When the clock stopped

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when a strange family change your life just in 30 days ....

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



For the first time in my whole life ...I talk a bout a family who just turned my life upside down, may be we all have this kind of families or persons in our lives  and they have their special influence on us either a good one or a bad one...but "my family" changed my life in a very different way.

THE beginning just happend when I spent my very beggining  childhood with my aunt because my parents had to take care of my little sister  in a hospital due to health issue,

All I remember a warm voice coming from outside yalling" kawser... hey kawser"  by the way "kawser" is my aunt's name , then my aunt going to reply our friendly neighbour "Besa"

-"hi Besa, how are you?"

-"i'm great ,thanks to god, i just need two onions, please"

-"just two , you know what i just bought an extra kilograms, take four you may need it"

-"ok, thanks dear"

I spent my life listening to this kind of sweet conversations ,the only differnce here is one day my aunt who was asking and the other day "Besa" who was asking.....

when i begun to be Conscious , i saw "Besa" wearing black only .....when i asked my aunt  she answered me that "Besa" never took off her black clothes since her lovely husband died.....

i felt sorry for her, but in our old tradition it considered to be " loyalty"...

After few years , i wake up beacuse of screaming coming from outside, i was very afraid ...and i knew that there was something wrong ....And it was actually , i figured out later that "Besa " eldest daughter died at the age of twenty something , then i knew that her daughter had Medical problems all her life made her to spend her entire life in a bed ,while " Besa" just taking care of her own daughter gratefully.

FOR the first time i saw " a broken heart mother",

i never had a direct contect with Besa's family untill i was thirteen  , when my aunt had to renew her apartment and  i had to find another place to play So i went to our neighbour "Besa" to play and here where the story begins...

 "Besa " let me came to her home to play and hanging out with her daughter and son ,"Hanan" and "Mohamed"....

"hanan" was a widow in her Third decade , with no children

"mohamed" was Paralyzed since he was just a little kid

"Hanan" treated me as i was her  daughter , she was the first one in my life to believe in me , to listen to me , to listen to my heart beats when she just huging me...

One day, she gave me a little diary to write whatever i want.....i just wrote a poam " sure it was nothing , but i tried"..She read it and she smiled at  me , told me that i'm talented and gave my poam to her cousin the literature teacher who just looked at me and say i believe in your words except your words is not organized , but i believe in it " .....that time i felt so happy , for the first time i felt that i can do something ...that may be i had a talent....

for  a whole 3 weeks, i spent my happiest time ever with Besa, hanan and mohamed ...i woke up early to go to Besa's family and spend the day with mohamed just laughing and talking till hanan came back to home at night to play ,talki ,danceand  doing whatever we want to do...."we were just a butterflies "

After my Aunt's apartment renewed, i never visit back "besa's family".....till now i dont know why!!! ...

but two years later ......it was a really dark day when "Mohamed " passed away ..... and the happy family just became a sad one.

at 2007 we discoverd that "Hanan " had a breast cancer and she had to make a surgery but she didn't tell her mom earlier beacuse she never wants her mom to be sad again,

unfortunately, it was too late when we all knew , and the surgery will do nothing for her , TO be honest that time i didn't visit besa or Hanan for a once , i forgot about the time we spent togather ....may be not forgot but buried this moments deep down ...

one day , i visit her ,when i just entered the house that i used to be happy ....i felt weakness and i remembered every single moments i spent  with this family ...

i saw "Hanan " in her bed , speechless, incapable, blind, .....and her family was arounding her and her mother was sleeping next to her to make her feels safe .

when  the nurse told Hanan that i'm here., she tried to sit and put her hands on my face to just make sure that it was really me, and said something toughly but i realized that she said" i can't forget you" ...

one day later , hanan passed away ....with her last words in my ears and heart.....

as a coincidence , "Besa" discovered also that she had cancer , a month later she passed away after she witnessed her own childrens and her lovely husbend die .

That day , when all Besa's family passed away ...my life stopped , i lost the sweet morning conversations,i lost the warm hands a round me , i lost the only people who understood me in my whole entire life.....

when Hanan passed away , i didn't cry

But now, i  cry every time when  i remember any moments with her

if  i assumed that dead people can hear the beloved alive one.....i just want to say something for them

"thank you for making me knows what love meant to be  "




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