Why should I smile today !!!!!!

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why should i smile!!!!!!!

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



Why should I smile????

I have 200000 reasons to cry or may be more!!!

But just for today I promised myself to look for the abandoned side which I never visited that called the positive one!!!

Let’s start from the beginning of the day…

I wake up, “SMILEsmiley”; I’m alive for another day full of opportunities that are waiting just for me ….

Going to bathroom, wow another “SMILEsmiley”; I can walk by my both legs while they are thousands of people who can’t so I must be blessed today …..

Having my breakfast, mmmmm”SMILEsmiley”; I eat a delicious food with a super good coffee, but they have a different taste because I just decided to enjoy my meal,

Waiting for the bus, WOW a big “SMILEsmiley”; I just recognized a baby who is laughing hysterically while her mommy making a silly faces

Getting into the bus, oh no, too crowd, the cute baby is screaming now, boys singing loudly thinking that we are an American idol audience , I feel that I’m going to break the promise ,,,,Oh there’s a very old lady can’t find any available seats, a little voice in my mind tell me to give her my seat ,

BUT who knows may be I’m just getting crazy, I can’t do it …….



“Give her your seat, she is a grandmother!!!!!”—the little voice

Ok, I give up, I’ll let her to take my seat………..

Then I saw my dear grandmother‘s face in the old lady’s one while she was thanking me..SO, yea another “SMILEsmiley”,


I begin to lose my promise again because of my Boss, whose job is to torture me,

I struggle everyday with his words, but today is a different day, why??? I don’t know!!!

So when he begin to scream at me, I found myself imagining him as a clown in a circus who always shouting to make the crowd laughs at him ,

SO, you can imagine, I DID IT AGAIN, I “SMILEsmiley” …..And he just shut up!!!!

What a day, really …..

I arrived my home, I hear my mother calling me for the dinner,

I was really tired , in my usual day I just having my dinner alone but today I came home earlier so I have to sit with my family,

To be honest, I think it’s boring but what can I do??? So I have my seat and saw my little sisters next to me talking about their day, I begin to have a really bad headache

SUDDENLY, I felt a little kiss on my head, it was from my father who just tell my sisters to be quite for me, and we begin all of us to eat

I feel how much I blessed to have a family that cares about me , that be around me all the time when I need them , they just be there for me




I go to my bed, I stand in front of the mirror, I see something strange in my face, I don’t know what it’s??

But I like it…..I know what I’m looking!!!!!!

I look to a girl who decides to change her vision about the life

I look to a girl who just begin learn how to smile

SO, I “SMILEsmiley”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my smile wipes the 20000000 reason to cry

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