Did i hear you say sorry?

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This is a small article i have written on "forgiveness" and the word "sorry"; its completely my take on this concept..hope you guys like it :)

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014



Its a funny word..forgiveness..when I was young..it just meant.. uttering the 5 letter word "sorry" and the other person saying "its okay" or you know the "katti-batti" drill...thats how the proposal-acceptance agreement of "sorry" worked.. But, as I am growing up, I realize, what I thought of the "5 letter word" as a kid was just an iota of the magnanimity it carries.. the word is not magic anymore that sets thing right in a jiffy and we're back to play like nothing ever happened !!

It now comes with the heavy baggage of ego and contemplation, weighing the pros and cons of the consequences of uttering that word..and ahaa that is the first level..brace yourself folks..it just goes uphill from here.. you finally say "the word" ..and then tadaaaaa the million dollar question..did u mean it ?... and then you are sucked into the complexities of whether it was a "heartfelt" apology or not........

Saying "its okay" or "batti" was also supremely easy...because the focus was to get things back on track so that no play time is lost.. why, with age, does it become so difficult to accept an apology?..why do heavy words like "being the bigger person" form a reason and basis to forgive?...

I know you would probably give me arguments which say are you stupid? why are you even asking such obvious questions?.. and you may be a cent percent correct..but my point here is..as we grow up, not only does acceptance of our mistakes become difficult but also letting go... To err is human, to forgive divine.. classic :)

We underestimated the "5 letter word" as kids is a huge understatement in itself !!

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