Shadow I

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I’ve seen a shadow of a guy several times. A shadow that has been following my friends and I since we made a slight change of our hangout plans. The only two things that are confusing me are, how come the shadow follows us and then disappear? How come I am the only one who sees this shadow.

This is soon to be a book! :) Though I am not sure if I should Shadow, or slight change.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016






I was hanging out with my friends as usual. Michael, Samuel, Stephen, Harry, and Nathen. My best friends since 2nd grade. We are now in grade 11. Usually, our hangouts are all about basketball, bowling and tennis, but this weekend, we decided to make a slight change of plans.  Chilling out in a coffee shop. Yup, you heard me right.

I was sitting on a table when I saw it again. The shadow was looking at us. A shadow of a man, determining from his build.

“Somebody is watching us.” I said.

“What?” They all asked with confusion on their faces.

The person with the shadow ran.

“Somebody was watching us, and he ran away.” I said.

“The same shadow from last week?” Harry asked.

“The same one.” I nodded. “And there is no way I am ignoring it for the fifth time.” I said.

I started up from my seat. I am following the shadow this time. No matter what.

“Body, you go somewhere, we go with you.” Nathen said.

I started walking towards the door, and my friends were on my heels. We walked for about two minutes when I decided to look 360 degrees around me, checking for the shadow. Michael!

“Guys, where is Michael?” I asked.

We all looked around and didn’t find Michael.

“Run!” Is all I had to scream to my friends.

Before saying another word, we were all sprinting. Sprinting for our lives.Sprinting as if it would be our last time to sprint.

I looked behind me to tell them not to look back no matter what when I only found Nathen behind me.

What the…?

We were heading for my house, still sprinting.

When we reached the house, I opened the door quickly and motioned for Nathen to enter. I locked the door and headed for my room then locked it as well. I was sure that Nathen entered my room before me, but…

“Nathen?” I said.

No replies.

I looked around me, yet he wasn’t there, but my window was open. Then I felt a hand being draped around me, and another hand covering my mouth and nose, making me unconscious in just a few seconds.



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