A Drunk Falls Face First into a Fire

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A drunk falls face first into a fire. Hell in a well.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



The story teller got his face from hell

He pulled it from a slimy well, he says

As the fire shudders on his rippled skin

His eyes of flaming stone, locking us, the children in

I saw a shiny thing

These eyes can see for miles and so

I stood atop the tower, lo

Deep inside the rotting forest’s bowels

A diamond called to me

With a lustful charm, a sparkle

The dark will

Play foul tricks upon the pure and turn them wicked

I took up my cane, my father’s knife

And set off into the cold night with one thing on my mind

I chopped and killed, was clawed and poisoned all

Before I reached the clearing

Week old blood dried on my face

Infections burning,

Fever turning solid things to spinning liquid

But in the middle of the sick sweat blur

I saw a cold and grey well of stone un moving,

Unaffected by my wounds.

Beneath the light of a silver moon it waited

Beckoned even, with it’s lovely cold

And I did as I was told

I reached its lip and kissed the stone

And bent my weary head to search the hole.

A diamond didn’t wait.

The well’s mouth opened up and ate

My fever ridden, blood caked face

I screamed a scream forever.

Before I could escape I saw,

As it took my cheek my jaw, these eyes remained in tact.

Down the throat, the Goat. He watched with bleating fleeting interest in my bleeding, yelling, spinning.

The Nether world, Hades, Lair of the Beast,


Bah! Names, words,

Without a sniff and without a smell!

I thought I’d be sucked

Skin cell by cell into the pit, the mouth

But then…

It let me out.

And why?

He scans our eyes, our untouched faces

Jealous of our smooth boy skin and

Jaws not snapped, perhaps

We can’t look down, away,

Or puke

The elders mould us.

Each hopes the other will answer Hellface,

That’s his name,

Then he speaks again, half voice half shudder

Strangles from his mangled mouth:

Just to tell you young

Exactly how, and from where

This sinning face has come.

© Copyright 2019 Sam Hardy. All rights reserved.

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