Waking up and baking up.

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A couple wakes up, then bakes up.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



She rolled over, opening her eyes to look at the person beside her. He was still asleep, with his arms around her and his legs tangled with hers. She felt his breath in her face as she kissed his cheek, letting his stubble tickle her lips. She inhaled his scent of weed, cologne, and laundry detergent. His arms became tighter around her as she realized he was awakening.


“Good morning, baby.” He whispered in her ear. She smiled. “Good morning.”


He kissed her, feeling her soft, luscious lips against his rough, chapped ones. He tried to pull her over on top of him, but she continued the roll and stepped onto the cold, hard floor. Her loose tee shirt flowed on her light frame, brushing right above her butt. She ran a finger over the line of her panties; smoothing them across her pale skin and making them show her perfect butt curvature. He smiled from his spot under the covers and put a hand behind his head, propping himself up.


“What?” She asked, tip-toeing to their large kitchen in the spacious flat, not even bothering to turn around. “Oh, nothing, dear. Just gazing at the most beautiful creature in the world.” She smiled as she opened the refrigerator, leaning over slightly, teasing him with what he couldn’t have. He laughed as she emerged with her arms full of food and sat the items down on the wooden counter.


“Babe, why do we need that much food?” He asked her, scratching his stomach. “Munchies, love. Munchies.” She pulled out pots and pans, along with brewing coffee and fixing some tea. Smells of breakfast, lunch, and brunch filled their nostrils as she labored over the oven and stove, not a drop of sweat on her pale, freckled face. After almost an hour, the labor-of-love-food was done. She laid out eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, sandwiches, coffee, steaming tea, macaroni and cheese, ravioli, and hamburgers with condiments. She set the small counter up like a buffet and helped herself to a piece of toast.


She walked back over to the bed and kissed her lover once more before opening his beside drawer and pulling out papers and a bag of weed. He watched her walk over to their small table with two stools and begin rolling a few joints for the two of them. Once finished with the first blunt, she held the stick to her lips and flicked a lighter. She inhaled heavily, and then held the smoke in for almost thirty seconds. She breathed out and her lover laughed as she smiled towards him. She winked and continued to puff on the one joint as she continued to roll some for herself and him. Once she had rolled half of the bag and almost twelve joints to be split between the two of them, she closed the bag once more and placed the supplies back in his bedside drawer.


“Babe?” Her lover asked questioningly. She smiled and took a long hit before kissing his lips and shotguning the smoke into his mouth. He held it in as she lay down beside him, snuggling under the covers once more. He finally exhaled into her ginger hair as she quenched her green eyes closed and crinkled her nose. Her lover let out a hearty laugh as he noticed the look upon her face.


“Sorry, love.” He whispered into her hair. The two of them finished their shared joint and shared one more before finally cuddling with one another. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear and she in turn traced hearts all across his bare chest until they fell asleep once more, their rolled joints and food buffet completely forgotten. 

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