Babyfields (Part One)

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This one's a little different. Inspired quite heavily in both style and subject matter by John Brunner's 'Stand On Zanzibar', which, by the way, is worth a read.

Submitted: February 18, 2008

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Submitted: February 18, 2008



VISUAL: Green fields full of flowers, great shining domes sitting like huge upside down saucepans in centre screen. Pan across to show wide expanse of more green fields, rolling hills in the distance and yet more silver domes.

AUDIO; fade in: Uplifting classical orchestral.

Voiceover Enter With [TEXT; Red zoom frm btm: *Recepci a Babyfields*]

“La recepci, el cliente interesado, a Babyfields, manipulaci genica y la creaci del mundo la primera se centran.”

Cancelaci; Opci; Lengua; Ingl; REAJUSTE

VISUAL; Crack –flash, blank...

VISUAL: Green fields full of –SKIP-...


“...lcome, interested customer, to Babyfields, the world’s foremost genetic manipulation and creation centre.”

Enter [SUBTEXT; Red italic: *Purgatory, (Iowa)*]

“I am Karl Harris, CEO of Babyfields {VISUAL: }, and you, valued customer, have made the right choice!

“What you are looking at now-

{CUE VISUAL: Assorted shots, merge; Babyfields compound/laboratories/manufacturing floor}

“-is probably the most advanced scientific research, development and manufacture site in the world! Here, we take the very molecules that-



“-to create a child to your exacting specifications, beautifully crafted and tailored to your needs, whether as a vessel for your consciousness to be entered into as you approach your final years, or as a replacement for your own lost or damaged child: whatever your requirements, we can meet them!

And now, with a new century fast approaching, we proudly bring you our latest line, and the future of genetic manipulation – the Automatot!

VISUAL: [AUDIO cont.] Young boy, standing motionless in a sterile white laboratory. The boy’s face is expressionless, vacant. Rotate to where the boy’s eyes are focused, where a screen is visible. A series of instructions as images and words flash up on the screen, on how to make a leather bag. The boy watches as the word GO flashes onto the screen and reaches out to swiftly and nimbly begin work on a bag.

Enter [SUBTEXT; Red italic: *Purgatory, the purgatory logo, Automatot, the Automatot logo, Babyfields, and the Babyfields logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Purgatory Corporation and its subsidiaries in the USA and/or other countries*]

“The Automatots are the perfect new solution for the manufacturer requiring effective, inexpensive labour, with each child costing less then $20,000, shipping and handling inclusive. They require no sleep, just a minimum of sustenance and no pay; the perfect opportunity for the prudently invested business! Each Automatot comes with a full money back guarantee and now as a limited introductory offer, a bulk buy of 200 or more Automatots will receive a 10% discount on any other order placed within-”


-Search: INFO: ‘2113’; Select: History/Purgatory;-


Enter [TEXT: Black bold impact; INFO; Did you know...? *Purgatory (the name of the Babyfields compound) is not actually a part of Iowa, as recognised by the United States. Despite the UN's controversial 2113 ruling that Purgatory's secession from the US was not legal; the US, amongst others, declined to follow the ruling. This leaves Purgatory and Babyfields in the unique situation of being effectively immune from international law, as the UN will not involve itself in what it views as an internal conflict, and the US, which is lumped with the responsibility doesn't accept it as their duty to police what many countries view as a separate State. This is why the Babyfields genetic programme is able to continue practically unhindered by short-sighted international law, and as always, bring you the ultimate in Engineered Youth™!*]

Cancel; Option; EXIT

Option; New feed; Search; LES ENFANTS DESOLEE

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