I Hate Clowns... And other verbal diarrhea tales

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These are personal beliefs and lessons I have learned through my lifetime tour of Heaven and Hell.

Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



I hate Clowns. I hate em. I hatethem with every ounce of my being.

I like/ believe in Politics. But I hate Politicians.

I hate how addicts (alcoholics/junkies) are automatically hated and treated like monsters. How do you think they got that way in the first place? Probably because they had ALWAYS been treated poorly. Happy people DO NOT stick needles in their arms, or pick up crack pipes. Sad people do. Usually it's their only/last chance to feel happy. We have no right to judge others. I hate judgemental people.

I hate serial killers. But I have spent countless hours trying tofigure them out. They started their life being treated badly, or witnessing something terrible done to a family member or whatever the case may be. Similar to addicts. But instead of being self destructive, they want to destroy everybody else. They are angry instead of sad.

I hate child molesters and rapists, and have absolutely no interest in understanding them at all. Absolutely no sympathy for them.They are disgusting. Enough said.

These are all clowns without make-up. AND I HATE CLOWNS.

I believe that The Bible is a very important book, and everybody should read it atleast once in their lifetime. I have read it a couple of times. I think it should not be taken literally. The Bible is there to teach us morals. Give us guidelines to live happy, healthy lives. It was written to help with everybody's main fear. Death. It happens to everybody, we can't run from it. Nor hide from it. So, The Bible is trying to teach us to embrace it. And honestly, I don't think that believing in God, Jesus or Angels is a bad thing. It can be dangerous, but only if taken too seriously i.e- Extremists, Radicals... Heck, if thinking singing angels are going to scoop you up at the hour of your death and take you to Heaven to see your loved ones makes living and dying a little bit easier, than all the power to you. Who am I to Judge.

I also believe revenge is a good thing, as long as it is done properly. Success is the Ultimate Revenge. NOT destruction.

I believe in people. We have more power than we could ever begin to imagine. As individuals. Also in numbers. We can change everything. We talk. We bitch. We make suggestions. We bicker. BUT WE DO NOT TAKE ACTION. Get off your asses and DO SOMETHING about it, you lazy S.O.B 's !!

I believe in ghosts. I believe in Aliens. I believe in Psychics, Witches and Warlocks. I believe in everything. Everything is possible. When you believe in everything, you can do ANYTHING. Because it is only you that can hold yourself back.

I believe that everything should be loved. EVERYTHING. Unless we have a reason to dislike it. DO NOT hate anything. Because everything has a reason for being what it is.

UNLESS it is a clown. I HATE CLOWNS.

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