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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Can you explain this?" Eric threw some pictures on Sam's desk. Each picture was captured at a different time period. All containing Sam!

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



Eric pushed open the door with mixed feelings. He was shocked, yet excited. He was mad at his friend, yet amazed at what he saw. But he gathered all the information he needs so that Sam won't deny the truth.

"Can you explain this?" Eric threw some pictures on Sam's desk. Each picture was captured at a different time period. All containing Sam!

"You open a book from 1945 when there should be an atomic bomb in Nagasaki, and BOOM, you see Sam. You open another history book about Hitler, and you're still there! Not only that, but in every picture, you are the same age as now! Who are you?!"

"It's a long story, Eric."

"And I've got the time."

"Okay, lock the door."

Eric got up and locked the door. It was nine feet tall, and three feet in width. Sam's office was normal. A brown neat desk, three nice black leather chairs, a small black table with a cute pool of different types of chocolates and candies, a white medium-size carpet, and there are Sam and Eric with gray suits.

Eric gestured with his hand for Sam to speak. "Go ahead."

"From where should I start?" Sam's hands that were on the table, are now places under his chin." Remember the book we read together back in high school?"

"So I am supposed to believe the..."

Sam interrupted him, "Listen. The legend was true. Every single word in the book was. If you sleep deep enough, yet had an open mind for 48 hours, you will wake up in a different dimension, with the watch of time travel, on your rest." pointing at his watch.

"No" Eric crossed all these thoughts from his mind.

"Yeah." Sam tries to prove his point.

"No man no!"

"I will take you for a trip to the year 1452 when Leonardo DaVinci was born. Wasn't he always your favorite?"

"Sam. Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Because if you remember the rules, I can't change history, nor tell anyone or the watch will be taken from me and my memory will be erased."

"I just found out."

"You said it yourself. You found out, I didn't tell you. You have a fish memory."

"Does that make any difference?"

Sam opened a drawer on his right and got a book out. He started flipping through the pages until he reached what he wanted.

"Cautions for this secret cannot be shared, yet discovered by one person. That person must be your friend, as they would keep your secret. If done otherwise, your watch will be taken and your memory will be erased." Sam Read out loud.

"Point is clear." Eric raised both hands. "But how does this thing really work? The book didn't say anything about that." Eric pointed out.

"You're the physicist here, not me." Sam raised both hands.

"There are so many questions in my mind and I am so panicked.

"There are so many questions in my mind, and I am so panicked. You're so calm, and you are making it sounds as if traveling in time is like drinking water!"

"You know what? Let's just go! Give me your hand." Sam reached for Eric's hand, and so Eric took it.

Everything was spinning around them, and it was getting brighter.

"Shut your eyes or you will go blind! Forever! And I mean it!" Sam raised his voice so that Eric could hear him.

"This is so weird but fun!!!" Eric screamed.

"Don't act like girls," Sam screamed back.

"What's wrong with girls?!" A girl's voice came out of nowhere.

"What are you doing here, and who are you?" Sam yelled.

"The same question goes back to you!" The girl yelled back.

Suddenly the spinning stopped and the brightness became acceptable for their eyes to adjust. It was plain white, with little holes, small but big enough for the eye to see, to get some air in.

"You weren't traveling in time were you?" The girl asked.

"How many watches are there?" Sam answered her with another question.

"I mean, if you're time traveling, I guess in every decade there must be a watch?!" She guessed. I am Hannah, you?"

"I am Sam."

"And I am Eric."

"So, we are stuck?" Hannah asked.

"How am I supposed to know? Nothing in the book mentions a contradiction of people in time traveling." Sam replied.

"Guys?" Eric called.

"What?" Hannah and Sam replied without looking at him.

"What if there was a second part of the book? And only one copy exists?"

"There is no time for jokes Eric. We are…" Sam stared at a book between Eric's hands.

"Where did you find such a thing?" Sam asked and took the book from Eric.

"It was on the floor the whole time," Eric replied.

The cover was red, orange, and yellow, the same as the first one. Yet instead of the title "Exceeding the Four Walls", it became, "Trapped Inside Four Walls".

"So we are trapped," Hannah stated.

The three of them sat on the floor and opened the book.

"If this book reached you, then you are probably stuck with another person wearing the same watch on your rest. In fact, you are probably looking for a clarification for why you are stuck and how you can get out." Sam read out loud and skimmed to the part where it says "get out".

"In order for all of you to get out, one has to give up and…" Sam stopped.

"I am not taking it off." Sam and Hannah said, at the same time. Both were hiding their watches and moving them away from each other,

"One of you guys have to take the watch off in order for all of us to get back." Eric cleared out."

"You are not losing anything." They both replied.

Eric raised both hands in defense.

"Let's both take it off. Maybe we will gain something."

Hannah and Sam took their watches off, waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. Out of nowhere, the room darkened and they all started falling.




© Copyright 2020 Salma Said. All rights reserved.

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