"Family" between the truth and lies

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the "family" word can makes you feel warm OR it can makes you feel storm
it depends on the group of the people who we shard our lives with....

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



sometimes I wondered what does the word family means ? is that the group of people who we see in feasts , week end meetings , weddings or even funerals ...
NO, i don't think so , "family " has a little deeper meaning ...
how we know that we have "family " by all the word meanings ?
In my opinion , the family is not the people who Criticizes you all the time for the meaning of your own interests....
they are not the people who you will find them all the time around you just because you have something to give for,

true family knows that you are such a loser but they still look in your eyes and said to you that they believe in you, they know that you can do it....
and just like that , you find yourself do what you called one day "impossible"....
just because you got who believed in you ....

true family don't ask you come to visit you, they just show in front of your door with that silly warm smile telling you that they made your favourite food and want to share it with you...

true family that you have some fights with, but when a stranger interfere to defend them , you see them in your side against the stranger !!!!

true family who can call you in the middle of night just to say "good night" !!!!!!

true family who just give their shoulders to you when you need someone to rely on...their food if you don't have one, their clothes , even their lives just because you are one of the family

may be we can think that we can replace our family with good friends , but actually it looks like you replace what you really are for something else....
it really good to have many hands to be hold when you are about to fall...
true family can't be perfect , but they are exist .....

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