Skinny Dipping.

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Four teenagers go skinny dipping for the first time.

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



All you could hear were crickets chirping and the soft waves of the water slapping the shore. "Baby." She whispered. "Baaaby. Wake uppp." She shook the body next to her. He stirred slightly. "What?" He hissed. "Let's go skinny dipping! Please?" Her boyfriend turned to face her. "Avery.. What? Why?" She smiled sheepishly and grabbed the electrical lantern to light up their small tent. "I dunno. Let's wake up Christina and Kel." Her boyfriend just smirked and shook his head. "You do it." He told her and rolled back over. She sighed and grabbed the lantern.

As she stepped outside into their campsite, her skin glowed as she moved through the darkness. Her ginger hair shined dully as she made her way towards the large grey and orange tent. She whistled in substitution for a knock. Shuffling was heard inside the tent and the zipper slowly moved. Christina's pale face and dark raven hair appeared. "What?" In the yellow glow of the lantern and pale whiteness of the moon showed her cheeks were flushed. "Were you guys doing the hanky-panky?" Christina gave her a stern look. "Sorry. Let's go skinny dipping!" Avery whispered excitedly. Christina furrowed her brow, but soon smiled."'Kaye. Give us five minutes." Then, her green eyes disappeared into the tent once more.

Avery danced back to her simple red tent and ump through the hole. "Mitchell!" She almost screamed. He jumped up, his large body shuffling the tent. "What!" He hissed. "Let's goooo. Christina and Kel are coming!" Mitchell groaned, but slowly crawled through the small hole. His large frame almost ripped the opening, but he squeezed through with Avery's small body behind him. She eased her hands around his shirtless stomach, and down into the front pockets of his gym shorts. Her sports bra and pajama shorts didn't offer much protection from the light breeze that caused goosebumps to rise on her body. She kissed his deeply tanned back as the moon shone on them like a spotlight. Christina and Kel emerged from their tent, hand in hand. Christina's thinner, curvier body was covered by a simple tank top and boyshorts. Kel took his place behind his lady and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Are you guys ready?" Kel asked normally. Everyone smiled.

The two couples ran hand in hand to the shore of the lake. They all started to rip their clothes off a few feet away from the shore. Mitchell was the first in, then Christina, then Avery, and finally Kel. The foursome screamed and laughed as they splashed one another, sneaking under water and grabbing legs. "Christina! Let's jump off the rocks." Avery whispered in her best friend's ear. Christina smiled and nodded. The girls giggled and ran hand in hand towards shore. Kel and Mitchell hooted and hollered at the girls' naked bodies. The girls giggled and turned around to flash the boys then ran up the hill. Avery's pale, curvey body reminded Mitchell of an angel and Christina just made Kel's heart melt. The girls stood on top of the nearly ten foot high rocky "mountain". They held hands and held their noses as they jumped into the black water.

After a few hours, the couples saw the sun begin to rise as the moon desended into another part of the world. They slowly began their journey back to their camp a few minutes away. Avery giggled and gave Mitchell a peck on the lips as she whispered, "I'm glad I got to skinny dip for the first time with you." He smiled.

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