prince. If she was going to do this in time for the ball, she was going to need help. It was time to call in the mice.

The mice were an elite group of spies from the magical realm. They got their name because they were shape shifters and for some reason, they loved to turn into mice. Calling them in was a drastic measure she had only done it once before.

When the mice came in they helped her find the perfect maiden for the prince. They had to find someone just as perfect as the prince. He had bigger expectation than any prince had ever had. When they had finally found the right maiden, the fairy knew she was the lowest in title of all the peasants, a slave in her own household. She knew it because all of her files were in order of rank and the maiden was last. In spite of her position in life, the maiden was beautiful and kind.

When the mice brought the Fairy this news she was sure of a mistake, “Now this can’t be right” she had said.

“Oh, but it,” the head mouse told her, “She is the most kind, wise, and gentle of all the maidens in this land and the next.”

“That may be, but she still is a commoner. How could she get into the ball, she probably couldn’t even get the night off if what you say about her stepmother is true.”

The mice sat and pondered that for a long while before the littlest one came forward and said, “I believe we can convince the king to allow every eligible maiden to attend the ball, but you will have to convince the stepmother to let the girl off for the night. And while you’re at it, you might want to get her something new to wear. All she has are dirty rags.”

“Fine,” huffed the Fairy of Light, “But you know I cannot go into the human world except on the night of the lit candle, how will I communicate with the step mother”

The oldest of the mice who knew all of the Fairy’s secrets stepped forward and said, “You can visit her in a dream, but do not do that until the night after we have visited the king, or she will not understand.”

“Very well,” and with those words the mice turned into beasts with wings and soared off to find the king.

The mice could travel very fast in this world and reached the castle that night. The time couldn’t have been more perfect for the mice preferred to work while the person was sleeping and their mind was relaxed. The art of putting thoughts into peoples mind was hard work, especially when the person was educated, and who was better educated than a king? This king was one of the hardest they had ever worked on, this was also one of the biggest thoughts they had ever done. It took them all night, but when they were through the mice couldn’t have been happier with their work.

The Fairy of Light knew the mice had done their work when she heard the castle bells ringing for a new royal decree. Wanting to hear what it said she went ahead and used an old woman to hear what the soldier was saying.

“Hear ye, Hear ye,” he started like all of the normal messengers did, “By decree of his Royal Highness, the King, All eligible maidens of this land and the next are hear by formally invited to attend the prince’s ball on the Night of the Lit Candle…” She couldn’t hear the rest of what the young soldier said impart because of the old woman’s bad hearing, but mostly because of the young women squealing around her.

The Fairy hated staying in humans to long, she was always afraid of hurting the delicate creatures. She quickly left the old woman, fixing her hearing as thanks. The Fairy of Light went back to her home to plan how she would convince the young maiden’s stepmother to let her go to the ball. It took her many hours, but when night had fallen and it was time to visit the stepmother’s dreams, the Fairy had come up with a perfect solution.

The next morning when the maiden asked her stepmother if she could go to the ball, her stepmother said only if she could get all of her work done. This wasn’t exactly the answer the Fairy of Light expected to hear. She must have been rusty; she hadn’t been in anyone’s dreams a long time. Still, if the maiden had asked the day before, her step mother would almost certainly have said no.

The last days before the ball were spent in rigorous preparation. The Fairy spent hours in dress shops trying to find out the latest fashions. She drew up beautiful patterns and with the help of the mice, she made the most beautiful dress that was both bold and delicate. Only the maiden could pull off the beautiful lilac silk with the darker purple orchids embroidered from the hem to the waist line where a beautiful ribbon with a bow lie. The maid’s hair would look perfect in the latest styles.

The only problem was how to get the maiden to the ball, her stepmother kept adding to her list of chores to be done. The Fairy of Light decided she would just have to snatch the maiden away after her stepmother had left to take her own daughters to the ball.

On the day of the ball everyone was rushing around trying to get everything ready for the ball. The Fairy of Light was so busy rushing around telling the mice what to do a young mouse had to shout at her five times to get her attention.

“What,” she finally shouted at the boy.

He gulped and shied away a bit before saying in a small voice, “Umm… well… you see…” then he rushed in saying. “We don’t have a coach or horses.”

The Fairy muttered something under her breath before sighing and asking, “Can you get six strong mice who would like to pose as the horses. I’ll see what I can do about the coach.”

Many exhausting hours later all of the preparations for the ball were complete; all that the Fairy needed to do was wait for the stepmother and her daughters to leave for the ball. She really hoped that they were not going to try to be “fashionably late” because the maiden was already going to have to leave the ball early.

Most of the Fairy of Light’s fears dimmed when the stepmother left right on time. Just as she left the Fairy found the maiden. The girl was beautiful, sure she could use a bath, but she was perfect to work with. She must have heard the Fairy because she looked up and when she did, the Fairy saw that she was crying.

“Don’t cry child.” She said to the maiden. “It’s nothing but soggy wetness that doesn’t do anything to solve the problem.”

The maiden wiped her eyes and asked in between sobs, “Who are you?”

The Fairy smiled and told her, “I am the Fairy of Light, and you, my dear, are going to be late for the ball if you don’t hurry.”

At this she beamed, “The ball, really!”

“Yes, now come with me.” The Fairy held out her hand and when the girl took it they suddenly appeared in the cottage in the woods.

“Wow,” the girl said and when the air followed her gaze she smiled and said, “Yes, I made it especially for you.”

“Thank you so much the gown is beautiful.”

“Your welcome, now let’s get you dressed.”

The maiden was absolutely beautiful just as the Fairy knew she would be. She had her lilac dress, the beautiful hair styling of the mice, and slippers that looked as if they were made of glass.

“Now I must tell you that I am not the greatest of all the fairies and my magic will run out by midnight when this candles flickers out. Be back here by the last stroke of midnight or your dress will change back into rags, and your hair will become plain, and your coach a pumpkin. Good luck and off you go.”

“Will you not accompany me? No one can go alone to a ball.”

“Very well,” The Fairy of Light said and changed into a lovely ball gown before entering the coach.

As the Fairy knew would happen the maiden was immediately swept away by the prince. The Fairy herself danced every dance and had a good many more men wanted to dance with her. She was about to accept another young man’s hand when the clock struck a quarter to midnight. Even though there were hundreds of girls at the ball it was not hard to find the maiden for she was the most exquisitely dressed. That and all you had to do were follow the line of grumbling women.

“Dear, dear, we must leave.” The Fairy called to the maiden.

“If we must.” She said to the fairy, “Goodbye my sweet prince,” she called over her shoulder as the fairy pulled her along.

The prince looked startled at this and started chasing them. When the Fairy and the maiden reached the doors of the palace, the prince called to the guards to stop them.

“Run,” The Fairy to the maiden as they ran for their coach with the mice horses.

“My slipper,” the maiden called to the fairy, “It’s fallen off!”

“There’s no time to get it now, come along.”

They barely made it to the cottage in the woods. The fairy just had enough time to say goodbye and blow out the candle before disappearing to the world of fairies.

The next morning the Fairy of Light anxiously watched the human world for news on the maiden and the prince. She had never failed in her duty before and would not start now.

Her wish came true earlier than she expected, the prince must have been up all night trying to find the maiden. The prince made a royal decree stating he would go to all of the households with an eligible maiden, trying on a glass slipper that fell of his true love.

He, like the Fairy of Light, found the maiden last, or at least her household. After traveling around all day and staying up all night, it was safe to say that the prince was not in a pleasant mood when he finally arrived at the maiden’s house. However he was very quick to accept tea and biscuits. Even a prince can get famished while traveling.

“Now madam, I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

“Yes, Your Highness, shall I sent for someone to get my daughters?”

“That would be wonderful,” he said with a forced smile.

The stepmother rang a bell and the maiden came in. She did a deep courtesy to the prince; then turned to face her stepmother.

“Go fetch the girls. Hurry the prince is waiting.”

The maiden did a quick bob and went and got her stepsisters. When they came down to the room where the prince was, the maiden went to the corner and almost disappeared. Almost not quite, the prince kept stealing glances at her. The maiden didn’t notice she was too busy trying to make sure her stepmother didn’t see her.

The slipper that looked like it was made of glass was put on each sister, or attempted to be placed on them for they were a bit big, and the slipper was tiny. Finally, after almost an hour of the little slipper trying to be shoved on the huge feet the prince got up, plucked the slipper out of one of the stepsisters hand and went over to the maiden.

“Would you be so kind as to put on this slipper?” he asked her.

“Of course your highness,” was her simple reply. The prince gingerly put the slipper on the maiden’s foot. It was a perfect fit.

At this her stepmother started saying, “That can’t be right, she’s nothing but a servant girl. The girl didn’t even go to the ball. You don’t want a low life like her do you your highness?” If she went on the Fairy of Light didn’t hear it, she went to the Great Fairy, the leader of all the fairies. The Great Fairy is always kind and when she heard what had happened offered the Fairy of Light one of her days in the human world.

“Thank you my lady, you are too kind.”

“I can go to the human world on any day I please, I don’t need to go there tomorrow, so you can go today.”

“Oh thank you so much Great Fairy,” The Fairy of light said before disappearing to the human world.

When she arrived at the maiden’s home her stepmother was still listing the reasons the prince should take one of her daughters instead of “that hag” which is what she called the maiden. The stepmother had a way with words and the prince was starting to believe her.

‘I have never failed and will not start today’ the Fairy of light thought, then out loud she shouted at the stepmother, “Enough, you should not say such things to the prince about this maiden. She is the most kind, wise, and gentle of all the maids in this land and the next. She is beautiful, but you make her mask it. Clear your eyes and see for yourself.”

With those words she flicked her wand and the maiden suddenly was wearing her beautiful lilac gown, her hair was done up just as the night before, and she was wearing both of her slippers that looked as if they were made of glass.

No one had moved or said a word since the Fairy had appeared, but now the maiden ran over to her, through her arms around the Fairy, and through tears whispered, “Thank you Fairy, thank you very much.” She then turned to the prince and said, “This is my good friend, the Fairy of Light, she is so kind to me, she could be my fairy godmother.”

“Now, now my dear, I’m not that old,” She turned to the prince, did a short courtesy and said, “As the girl said, I am the Fairy of Light, I specialize in finding the perfect spouses for the princes and princesses. You, now you, have given me a lot of trouble young man, but I believe you will be happy.”

“Yes, thank you good Fairy, I believe I will be happy.” He turned to the maiden and whispered in her ear, “I would ask you to marry me, but first I will need to know your name.”

The maiden smiled and said, “Ella, you can call me Ella.”


The End

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