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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Troy is a regular guy who has no intention of communicating with anyone. An event makes him realize what he truly is.


Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



Its a dim-lighted house. A 15 year-old boy named Troy sits in the kitchen eating thee only thing he knows how to make: Ramen Soup. His foster mom walks in from her second job.

Troy: Hi, Lilian. Lilian: *sighs* Hello, Troy, how was your day? Troy: Same as any other. *Lilian sits in a chair next to Troy* Lilian: Listen, Troy. I just paid off the rent, I don't have much left over, but what do you say we go buy you some new clothes tomorrow? Sound good? Troy: Theres no need, I'm fine with what I have. Lilian: Me too, I couldn't ask for a better..

Lilian couldn't bring herself to say 'son.' Troy was always so delicate with that word. One time at the store, a lady asked Lilian 'how old is your son?'. Troy didn't eat for days.

Lilian: -uhm..I'm just gonna take a shower. *next morning* *alarm ringing* Troy woke up and did his daily morning routine. Lilian was always at work by the time he woke up, but he found that to be rewarding because the less eye contact he makes with her, the better.

Troy has wavy hair. Kinda short but long for a guy. He didn't bother eating breakfast. For one, theres rarely any food. Two, he gets fed at school, unlike Lilian that needs food at home.

At the bus stop, it had already started. The taunting. Troy wasn't one to fight back. He never was. This had been going on since the seventh grade and has just gotten worse. Jared. Pretty skinny but the guy can throw a punch.

Jared: Faggot! *troy keeps walking* Jared: You know I'm talking to you. Faggot! *Jared throws a rock to Troys head, it misses and Troy stops and waits for the bus* Jared: Look at me when I speak to you. A boy named Henry and a girl named Lisa are also at his bus stop. Troy knows them from Kinder but they've grown apart since then. Henry: Stop. *Lisa takes a step back while Jared gets closer to Henry* Jared: And who the hell are you to be telling me what to do? Henry: I'm a human who has feelings, asshole. Jared puts a fist to Henrys' face. Troy is suprised at how calm Henry is staying. The bus arrives. Talk about perfect timing.

Bus Driver: You know you have two warnings, one more and it's expension. Jared: I know *releases Henry* On the bus evreyone knows to not taunt Troy. The bus driver actually gives a fuck, not like teachers at school. Apperantly, they don't get paid enough to be caring about students. That much, Troy does know. The bus arrived at school and thats when it really started. Thats when it wasn't just Jared. It was his whole gang of taunters. Frank, Tyler, Raid, and more of backround jerks.

Raid: Hello Troy. Troy attempts to walk peacefully to first period but just can't manage to get past these morning pest. They all push him against the wall. Troy knows theres no reason to fight back. He stands there and takes it. He lets them push him around like a ragdoll. Troy wasn't even aware of Henry being around.

Henry: Jared, I thought we settled this in the morning. Jared: And I recall we have some unfinished business to take care of. Jared grabbed Henry by the shirt making Henrys backpack to fly off his body. To Troys suprise, Henry actually fought back. Henry had left Jared with blood covering most of the left side of his face. The rest of the pussys ran off when Henry started going towards them. Henry: C'mon, Troy Troy didn't ask any questions and followed Henry. He led him to this dim closet in a small hallways he's never been through. Henry gets a rag and wipes a small bleeding scratch on his face. Troy: Are you okay ? Henry: Aha ! He speaks ! Troy hid a small smile. Henry: yeah, im fine, it would'nt of been the first time I beat up bullies. Except the first time I was the one being bullied. Shame society mocks gays. Troy did'nt know how to feel about being in a crowded closet with a guy who likes guys. Troy: you didnt have to do that for me. Henry: if I didnt you'd be in the hospital. Troy got the rag from Henrys hand and wiped the scratch on Henrys cheek. Henry: I knew I had awesome gaydar. Henry got Troy from his thin hips and pulled him close. One thing led to another and they're boyfriend and boyfriend. By the time the finished in the closet it was lunch period and they sat together not telling lisa or anyone else why he was sitting with them and not alone today. Lisa gave a look to Henry and Henry knew that they were too good of friends for her not to know whats going on. The rest of the day went by smoothly and there was no sign of Jared on the bus ride home. When Troy got home Lilian was there he thought that she just got off work early but then she said she needs to talk to him. Troy: yeah ? Lillian: something bad happened at work today. Troy : what ?

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