i'am ready

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I opened my eyes to the sound of screams..... coming from my mom's room

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



I opened my eyes to the sound of screams..... , I went from my bed quickly to see what's happening in my mom's room.

I tried to open the door but my mind was so busy  gathering all the bad scenarios that could be happen ,Finally i did it........

I saw my mother sitting on the floor crying loudly , putting her hands over her chest and my sisters were crying besides her....at this moment i felt that i got  lost , i didn't understand anything and worse i could'nt even speak...

I walked towards my mother , i felt it takes years to reach her, when i became in front of her i  just  tried to ask her about what's going on...BUT  suddenly , i realized that my mom's eyes were like a broken glass with the tears that made it a little shinny...all i could think this moment  is how to wipe my mom's tears away , i just put my head over my mothers chest and kissed her precious hands, at  that moment my mother cried much more and begin to yall ...

i was truly shocked...... then i got all the strength enough to open my mouth and say" mom , what's going on???"


But my mother didnt answer me ,even she didn't look at me , i begun to freak out and yall "mom , look at me , speak to me "  but i got no response .

i looked to my sisters and shouting at them but thay also didn't look at me.....

i lost my mind and just screaming  and crying at all of them to grab their attention ,

then i felt something strange , i didn't feel my tears over my face .

suddenly my mom standed up and ran from the room  .i fellow her  to the next room where i found her standing in front of something over  the bed .

I didn't realize what was that , but i heard my mother said " ooh, my daughter, oh my baby "....i got closer to my mom

then i saw something that made all the clockes stopped, that made the illuisions to become real, 

i saw ,

i saw myself , sleeping peacefully over the bed where my mother standing in front and cried over ,

i get shocked , i stared at my mom's eyes when i begun to understand everthing , i understood why my mom and my sisters didn't see me , i understood why thay didn't hear me , i understood why i could'nt cry....then i opened my mouth and said it finally  " i'm not alive ".....

i felt lost , what i'm doing here , what should i do? how was my life? why i did this mistake?why i let him go? why i didn't say all the right things when i was alive?

i looked  at my mom , i tried to touch her hands  then i told her that i'm sorry for everything i did or i didn't do for her , and i wish her to forgive me ....

i realized a small sad smile painted over my moms lips..... i knew it ..... i knew that she felt me , her heart heard  me , her hands felt mine .....

i smiled then i saw a white light all over the room , i didn't see any thing except my grand mother who was waiting for me and smiling for me , i felt so safe so i walked towards her ,

every step i took towards her, i became younger

when i reached her , i was a very little kid , she hugs me and told me warmly " honey , are you ready??"

then all i said is "yes , i'am"......




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