a letter to my daughter

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these letter is a fictional one that i always thought my mother would like to wrote it for me

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



To my daughter;

Always loved you,,,,,,and Always will do ,

my feelings for you is undescribable, a feeling that our god gives it the mother....despite the diffuclties of my life that you have witnessed, but i can't decribe how much my heart was happy when my eyes first see you ,I knew then you are most expensive and precious gift from God....so you can imagine now how much i love you and I love you more day after day.

I know sweety, how our relationship is not good and evolve in the opposite direction of our interests....as i said before to you that you are much mistaken in your life and you have alot to be learned .

but I sat down with myself and thought about our relationship then I found something that the problem of our relationship ......... that there is no relationship !!!!!!!!!!!

and to be honest with you as i promised God that I would become a better mother just for you.. i felt that i must tell you my mistakes and try to be your top example.

Forgive me my baby , that i didn't try to understand you....but i just convinced myself that I understand you even more than yourself, but I found that i was wrong .....

If I understand you, why we are not close to each other? Why i didn't try to save you from yourself? ....... unfortunately I was only watching without any reaction ........

You know very well how much i care about you and taught you and raised you and sacrificed a lot for you and I know well that you feels grateful for what I did for you to become the young sweet lady you are now,

but i never thought about your feelings and your emotional needs for me .. .... I always thought that the most important thing is your success , your education and your drinking and eating ..... but I forgot that my child needs more from me....she needs me to know her thoughts from the first sight, to feel her heart's beats without touching her chest...her needs for me as a top example not just a nanny !!!!!

I asked myself a question that made me cry ... " what is the favourite color of my daughter???? But I could not answer ... i didn't know the answer ....and i can't any more keep my tears inside my eyes, I wondered " where i was???"

Then i remembered you when you was just a little kid , the first thing that you are looking for is your Mom !! ...just to be in my arms because you know that i'm the icon of your safety , as my hand is the first hand touched you, your first laughs were just for me, your first word was me......where is my kid now??!!!

You know well that i want you to be the best human being ......... I want you to be the most powerful one , and i want you to have all the best things in life but I was not the right example for it ....i didn't give you an actual advice for what i have learned from life , all i give you is the constant criticism of your wrong actions...

i hurt you without any Intention to do that...But i swear god to fix all the cracked things before it got broken , for the first time, i'll listen to you by my heart and ears ...i'll watch your eyes to know what you are thinking about...i'll hold your hands till you feel safe .....i'll always tell you that i love you and i'll always do, i'll do everything for you and I'll give you instructions for the beginning of the road just because I believe in you to continue your own way ....

YES, honey , i believe in you, your mind, your abilties and i'll always tell you that....... ..... when we have our fights , i'll hug you and tells you what is the wrong ,

i would feel your sadness and your happiness and i'll stand next to you to get all through .

together we will build a happy and healthy relationship that will get through all obstacles....

let's start our journey together ..... This is just the beginning,

from your mother who loved you and will always do ,

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